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USS Oklahoma City

Boatswain's Mates

ALDEN, Melvin - Torrence, CA 60-64 mail
*** BMSN - 1st Division

BAZAR, Kenneth E - Henderson, NV 60-61 mail
*** BMSN - Time on board was spent on the Capt's Gig (Capt Sarver). Best buddy was Bill Spencer, aide to Capt Sarver. Xferred to USS Vammen DE-644 as BM3
^^^ Now retired after 37 yrs in the oil industry with Baker Oil Tools. Married to Judy for 42 years. We met while on OK City and Bill Spencer was our best man. We have 2 children and 3 grandsons. I am involved with American Legion and Elks Club. Love to fish and camp

BIRGE, Richard - Pensacola, FL 73-75 #1268 mail
*** BM3 - I came aboard and made BM3 while there. In 1st Div, and my GQ station was first in the 6" shell deck and then as GQ Bo'sn mate of the watch. Some of the names I can remember were "Buddha belly Hood" BM2 and Dominic Cooler SN. I bought a car and a tape deck from my LPO but can't recall his name. I have a handful of pictures from those days including crossing the line. Perhaps I can scan them and post them some day.
^^^ I work as a Tug Boat Skipper for Crowley marine svcs in Valdez. We dock and undock the tankers here, and escort them to sea. See a bos'n mate who actually kept in his rate. One of the first jobs I had for Crowley as a deckhand was to go over to Bremerton Naval shipyard and rig the Canberra for towing down south. Right next to her was the OK City laid up and still had the Quarterdeck Awnings rigged. They were in terrible disarray, and it broke my heart looking at the old girl. This was in Aug of 1980. A final note, this summer we trucked our sailboat from Pensacola back up to Puget Sound and are now moored in Port Orchard, looking right at Bremerton NSY.

BOONE, Daniel - Rochester, NY 74-77 mail
*** BMSN - Worked for BM2 Campbell. I was one of the side boys wearing the period naval uniforms used to celebrate the bicentenial

BORLAND, Brice - Raytown, MO 66-67 #12036 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div Deck Seaman, Boat Coxwain OMB, Captains Gig, Utility boat. Favorite PO-B F McCullough
^^^ Own my own small business for 30 years; concrete work, foundation repair & waterproofing. Married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren

BROOKS, William R. - Owensboro, KY 78-79 mail
*** BMSN
^^^ Now work for AK Steel as console operator and patrol dispatcher.

BROWN, Alexander - Lemon Grove, CA 73-78 mail
*** BMCS 2nd Division Weapons / Deck. Retired as BMCM Nov. '86 with 33 yrs service.
^^^ Settled in CA with my Japanese bride. Bought and operate my own bar - business is great

CADENA, Jose - San Dimas, CA 77-Decom mail
*** BMSN - 3rd Division, also X.O.'s orderly
^^^ Retired as Chief in '99

CAMPBELL, David - Mesa, AZ 73-79 mail
*** BMC - I retired in 1985 as BMC
^^^ Have been employed by City of Mesa Arizona P. D. as a Collision Investigator since 86. Been married to Kiku for 30yrs. Wish I could make all the reunions. My website is Navy Bos'n

CANNON, Thomas E - Naples, FL 62-66 #01049 mail
*** BM3 - Deck Force 2nd Div. Worked on small boats & rigging. Best Buddies-- Dennis J. Daigle, Joe W. Crain, George S. Cavender, Dennis D. Morgan, Randy L. Price, Philip C. Sneed
^^^ Own my own Business in Site Development. Came back to Naples in 66, married to same woman since 68, have 3 Daughters & 4 Grandchildren. All live in Naples

CAPANZANO, Charles - NY, 77-79 #1259 mail
*** BM3 - Served for 2 1/2 years in first division. Had a great time in westpac. Some of the best years of my life. Met alot of good people. I would love to hear from anybody from first division or the ship that remembers me. I have hundreds of pictures of the first division and westpac to share. Hope every one is well.

CICCARIELLO, John - Smithtown, NY 70-72 mail
*** BMSN - Third Div leading seaman
^^^ Owner of Delta Transmissions for over 25 years. I am happily married with 2 wonderful children

DAVIS, George R. - Bangor, WA 76-78 #1286 mail
*** SN - Deck Division - buddies were Larsen, Byron Moore, Sales, Cordle Slaughter, Schroeder, Foose, Oglive, & many others in all depts
^^^ Early retirement due to health. Worked in the restaurant & hotel industry all my life. I was married & had 2 boys & 1 girl. I have grandchildren now. Looking to find my old buddies

EASTWOOD, Robert "Chumly" - Bartlesville, OK 78-79 mail
*** BMSN - First Division, took care of mtce and appearance of forward part of ship. GQ station was 6" turret. Buddies were Dave Rettinger, Steve Kyle and Larry Haggard
^^^ Member of the Decomm crew

ELLIOTT, Gary K - Taylor Ridge, IL 69-71 #1108 mail
*** SN - 3rd Div - later changed to airman and got to return to the Okie carrying stores and mail by helicopter
^^^ I have a lovely wife of 34 yrs, 2 daughters, 1 son. Also 8 grandsons and 1 granddaugter. I am a member of the VFW and past Commander of post 1303 in Rock Island, IL

FISCHER, Dave - Laurel, MT 68-70 #1121 mail
*** BM2 - 3rd Div - weapons / deck

FOSTER, R - 69-71 #01067 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div later FN E Div

FOWLER, William Gregory - Raleigh, NC 68-70 #01041 mail
*** SN - 1st + 3rd Div. Was duty driver, side boy, bridge watches, powder loader and section leader. Best friend Max Stange, R Romano, R Matareese, BM1 Lee, LTJG B W Shreue
^^^ Married 27 years. retired from IBM as Financial Analyst.

GATLIN, Billy D. - Sachse, TX 71-73, mail
*** BMSN - 1st Division
^^^ Now an Engineering Design Tech with large firm in Dallas; married with 4 sons ages 18-26.

GELMI, Joe - Sturtevant, WI 61-66mail
*** BM2

GEORGE, William O. - Spring Grove, PA 75-77mail
*** 3rd & 4th Divisions. Served as ship's coxswain for the 40' utility boat. Now BMC, USNR, retired Sept,2000
^^^ Married with 2 daughters; Industrial Mechanic for Hanover Foods (past 20 years)

GOLDEN, Richard L - Elyria, OH, 76-79, mail
*** BM1 - Started in 2nd Div, then to MAA. Changed rate to MA then xfered to CFAY Brig. Retired as E7 in San Diego and worked for SDPD until moving to Ohio.
^^^ Now married and a Sgt in Ohio Prison System

GOODSELL, Duff B (Boats) - Yokosuka, JA 71-74 #1163 mail
*** BM3 - Retired from the Navy in Sept 93 as BMC
^^^ Now work for Ship Repair Facility Yokosuka Japan as an Equipment Specialist. Married with one son

GRANT, Douglas - Ontario, CANADA 64-68 mail
*** BM2 - In charge of all topside areas including small craft in 3rd Div
^^^ Retired P.O. My family and I live on a 50 acre hobby farm with horses

GREEN, Dennis - Beaufort, NC, 75-77, 1364 mail
*** BM3 - I did a lot of chippin and painting on her, gotta love the spit and polish part of being the com 7th fleet boat. I was looking at the ships log and recognized 1 name of Bruce Widener, I remember he reported to her not long after I did....the things I remember were the long cruises followed up by visits to some great ports like Subic Bay, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia.....those were some good times, I also remember missing the 4th of July 1976, we were outrunning the typhoon in the south china sea instead of being in Hong Kong..... but we did get to stone the decks to entertain the adm.!!!!....LOL
^^^ As of now I am retired from 28 years in the auto business, well forced retirement due to a work related accident in 2004, and as of dec of 2012 battling cancer.

GREIG, Douglas - St. Martinville, LA 71-73 #1241 mail or mail
*** BM3 - 3rd Div - I was broken in quickly. Scullery, mess deck, deck force, etc. I was humbled. Later as a Seaman, I became a lead guy for the 3rd division. At sea, look out was one of the duties. I enjoyed being on deck or outside. I made an attempt at becoming a Yeoman, but short lived. I couldn't take being inside all day.
^^^ I'm now with Halliburton Energy Services. HES is an oilfield service company. I have been with this company for 32 years. My home town is Lafayette , Louisiana. I reside about 12 miles away in St.Martinville, La. I am divorced with 4 grown children and 4 grandsons, one with each child. 2 of my children live in Japan, as my 1st wife is Japanese. I have recently visited them there. My interest is traveling, hunting, fish, skiing, riding. I am 55 years old in fairly good shape. I hope to retire at 60 and travel around the world again. I really miss the port calls that we had the USS Oklahoma City CLG-5.

GROGAN, Everett P - 74-75 #1226 mail
*** BMSN - 3rd & 4th divs. I was a bosnmate and luved it. Sure do miss the old gal and all aboard

GUTIERREZ, Alberto - San Bernardino, CA 70-71 #1311 mail
*** BMSN - I was in the 2nd Deck Division and later was in the Print Shop
^^^ Today I still work part time in a small print shop and as a Custodian at San Bernardino where I am 2nd Vice President for CSEA.

HENSLEE, Ralph W. - Rialto, CA 69-72mail
*** BMSN - Temporary duty in Missile House
^^^ Work in injection molding, live in CA with my wife & 21 y/o son

HOLMES, James "Jim" - Gresham, OR 76-79 #01080 mail
*** BM3 - 2nd div 5" gun upper handling room/ lived for unrepping, rigging, like to hang with BMC R.F.Wood, BM2 Joe Powers, BM1 Dawsey, SN Howard Lake, Craig Will. And the rest of Big 2
^^^ married with two children. My son is an Junior in H.S.+ my little girl is in 5th grade. My wife teaches H.S. + I am a HVAC tech. Hobbies are boating, fishing, golfing, paintball, ect.

HOSCHEK, Tom - Burlington, IA 71-73mail
*** BMSN - Third Division, Deck Hand

JENSEN, Jim - Valley City, ND 70-71 #1301 mail
*** BMSN - First Division
^^^ Since I retired in 1992 I have been an Armed Security Officer and retired from Security. I am now Maintenance at a Public School. I am also a Volunteer with REACT Life Member 522. I have a Hobby in Radios too.

JERDEE, Barry M. - Phoenix, AZ 69-71mail
*** BMSN - Mostly 3rd Division and Missile House.
^^^ Have a Stained Glass business in Phoenix, married to Pam, no kids. Enjoy camping and love to ride my Harley, boat and Seadoo.

JORNS, Albert F - Westwego, LA, 1966-68, mail
*** BM3 - Utility Launch Operator
^^^ Now in Law Enforcement, married 31 years, 2 kids

LOW, George R - Virginia Beach, VA 60-67 mail
*** BM1 - 3rd Division - friends included chief Story, BM2 Krines and BM2 Hackler
^^^ Retired as BMC in '71. Then became a police officer for Old Dominion U in Norfolk. Retired from police work in '91

MacKENZIE, Alexander "Bewkes" - Portland, OR 68 mail
*** BMSN - 1st Division - Crossed to the Providence in Dec 68. Left Navy as BMC in 76 and went into Merchant Marine. Retired as Captain, USNR in 97
^^^ Owner of American Veterans Specialized Security and have a very successful career as a major film and television actor, writer, producer and director

MANERY, Bill - Wrangell, AK 72-74 mail
*** BMSN - S2 Div, sail locker. Best buddy was "Chavez"
^^^ I've been a butcher in Alaska for 10 years. On wife #3 and have two kids from previous marriages and two step-children

McCULLOUGH, B.F. - Midland, TX 64-67
*** BM2 - 2nd Division

MEADE, James F. - Marion, OH 76-78mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Division, Bowhook on the Captain's Gig
^^^ Retired BMC(SW) - now an auto maker

MEADOWS, Fred - Vero Beach, FL 1945 #1280 PLANKOWNER mail
*** BM3 - Coxwain - 2nd Division LT Jones Div Cmdr
^^^ Retired living with daughter

MEDLEY, Donald E - Oklahoma City, OK 77-79 mail
*** BM2 - TAD to NAVSURFPACDAT - finished Navy career in 82

MILLER, Scott A - West Bend, WI 75-77mail
*** SA - 1st & 4th Divisions. Operated and maintained motor whaleboats and launches
^^^ Work as a fabricator making residential and commercial skylights. Divorced and live with my 16 y/o daughter. Also have a 20 y/o son

MINTO, David - Ceresco, NE 68-70mail
*** BM3 OL-Division.

MONTORO, Anthony "Tony" - Angola, NY 70-72 #1177 mail
*** BMSN - I was deck hand in 3rd div, leading seaman, and phone talker for flight quarters. Helped order supplies. I do remember Jim White, Marv Perrin, Yearta , Collins, Rhodes, Ciccarelli and a lot of faces but not names
^^^ Today i am retired after 30+ yrs in the postal service, 23 of which I was a Postmaster

MORGAN, William E - Virginia Beach, VA 73-77 mail
*** BM3 First Division
^^^ Now retired CWO4

MURPHY, Michael Leroy - Steelville, MO, 68-69 #1351 mail
*** SN - Deck Force
^^^I am retired out of labor local for 12 years for bad heart

NEWELL, Bob - 70-72 #01074 mail
*** BM3 - The voice you loved to hate: GET UP/GENERAL QUARTERS.

NULL, Douglas - Demopolis, AL 68-70 #1244 mail
*** BM3

PETERS, Brian - 77-79 mail
*** BM3 - 1st & 4th Divs. On the decommissioning crew
^^^ Now in building networks and home automation

PRICE, Bob - Pensacola, FL 75-79mail
*** BM2 - 1st & 3rd Divisions
^^^ Currently MACM at NAS Pensacola.

PRICE, George - Elizabeth City, NC 64-66mail
*** BM2 - First Division
^^^ Semi-retired, on-line investing. Wife Judith and I have 2 grown children. I also maintain my boyhood home on Hatteras Island

QUIGEL, Don - Oklahoma City, OK 62-67 mail
*** BMSN - Retired

QUINN, Gregory - Hartland, MI 68-70 #1310 mail
*** BMSN - I worked under 1st class Brombeck in the deck division. What a character.
^^^ I have 4 children and 7 grand children. Retired 3yrs now from road construction.

RAKERS,David - Quincy. IL 67-69 #1294 mail
*** BMSN - side cleaned, ran gear locker, 3rd division deck force. stood port starboard watches in nam in 5 inch magazine.
^^^ Now work in seed sales, grass and pasture. Like to golf, umpire baseball and bowl.

RENVILLE, Tim, Bremerton, WA 974-76 mail
*** BM2 - 3rd & 4th Divisions, coxswain 7th Fleet barge

RICE, Roger A - Park Ridge, IL 63-67 #01026 mail
*** BM3
^^^ Born in Greenville, TN, lived in Marshall, NC. Moved to Il in June 67 after Navy. Married with four children age 32, 29, 27 and 25. I own an insurance agency.

RIGBY, Ervin C. - Imperial Beach, CA 70-72mail
*** BM1 -3rd Division LPO

ROBERTS, Bob - Enid, OK 68-71 #1374 mail
*** BMSN - Bosnia

ROGERS, Jeff - Pittsburg, PA 72-73 mail
*** SN - OL Division
^^^ Retired E9 in 95. Married to Ken Schrader's sister, who also retired from the Navy. My father and another brother-in law also retired from USN. Now work part time for UPS - don't want to over-do it in my old age

ROMANO, Ronald - 68-69 #1262 mail
*** BMSN

SALES, Tom - San Antonio, TX 64-66, mail
*** BMSN

SEALS, Mike - Pratville, AL, 71-75, mail
*** BM3 - 1st Division
^^^ Retired in 99 as CWO3 after 28.8 yrs. Working for a 150 year old door hinge co in AL. Married to a girl from the PI for 28 years and have 3 great, tax paying children. Enjoy taking care of our 10 acres

SHAW, Ernest T "Baby Huey" - East St Louis, IL 76-78 mail
*** BMSN

SHIPP, James H. - Louisville, KY 63-66 & 71-75
*** SN-BM1 Leading SN to BM2 2nd Division(63-66) later BM1 ship's MAA & LPO 2nd Division (71-75) Retired 1980 as BMCS

SIMMONS, Jim - La Mirada, CA 70-74 mail
*** BM3 - 1st Div - friends with Tomlin, Huntly, Crawford, Gibbs and most who came through 1st

SMITH, Patrick T. - Rantoul, IL 69-71 mail
*** BMSN
^^^ Owned and operated a small pawn shop for 25 years, have two sons, 22 & 20; collect Japanese Swords and tend Bonsai trees

SPROUSE, George A "Red" - Richmond, VA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail to son Tim Sprouse
*** BMSN - Seaman 1st Class - 1st Div
^^^ 84 years young and looking forward to the reunion

STORMENT, William - Davie, FL 64-65 #1110 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div - best bud was James Tayros
^^^ Never married no children. Born in Florence, AL - moved to Orlando FL in 69 looking for Drafting work at Disney. Moved to Ft Lauderdale in 73. Now work at a Vehicle Surveillance Co as a CAD/Designer

SUFFRIDGE, Richard - Pensacola, FL, 74-77, mail
*** BMSN - Worked in 3rd and 4th Divisions. Landed Blackbeard 1, drove all the small boats and was the coxwain that beat the USS Midway in a Motor Whaleboat Race
^^^ Self employed, work at home and go to sea every chance I get

TALBOTT, Robert - Kansas City, MO, 1973-75, mail
*** BMSN
^^^ Married with two grown children. Own a printing business and enjoy golf and camping.

TONKYRO, Ron - Mexico 60-62 PLANKOWNER #01025 mail
*** BM - 3rd & 4th Deck Divs & QM's
^^^ Spent most of my life in medical sales, retired in Mexico; e-mails welcome

TUCKER, Terry - Park Forest, IL 69-71 #1315 mail
*** BMSN
^^^I'm now retired from driving a redimix truck for the last 20 years

TUELL, Randy - Buena Park, CA 77-78 mail
*** DS2 - Com7Flt Communications Center, maintained computer equipment
^^^ Have been working for Compaq but was laid off in June '01. Married and have 3 grandkids

TURNER, Raymond T., Jr. - Henderson, NV, 1964-67, mail
*** BM1 - Retired Dec '89 after 30 years as Lt. Commander.

WATSON, Norman "Buddy" - IN 77-79 #1331 mailto
*** BMSN - I was in 1st and 2nd Div. Doug Owen and SN Dillingham were two of my buddies.
^^^ Now living in a small town in Indiana.

WEST, Dave - Columbus, NE, 67-70, mail
*** BM3 - Mostly 2nd Division. Boat coxswain, burton winch and gun captain at GQ
^^^ Have 3 boys and 1 girl, love bow hunting, fishing and Nebraska Corn Husker football

WHITE, James W - San Diego, CA 70-71 mail
*** BMSN - 3rd Division Deck Force; hung out with Tony Montoro and Merve Perrin
^^^ Currently an estimator for a construction company

WHITE, Robert - Temecula, CA 60-63 #1181 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div during the recomm in San Francisco. Spent the rest of my tour on board. I remember the name of John Gobo BM1. One of a kind! I spent time in the missle div but was unable to get the security clearance, so was transfered to 2nd div then to the dreded mess division and spent 4 months as a compartment cleaner. There are loads of memories

WIDENER, Bruce - New Whiteland, IN 75-77 #1171 mail
*** BMSN - Enjoyed the ports we visited while aboard CG-5 in 2nd division. Seems like a lifetime ago. Haven't been in touch with anyone I served with since leaving the boat. Did 3 years of reserves, but wasn't the same as the OKCity.
^^^ Work for Federal Gov., as a Systems Administrator. Have 4 kids. One married.

WININGER, Chuck - Mandeville, LA 62-64 #1206 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div & Personnel Office
^^^ Married 38 years, two daughters 4 grand children. Marketing Rep. I enjoy Golf, Fishing, Hunting and Traveling.

WOOD, Robert F. - Las Vegas, NV 62-66 & 74-79mail
*** BMC - Decommissioned the OKC after 10+ years aboard

WOODARD, James - Hollywood, CA 73-75 mail
*** BMSN - Best buddy was Raymond Maxwell
^^^ Now an actor

YATES, Skip - Rocheport, MO 69 mail
*** Lieutenant - Helicopter Pilot
^^^ Retired after 31 years. Single Dad raising two boys. Former BM and PN. Got commission thru old NavCad Program.

ZIECINA, Tom - Butler, NC 73-75 mail
*** BMSN

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