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USS Oklahoma City


Aerographer's Mates

BAILEY, Stephen C. - Huson, MT 71-73 {Deceased}
*** AG2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Died November 1, 2002. Worked for the National Weather Service in Missoula

DODGE, Mike - San Diego, CA 75-77 #1349 mail
*** AG2 - I was on the Okie Boat in the weather office, 7th Flt Staff. Arrived as AGAA Dodge, Oct 1975. Advanced to AG3 1977. Came back to the ship for the cruise up to Inchon, Korea and was advanced to AG2 during the cruise. The time spent on the USS Oklahoma City was the best for a young sailor. I was on the ship for a couple of weeks when we got underway. Left Yoko for Keelung, spent a couple of days there, then to Kaochsiung, 3 days, then to the P.I., 1 week inport, Singapore, Hong Kong, and back to Yokosuka for Christmas. I later made LDO and retired in 1994 as a LT. I was in the weather office with AGC Shemanski (retired CWO4), AG1 Salts (retired CDR LDO), AG1 Pat Hendricks (LDO selectee), AG2 Henley (retired AGCS), AG3 Farrelli (retired AGC), AG3 Conway (retired AG1), AGAN Rolfe (retired AGCS).
^^^ I now own Pacific Paradise Realty in Pacific Beach, CA with my wife Karen.

FAIR, Robert S. - St. Charles, IL 71-74 mail
*** AG2 - Com7Flt Weather Office - N36 Division.
^^^ Now part owner of an electronics company responsible for purchasing and inventory control.

KALEMBKIEWICZ, Mike - Kentwood, MI 73-76 mail
*** AG3 - Com7Flt.
^^^ Weather forecaster for the National Weather Service

LAMBERT, Forrest "Moe" - Jacksonville, FL 71-73 {DECEASED}
*** AG1 - Flag Weather LPO.
^^^ Died 2001 of Leukemia

LAWS, Dennis - Monterey, CA 78-79 mail
*** AG2 - Flag Weather

McPEAK, Mike - Wichita, KS 66-67 mail
*** AG3 - Weatherman attached to Com7thFleet

PILGER, A.C. - Catonsville, MD 65-66 & 1969 #01044 mail
*** AG1 - C7F Weather Office - whole gang was great to work with
^^^ Fully retired, enjoying being single

SHAY, John S Sr - Pensacola, FL 69-70 mail
*** AGCS - Com7Flt Weather
^^^ Gleefully retired from organized chaos!

WATTERS, Rich - Alpharetta, GA 69-70 mail
*** AN - Loved all the ports of call, especially the week-long stop at Expo70 in Osaka. After the Okie, I went to Operation Deep Freeze at the South Pole
^^^ Today I work for a major cell phone company, and my wife and I own a shoppe called Angels All Around where we sell all things Angel. Visit our website Angels to see what we do. Looking forward to retiring to Belize in 2006

WICKERSHAM, Bill "Wick" - 67-70 mail
*** AG2 - Com7Flt Staff with great friends who were ship's company

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