The Navy's New Dress White Uniform

The Navy's New Dress White Uniform
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John Gilhuly, LT, OE Div '63-66: Are you serious?

That rig looks like something you'd get at a shop for Halloween or a costume party.

If the Navy wants a new dress uniform, they might consider going back to the pre-war 2 Dress Whites. The jumper had cuffs and a collar of the same material and color as the Dress Blue uniform. Very much a distinctive Navy uniform. That is my opinion, and I am unanimous in it.

Editor's note: I believe this (below) is the uniform John is referring to. It was replaced by undress whites in 1940. Legend has it that it was scrapped because of the dark colors bleeding on to the whites.

Navy Whites Pre WWII

Thanks to the USS Massachusetts (BB-59) Living History Group website for the photo!