A nice photo of our ship in the Philippines in 1976 sent to us by
shipmate JO2 F.N. "Stubby" Stubblefield 75-78

Double Unrep

Double Unrep
Interesting photo of a double unrep. The USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5) and the USS Ranger (CVA-61)
refuel from the Fast Combat Support Oiler USS Camden (AOE-2) on Yankee Station circa 1970.
Photo was made by Ranger crew member J Ross, who shared it with us. Thanks Mr. Ross.

Flight Quarters

Flight Operations 1972
BM2 Campbell(left), CDR. Skinner XO & BMSN Prittikin in a photo made 25 Mar 76,
during Operation READYEX 2-76 In the Philippine Sea.
Thanks to Dave Campbell, BMC 73-79 for the photo.

memento of CLG5
Mark Corbin, PN3 78-79 confesses that some of the Oklahoma City was spared the trip to the bottom.

memento of CLG5
John Gilhuly, Lt 63-66 also managed to sneak one past the OD

New Photos Added

Pearl Harbor

We've added some rarely seen still photographs of the destruction at Pearl Harbor courtesy of BMC Dave Campbell, 73-79

USS Midway Photos

Our good friend Sam Villa, webmaster of the USS Providence website, was kind enough to share his photos of the USS Midway in her new home. Midway Photos Thanks again, Sam.