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USS Oklahoma City



Note: This listing includes Ship's Company, 7th Fleet Staff, Warrants and LDOs.
Marine Officers are listed with the Marine Detatchment.

ALLEN, Duke - Norfolk, VA 78-79 #1242 mail
*** LT(LDO) -3-M Coordinator - Shared stateroom with LT Dick Landick
^^^ Retired as LCDR in 1983. Worked as a contractor for over 20 years and am now retired, living in Norfolk, VA. Wife, Carolee, passed away in November 2005.

ALLEN, Samuel A - Yokosuka, JA 71-74 @1354 mail or mail
*** LTjg - Supply Department Asst Department Head. During my tour I was also the division head for all five divisions at one time. My best friends aboard were LTJG Felton Jay Miller and P.K. Woolridge. Retired 1996, CAPT, SC, USNR
^^^ Currently: Global Operations Manager for C4 Planning Solutions, LLC. Managing the Far East Operations based at Yokosuka Naval Base. I expect to attend the event the event on April 17th in Yokosuka. I was also at the Decommissioning ceremony in California in the 70’s.

BAJOWSKI, Frank - Hampton, NH 74-76 #1372 mail
*** LT(jg) - 2nd Division Officer & OI Division Officer; Sailing team with ENS Chris MacMurray & LT(jg) Steve Parfet
^^^ Attained rank of CAPTAIN (USNR); continued to crew for Chris MacMurray until his untimely death in January 2014; sailed as Master for Maersk Line Limited; civil servant for U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & U.S. Department of Treasury.

BRANSFORD, Tom - Concord, CA 60-63 mail
*** Lt(jg) - C.I.C. - Recom Crew

CALHOUN, Jack R. - Chattanooga, TN 44-45mail
*** Lt(jg) - E-Div Electrical Officer, one of the first 3 crewmen assigned to the CL-91
^^^ Retired - Senior VP, General Physics Corp

CANFIELD, Al - Meadow Vista, CA 67-68 mail
*** WO1 Personnel Officer - Retired July '79 as CWO4

CASHIN, Joseph W. - Mabank, TX, 62-64 mail
*** Lt Cmdr(Ret) - E Div Officer

CAYCE, Robert E - Salinas, CA 62-63 #01045 mail
*** LtCdr - Asst Ops / CIC Officer
^^^ Retired USN in '68. Owned & operated a marine electronics sales & repair business until wife died in '99. Remarried 2001. Today I do FCC inspections on party boats

CLARK, Craig J - Woodstock, GA 75-78 #1089 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Engineering Dept as Electrical Officer, M Div and A Div officer. Shared house in Hayama with Marty Opitz and Mark Percich. Friends with Tom Collins.
^^^ Systems Analyst with FICast Data Corp

CLARK, Ray W. - Stafford, VA 71-72 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Comm Watch Officer

DODSON, Joseph A. - Santa Clara, CA 70-72 mail
*** Lt(jg) - FG Division & Gun Battery Officer.
^^^ Worked for DOD for 12 years as civilian Contracting Officer. Now work for small Gov't contractor. Married 25 years with two grown daughters

ESTES, William B - Los Angeles, CA 64-66 #1307 mail
*** LCDR - I reported aboard as Fire Control Officerand completed my tour as Assistant Weapons Officer.
^^^ I retired in 1969 and worked in aerospace (Litton and then Hughes Aircraft) until 1997 when I retired again. If you are not yet retired, come on in, the water is fine!

FELT, (Cap'n) Joe - Seattle, WA 74-75 mail
*** Captain - 7th Flt Staff

FOLMER, Richard - Laguna Beach, CA 68-70 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Com7Flt Staff, Communications Watch Officer

FRY, Bob - Antelope, CA 74-77 mail
*** CWO2 - Com7Flt - Director of 7th Fleet Band
^^^ Now a computer engineer, divorced with 2 children and 1 grandchild

GAMBLE, Ted - Maraga, CA, 1960-61, mail
*** Lt(jg) - Supply & Disbursing Officer - member of pre-comm crew during conversion to CLG-5

GANNER, Herb 71-72 mail
*** Lt, Pilot for Blackbeard One

GERITY, Robert - Santa Barbara, CA 60-63 mail
*** LT(jg) - Electronics Div Officer

GILHULY, John F. - San Pedro, CA 63-66 mail
*** Lieutenant, EMO - OE Division - First ship since being commissioned so getting around the Wardroom was a little daunting; had a good gang of ETs who didn't need a lot of pushing and hauling to get the job done. LT Hartman (DCA), and LT McCune (1stLT) were close friends; of course ENS Maley my Asst.; too many more to mention
^^^ After leaving, I went to FTC SDiego, USS Eldorado (LCC11) and NavTelCom in Washington, DC. I retired in '73 and went to work for City of Los Angeles Harbor Dept. for 20+ more years. Am fully retired and practicing sloth and indolence at all times

GRANT, Stephen - Hamilton, OH 77-79 mail
*** Lt - 4th Div Officer, FM/GM Div Officer, Ship's First Lt & last CDO who closed the log on decommissioning.
^^^ Now Equip/Plant Mtce Mgr for Facilities Mtce Co. in OH. Married with 3 children. Left the Navy in 85 & res until 90

GRIPON, Ron - Livingston, TX 78-79 mail
*** CWO2 - Ship's Electronics Officer - Ret '92 as W4 after 30 yrs

GUEST, Lyman (Chip) - San Jose, CA 74-78 mail
*** Lt - MPDS/CE Div Officer Ship's Company / Com7Flt

HALDEMAN, John S - Precom - 1962 #1348 mail
*** LTjg - Wonderful CAPT. MUIR. Saw him later in Sacramento while serving as CO Surface Div. 12-13 - I later made CDR. Retired 2000.

HARRISON, Doug - Fairfax, VA 77-79 mail
*** CDR - CIC Officer, then Weapons Officer of the decommissioning crew

HAYS, Phillip - Corvallis, OR 69-72 mail
*** LtJg - Nuc/Special Weapons Officer (GM Div)/Weapons Control & CIC Watch Officer
^^^ Now doing electronics design for oceanographic instrumentation and industrial process control

HEADRICK, Joseph R "Bob" - Littleton, CO 71-75 mail
*** Lt(jg) - MPDS Officer and DS Division Officer. Also attached to Com7Flt
^^^ Now an Electrical Engineer working with UNIX computers. Divorced with a son (Alex) who attends Boston U

HEDELUND, Richard D. - VA 72-75 #1305 mail
*** CWO3 - Ships Elctronics Material Officer
^^^ Currently a PORT ENGINEER for COMNAVSURFLANT. Will retire 9/2010.

HERRING, Charles - Torrence, CA 60-63 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Main Engines Officer

HEWELL, Chuck - Sugar Land, TX 78-79 mail
*** Lt(jg) A-Div Officer

HOLCOMBE, Jim - Titusville, FL 72-73 #1276 mail
*** LT - I was OK City’s First Lieutenant in 1972 – 1973. CWO-4 Hal Black, the Ship’s Bos’n, and I, along with 210 fine sailors managed and ran the ships Deck Department during some of the most demanding time the ship served in Viet Nam. We were re-arming every other day and refueling every third day for most of the latter half of 1972. When I first got to the ship, we were undermanned. For the first three months onboard, I was standing 6-hour, Port & Starboard Gunnery Liaison Officer (GLO) duty in CIC, and when not in CIC during daylight hours, I was manning the flight deck as one of 3 FDOs. Over the first six weeks onboard, I lost 15 lbs eating 4 – 5 meals a day. Long hours – YES. Overall, I served 23 years in the Navy, and OK City was my finest duty station by far. The memories are vivid in my mind to this day. Great ship – even greater crew.
I retired from the Navy in October, 1989 as a Supply Corps Commander.
^^^ Today, I own and operate two small companies in central Florida: a Aerospace & Defense consulting company ( http://www.jholcombe.com ) and a biometrics technology company ( http://www.ambiometrics.com ).I’m single now, but have two lovely daughters that live here in FL – one in Jacksonville and one in Tampa; both are married, have one child and successful careers.

HOWELL, Jay Stanley - CLG-5, Deceased
*** Commanding Officer 1969-71
^^^ Died December 31, 2001

HUDGINS, T B - Commander - Operations Officer - 1968

JENNINGS,John F - Oceanside, CA 45-46 mail
*** Ensign - Gunnery Dept., machine gun control officer
^^^ Best buddy was Joseph Jackson. I was reassigned to another ship when OK City returned to the states

JOHNSON, Bruce C Jr - Alpharetta, GA and Ontario, CANADA 64-65 #1227 mail or mail or mail
*** Ensign, Lt (jg), Honorable Discharge from Reserves in 1972 as LT. Legal Officer and JOOD at GQ for first year. Public Information Officer in late 1965. With the Life and Time magazine guys in the helicopter when the Life Mag cover photo was taken in Aug 1965 of shore bombardment. Captain's talker on the bridge going up and back the Saigon River in 1964. Left for Swift Boat OIC duty in Aug 1965.
^^^ Retired in 2001 to summer home on north shore of Lake Erie. Long time club sailboat racer (Lake Erie PHRF) 30 years Manufacturer's Rep distributing production equipment to the Printer Circuit Industry. Six grandchildren keep me going. Swimming family. Daughter was member of the 1988 Olympic swim team to Korea in the 100M Breaststroke and NCAA National Champion in 100 yd breaststroke. Grandkids into soccer, tennis and hockey. Our retirement hobby is to hike and visit all 391 units of the National Park Service. Started in 2002 and in March 2008 with our visits to American Samoa and Guam we will have visited all 391 including all the remote fly-in parks in Alaska (2 months there and over 50 bush plane flights). Not sure what next - still negotiating with my wife, Letty. Letty and I celebrated our 40 wedding anniversary in Alaska this past June just after flying into the Aniakchak Caldera in the Aleutian Islands. Probably some trips to Europe to visit homes of grandparents. Family pictures on Flickr - Google "BruceandLetty Flickr Photos" Family history photos at Ancestry.ca/Ancestry.com

JOHNSON, Gary R. - Dundee, OR 60-63 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Came aboard as Legal Officer, moved to Ops in '61. After ship, Naval Security Group, ret as CDR when XO at NAVCAMSEASTPAC Wahiawa, HI, September, 1981
^^^ Presently Information Systems Manager for Oregon State Police

KAYE, Barry Nelson - Long Beach, CA 77-79 mail
*** Navigator 1977 to decommissioning. Stayed in the Navy retiring in 1994 as Captain. Had command of the USS Shasta AE-33 and later was Naval Attache at the American Embassy Beijing.
^^^ Now living in Santa Fe New Mexico with my wife Candace plus 3 dogs and working in real estate. All the kids are grown up, married and have their own kids. My cell # is 505 470 9339. Shipmates - come for a visit, I'll show you around.

KREIDER, J N - Middletown, OH 68 mail
*** Ensign - 3rd Div Officer - crossed the deck to the Prov
^^^ Now Finance Director, Huffy Corp

KREUTNER, Steve - Millington, TN 76-79 mail
*** Lt(jg) - OI Div Officer
^^^ Still on active duty, now Captain assigned to Naval Personnel Command.
Plan on retiring this fall, moving to Seattle

LANDICK, Dick - Virginia Beach, VA 77-79 mail
*** LT(LDO) - Admin Department Head - X-Div, Capt's Off, Personnel Off, 3M, PAO & CCTV
^^^ Retired as Cdr(LDO) - last duty station was Norfolk. Spouse was very ill and chose to retire after 34 yrs. Fully retired in VaBeach, VA, spouse recovered and we both enjoy riding our Harley's when weather permits

LARSON, Lewis C. DMD - Milton, FL 1961 #1370 mail
*** Midshipman
^^^ On board for NROTC midshipman cruise. Very busy learning everything I could in the short six weeks. Became a Marine Corps Naval Aviator, flying helicopters during the Vietnam War. Later, became a Navy Periodontist, retired military as a CDR. Worked 26 years more as a civilian Periodontist.

LEMOINE, Charles A. - Lake Charles, LA 64-66 mail
*** Lt - 2nd Div Officer, then Asst. Flag Sec.

LILLY, Michael A - Honolulu, HI 69-70 #1231 mail
*** LTjg - Flag Lt. (retired as Capt.) Best Friend was Lcdr Herb Adolph who I’ve not since been able to locate. Also Dave Griffin, Flag Sec., and Maj. Mac Radcliffe (USMC)
^^^ Attorney in Hawaii since 1975. Attorney General of the State in 84-5. Website link: NLJ Law

MAASTRICHT, William H. - Charleston, SC 70-72 mail
*** Lt Cdr - Dental Department.
^^^ Enjoying retired life!

MAHAR, Tom - South San Francisco, CA 76-79 mail
*** FMC - Fire Control Division

MALEY, Jim - Milpitas, CA 62-65 mail
*** LT - OE Div Officer then Electronic Warfare Officer. Buddies were LT(jg) Bill Helton and my brother Bill, BM2 who was also aboard the Okie
^^^ Retired from Electronics Engineering, my hobbies are video, gardening and mushroom hunting. Do work on a weekly Community Radio show on KKUP (91.5). Married with grandchildren

MATISOO, Andres "Andi" - Walnut Creek, CA 72-73 mail
*** Lt Cdr

MAYER, Jeffrey - Nashua, NH 76-Decom mail
*** Lieutenant - 1st and 4th Division Officer and briefly, 2nd Division
^^^ Married to a woman I met in Japan while aboard OKC. 2 kids. A GS-15 civil servant working for the Navy

McDANIEL, Rodney B - Arlington, VA 78-79 mail
*** Captain - Commanding Officer - last CO before decom
^^^ Retired from Navy in '85 to join the White House National Security Council. Retired from government service in '87 to become a consultant on nat'l security issues. I mainly do war games now with the Science Applications International Corp

MICHELS, Lee - Eugene, OR 71-73 mail
*** Asst Medical Officer
^^^ Now a diagnostic radiologist

MITCHELL, James P - Alexandria, VA #1279 77-79 mail
*** LT - Com7Flt - Assistant Public Affairs Officer; worked under Commander Tom Turman, then Commander George Vercessi; When I reported, VADM Robert Baldwin was C7F; he was relieved by VADM Sylvester R. Foley in June 1978 (at sea between Freemantle, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia)
^^^ Retired in October 1997 from Navy as captain after serving as Navy Deputy Chief of Information; have served in a variety of federal appointed positions and private firms/non-profits.

MITCHELL, Tom - Henderson, NV 61-63 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Asst Navigator, A Div Officer, Main Engines Officer (I wrote those crazy water conservation poems in the ship's newspaper)
^^^ Married with three grown children. Have my own business in the energy conservation field

MORGADO, Jay - Charlotte, NC 64-65 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Com7Flt - Communications Watch Officer

MOYER, Milton - Ames, IA 72-76 mail
*** LT - Fire Control Officer, then Nuclear Weapons & Navy Weapons Officer
^^^ Retired USN

MURRAY, Thomas F IV - New Market, MD 78-79 #1357 mail
*** ENS - My first ship after Surface Warfare Officer School (SWOS). Broke in under Steve Kreutner. OI Division Officer and Typhoon Action Officer (Typhoon Tom IV). Brought the ship back for decommissioning and preparation for safe stowage.
^^^ Program Manager for government contractor. Married, two children.

NOBLE, Donald - Williamsburg, VA 67-68 mail
*** LT - Electrical Officer
^^^ Retired USN in '83, retired Newport News Shipbuilding as Sr Engineer in '95. New career as a grandfather is the best job yet!

NOURRCIER, Brett - Pataskala, OH 88-92 mail
*** Lt - Caught the boat just after PSA. I rode her through 2 Med runs & had the time of my life
^^^ After Navy, I joined GE - now the Master Black Belt in their Quartz business

PERCICH, Mark - Ellicott City, MD, 75-78 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Boilers & X Div Officer
^^^ Now VP Marketing of Digital Systems Int'l Corp. Married to the lovely Patricia with a grown daughter flown the nest

PFRANGER, Del - San Angelo, TX 75-80 #100 mail
*** Lieutenant - MPDS, Radio & Asst Staff Comm Officer. Ship's Company from 75-78

PIEPER, J.W. - Dallas, TX 60-63 mail
*** Lt(jg) - OL Div, Air Control and Asst. CIC Officer & OD underway.
^^^ Have been a banker for 30 years in Texas and am in the process of retiring to the Texas Hill Country for golf and fishing

POWELL, D R - LtCDR - 68

PRESSON, Geoffrey F - Umatilla, FL 73-76 #01084 mail
*** LTjg - assigned ship's co + Com7flt. CR div Officer, then CS div Officer + CMS Custodian. Then served as the Asst Navigator. Enjoyed every second aboard the Oklahoma City! Capt Butcher was a great skipper!
^^^ Left OK City in 76, to Pensacola for Naval Aviator wings. Flew the A-7 Corsair from 77-86. Left active duty in 86 + retired from the reserves in 01. I have been a pilot for Northwest Airlines since 1987. I love my job!

REX, Jerry - Yorba Linda, CA 70-71 mail
*** Lt(jg) - FM Div Officer, CIC Watch Officer
^^^ Married, 2 sons, Commercial Insurance Mgr

RIDDELL, Jack - Spring Valley, CA 75-76 mail
*** WO2 - Mtce Officer foe Talos Missile System and Asst. FM Div. Officer. Retired Nov 76 as CWO3

RYAN, Denny - Iowa City, IA 71-74 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Communications Watch Officer attached to Com7Flt Staff
^^^ Now a computer programmer with Metavante Corp working from home

SCHULTE, Eric - Santa Barbara, CA 72-75 mail
*** Lt jg - 3rd Division, FM Division and Gunnery Liaison Officer
^^^ Retired from Raytheon in '04, now consulting for NASA and others

SHEFFIELD, Jim - Bastrop, TX, 75-78 mail
*** Lt(jg) - CR, CD Div Officer, CMS Custodian for Ship's Company & Flag Staff

SHRECKENGAUST, James "Jim" A - Vacaville, CA 77-79 mail
*** CDR - Last CO - relieved Capt McDaniel as Commandin Officer and steamed to San Diego for Decom. Subsequently promoted and later retired as Capt in '90
^^^ Living with one of our daughters who is an Air Force Doctor assigned to Travis AFB. Recovering from knee replacement surgery

SIGELMAN, Alan - La Jolla, CA 63-65 {Deceased}
*** Lieutenant, JG - Disbursing Officer

^^^ Died suddenly on 27 May 2002 and was buried at sea by the Navy

SIKORA, Frederick K. - Falls City, NE 72-75 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Com7Flt Communications Officer, briefing officer for Admirals Holloway and Steel

SKRZYPEK, Joe - 67-68 mail
*** Co-pilot - Blackbeard One

SMITH, Vernon G - San Diego, CA 61-63 mail
*** LtJg - Ship's Secretary, Admin support for CO/XO
^^^ Retired from Navy in '75 after 32 yrs service incl USAAF in WWII. Married 60 yrs with 2 children, 2 grand and 7 great-grand ages 14-4 all here in San Diego. Worked as a PI following ret from Navy

STRUCK, J. Theodore - San Diego, CA 67-69 mail
*** LT(jg) - Comm Watch Officer and (TAD) Com7Flt - was i/c/o MPDS system mtce during 66-67 overhaul
^^^ Now CFO & part owner of Synchrotech Software Corp

SURFACE, Wayne D. - Coronado, CA 68-69 mail
*** Captain - Commanding Officer, took the ship from San Diego (Com1Flt) to Yokosuka (Com7Flt) to provide gunfire support for ground forces in Viet Nam. Retired '73 after 30 yrs service.
^^^ Wife Peggy died in '88 and I married Ruby in '89. We have two children (from her previous marriage) and two grandchildren. We live in a condo on the bay-front in Coronado

TANSEY, Mike - Kailua, HI, 75-78 mail
*** Commander - Com7Flt Staff Ops Dept
^^^ Got my butt whipped by all those mean shellbacks when crossing the equator

THURNEYSEN, Jon S. - Vienna, VA 64-66 mail
*** Commander - CIC Officer. Ret from Navy in 78
^^^ Retired from various jobs as civilian mathematical analyst in 1999. Have 4 grown children scattered about the US

WALTERS, Henry G - Eagle River, AK 70-72 mail
*** LT(jg) - Ops Dept, CIC
^^^ Work for FAA here in Alaska programming computers for telecomm systems

WALTERS, Ross A. - West Des Moines, IA 72-74 mail
*** Lt(jg) - X Div, Legal & Public Affairs Officer

WALTON, Fredrick H. - Centerville, UT 73-75 #1281 mail *** Lieutenant JG - Division Officer for S5 (Wardroom), S4 (Disbursing) and S# Sales & Service ^^^ Retired from Navy Reserve 1998 and retired from Wells Fargo Bank (Trust Officer) in 2007 WHITE, Terry - Randolph, NJ 60-63 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Asst Navigator on first WestPac cruise as CLG-5
^^^ Formerly with RCA & AT&T and now a Management Consultant with InfoTech. Married 38 yrs, 4 kids, first grandchild due Aug 02

WINGO, R.K. - Gainesville, VA Precom-62 mail
*** Supply Officer

WITTENBERG, Lawrence (Larry) James - Portland, OR 67-69 #1358 mail
*** LTjg - While on active duty aboard this 1st and 7th Fleet flagship I served as the ship’s Public Information Officer and Third (Deck) Division Officer. My battle station was in CIC where I was the Gunfire Liaison Officer (GLO). My best friends were LTjg Arthur Purinton who was the ship’s Gunnery Officer and Ltjg Mike Dressel who was Second (Deck) Division Officer.
^^^ I retired from a 36 year career in local government management on June 30, 2006. Though nobody would care to read it, attached is a pdf of my professional resume. On June 17, 2013, I underwent open heart surgery and had my malfunctioning aortic valve and aortic root replaced. I was not expected to survive the operation, but here I am because I was in good health going into the hospital. My wife of 45 years, Patricia, and I love living in Portland, Oregon and we have four amazing grandchildren (2 boys & 2 girls).

YATES, Skip - Rocheport, MO 69 mail
*** Lt - Helo Pilot
^^^ Retired after 31 years. Single Dad raising 2 boys. Former BM and PN. Got commission thru old NavCad Program

YOUNG, Kerry - 72 mail
*** Pilot - SH-2D Helo

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