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WADE, Simon - Heber, AZ 69-71 mail
*** GMG3 - 6"/47 turret.

WAELBROCK, Richard "Red" - Carson City, NV 73-77 mail
*** ET2 - OE Division, then Com7Flt staff in CE Division. Retired 1991.
^^^ Now work for Bently Nevada Corp for 6 years in equipment repair

WAGNER, Leon - Chula Vista, CA 68-71 mail
*** GMM1 - Worked in Missile House
^^^ Retired and living the good life??

WALGENBACH, Neil - #1165 mail
*** CTA2 - Com7Flt -I joined the Fleet Intelligence department just after Thanksgiving of 72

WALTERS, Ronald L. - Chicago, IL 1971 #1360 mail
*** CPL - Marine Detachment - Guarded Missile House, Brig Duty, Honor Guard Best Friends - Mickey, Jordan
^^^ Married 43 years, 4 children, Practiced Law, Educator, Asst. Pastor - 32 years and currently

WATSON, Donald W. - Houston, TX 65-68 mail
*** MM3 - Worked and stood watch duty ln the aft engine room and on the aft boiler room generators.
^^^ I did most of my running with C. A. Mitchell. I am presently working ( 6-1/2 years )for Harris County in the building maintenance dept. I spent 34 years in a chemical plant, 8 years as a unit operator, 13 years as a journeyman pipefitter and 13 years as a maintenance supervisor. I am married with 3 children, 8 grand children and 1 great grand child. I plan on retiring in August of 2011.

WATSON, Norman "Buddy" - IN 77-79 #1331 mailto
*** BMSN - I was in 1st and 2nd Div. Doug Owen and SN Dillingham were two of my buddies.
^^^ Now living in a small town in Indiana.

WALLS, Claudy (Ray) - 59-64 #01032 mail
*** BT1 - Oil Shack - Reported aboard 11 Nov 59
^^^ After the Okie, I served on 5 Destroyers and spent 3 yrs pushing boots at Great Lakes NTC. Retired from Navy on 5 May 75

WALTERS, Henry G - Eagle River, AK 70-72 mail
*** Lieutenant, JG - Ops Department, CIC
^^^ Work for FAA here in Alaska programming computers for telecomm systems

WALSH, Michael - Spring Valley, CA 71-73 mail
*** DS2 - CR Div

WALTERS, Ross A. - West Des Moines, IA 72-74 mail
*** Lieutenant JG - X Division, Legal and Public Affairs Officer.

WALTON, Fredrick H. - Centerville, UT 73-75 #1281 mail
*** Lieutenant JG - Division Officer for S5 (Wardroom), S4 (Disbursing) and S# Sales & Service
^^^ Retired from Navy Reserve 1998 and retired from Wells Fargo Bank (Trust Officer) in 2007

WARD, Lawrence - Tulsa, OK 67-70 mail
*** FTM3

WARFIELD, Ron - Flagstaff, AZ 76-78 mail
*** A Gang, Boat Shop, Gas Turbine

WARNER, Ian - 03-05 #1133 mail
*** YN1
^^^ I got out of the Navy after the OK City and I'm pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.

WARNER, James C. - Bison, KS 60-62 mail
*** SA - First Division, then OL Division
^^^ Now a security officer at Hays Medical Center. Married to Carol fo 31 years with 2 sons and 1 grandson. Now restoring a '72 El Camino which just took 2nd place at my first car show

WATERMAN, Gordon - Kennebunk, ME 69-73 mail
*** GMM2

WATSON, Donald W. - Houston, TX 65-68 #1300 mail
*** MM3 - Worked and stood watch duty ln the aft engine room and on the aft boiler room generators.
^^^ I did most of my running with C. A. Mitchell. I am presently working ( 6-1/2 years )for Harris County in the building maintenance dept. I spent 34 years in a chemical plant, 8 years as a unit operator, 13 years as a journeyman pipefitter and 13 years as a maintenance supervisor. I am married with 3 children, 8 grand children and 1 great grand child. I plan on retiring in August of 2011.

WATSON, Henry - Antlers, OK 60-62 mail
*** MM3 - A Division
^^^ Best buddy David "Hawkeye" Hawkins and I went on to the USS Vammende (DD644) and then to the USS Arnold J Isabel (DD869). Started as a Radiographer (X-Ray Tech) in 64 and still at it

WATTERS, Rich - Alpharetta, GA 69-70 mail
*** AN - Loved all the ports of call, especially the week-long stop at Expo70 in Osaka. After the Okie, I went to Operation Deep Freeze at the South Pole
^^^ Today I work for a major cell phone company, and my wife and I own a shoppe called Angels All Around where we sell all things Angel. Visit our website Angels to see what we do. Looking forward to retiring to Belize in 2006

WAUGH, Steve - San Diego, CA 64-68 mail
*** PO3

WEAVER, Raymond P - Gulfport, MS 68-70 mail
*** GMG2 - Worked on 6" in armory
^^^ Retired in 1983 as GMCS. I have 2 children and 2 grandsons. Move to MS to be near the family. Now have a handyman and lawn business and am a Mason and Shriner Clown (Smiley)

WEBB, Donald R - Grand Junction, CO 73-77 #1169 mail
*** QM2 - My Boss actually found this page. He's interested in the Navy and was looking at my cruise book
^^^ Today I work for US AIRWAYS EXPRESS in Grand Junction as a Customer service/Ramp agent (watch the program airline). Still married to the same wonderful woman I met back in 1975 we have three grown boys and are going to the reunion from now on. The friendships I made on the Oklahoma City are very special to me.

WEEKS, David - 71-73 mail
*** USMC - Marine Detatchment

WELSH, James - 74-76 #1336 mail
*** I served aborad the Okie City was back in the mid-70s. I had to wait to take that assignment due to rough waters that forced me to stay in the P.I. for a full month until she could come and pick me up.

WEST, Dave - Columbus, NE 67-70 mail
*** BM3 - Mostly 2nd Division. Boat coxswain, burton winch and gun captain at GQ
^^^ Have 3 boys and 1 girl, love bow hunting, fishing and Nebraska Corn Husker football

WESTBROOK, Garland - Galena, KS 71-73 #01035 mail
*** SA - Buddy was Keith Ralson

WEZENSKY, Michael - White Pigeon, MI 67-68 & 70-71 mail
*** FTM3 - GM Division, retired as NCC(SW)
^^^ Employed in manufacturing quality assurance. My son retired as an MTCS(SS) and wife retired as an HMC.

WHEELER, David - Joelton, TN 65-66 mail
*** SN - 2nd Division

WHEELUS, Thomas L Jr - Norman, OK 70-73 mail
*** SK2 - When not doing inventory, I enjoyed playing music. Buddies were Jeff Brown, Dave Girdner and Mike Reno
^^^ Work as a registered music therapist and continue to play guitar, bass, tuba and recorder at every opportunity. I camp out over 30 days a year and take my Rottweiler with me. Still in touch with shipmates in Denver and American friends in Japan

WHITE, James W - San Diego, CA 70-71 mail
*** BMSN - 3rd Division Deck Force; hung out with Tony Montoro and Merve Perrin
^^^ Currently an estimator for a construction company

WHITE, Robert - Temecula, CA 60-63 #1181 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div during the recomm in San Francisco. Spent the rest of my tour on board. I remember the name of John Gobo BM1. One of a kind! I spent time in the missle div but was unable to get the security clearance, so was transfered to 2nd div then to the dreded mess division and spent 4 months as a compartment cleaner. There are loads of memories

WHITE, Terry - Randolph, NJ 60-63 mail
*** LTjg - Asst Navigator on first WestPac cruise as CLG-5
^^^ Formerly with RCA & AT&T and now a Management Consultant with InfoTech. Married 38 yrs, 4 kids, first grandchild due Aug 02

WHITED, Patrick J. - Columbus, OH 72-73 mail
*** FTSA - Plot 5
^^^ Now repair aircraft interiors for Executive Jet Aviation. My wife and I have a son and daughter. Still play the drums part time

WHITEMAN, Ronald - Rosemount, MN 70-72 #1234 mail
*** RM3 - Worked in the top secret area inside the radio room.
^^^ Married with three grown children, one grandchild. Working as an electrician for 34 years, still working!

WHITESIDE, Bob - Pittsford, NY 69-70 mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt ComCenter Supv - bunked with the C7F Musicians
^^^ Now a College Professor, studio painter and also a student for a second Master's Degree. My wife and I own and breed Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

WHITFIELD, Dean - Chandler, OK 64-66 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division

WHITTEN, Frank - Windham, NH 74-76 mail
*** OS2 - Seventh Fleet Staff

WICKERSHAM, Bill "Wick" - 67-70 mail
*** AG2 - Com7Flt Staff with great friends who were ship's company

WIDENER, Bruce - New Whiteland, IN 75-77 #1171 mail
*** BMSN - Enjoyed the ports we visited while aboard CG-5 in 2nd division. Seems like a lifetime ago. Haven't been in touch with anyone I served with since leaving the boat. Did 3 years of reserves, but wasn't the same as the OKCity.
^^^ Work for Federal Gov., as a Systems Administrator. Have 4 kids. One married.

WIECEK, Raymond J - Independence, OH 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SM - C Division

WIEDEBURG, John F - Louisville, KY 75-76 mail
*** CSSA

WIJERS, Eduard C. - Silverdale, WA 78-79 mail
*** MM2 - A Division, EM05 Evaps - Retired 5/99 as MMCS(SW) - Now a Marine Machinery Mech at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

WILEY, John W. - Newport News, VA 73-79 #1306 mail
*** EM1 - Some of the best times of my life occurred aboard the Okie Boat.
^^^ Retired in 1992 and teaching today.

WILKIE, Douglas H - Glendale, OR 68-70 mail
*** QM3 - N Division
^^^ 28 years a custom cabinet maker. Happily married to Marjie with a 24 y/o daughter Emily. Enjoy the mountains, hunting deer and elk and yeah, I finally grew up

WILKIE, William - Manahawkin, NJ 42-46 PLANKOWNER,mail
*** GM3 - F Division, Armory

WILLCUTT, Roy - Visalia, CA 44-46 send mail
*** SN - {Died 1986} E-mail is for his son

WILLETTE, Malcolm - Baltimore, MD 63-66 mail
*** FT3 - 42 Radar

WILLIAMS, Herman C. - Knightdale, NC 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** RM3 - buddies were Jim Crowley and Fred Gore
^^^ Retired from Exide in '91 after 33 years

WILLIAMS, Robert - Great Falls, MT 64-68 mail
*** MM2 - Main Control, After Engine Room, spent many hours working on #7 spring bearing in after fireroom. On 1966 return from Yokosuka was Mess Decks MAA while in San Francisco .
^^^ Retired as MMCM(SW)(AW) after 30 years in 1993. Managed and operated a campground in the Sequoia National Forest for ten years and in 2004 moved back home to Montana where I am now living the retired life.

WILLIAMS, Scott A. - Zionsville, IN 90-92 mail
*** RM2 - OPS Division

WILLIAMS, Warren O "Willie" - MO 68-70 mail
*** FTM1 - Talos Missile Division
^^^ Able to retire early and enjoy time at our second home in rural Mo

WILSON, Bobby - Midland, TX 61-64 mail
*** MM2 - A Division - Evaps, Steam and Hydraulics. Best Buddy was Fernando Lugo
^^^ Now a widower, I was an ironworker for 27 years and work for a steel fabrication co. I have 3 sons, 5 grandchildren, 3 stepchildren, 7 stepgrandchildren and 6 stepgreatgrandchildren

WILSON, Charles L. - New Church, VA 72-75 mail
*** OS2 - OI and OW Divisions

WILSON, Lowell W - Gatlinburg, TN 68-70 mail
*** DC3 - R Div - worked in carpenter shop and damage control. Best buddies were Vernon, Matthews and Hanson
^^^ I am a minister and a builder. Married to Linda for 32 yrs. We have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. I am a member of American Legion Post 202 in Gatlinburg

WILSON, Wikkiam F - 75-77 #1164 mail
*** SN

WINBURN, Michael - Hartsville, SC 76-77 mail
*** CTO3 - Crypto, Seventh Fleet Staff

WINE, Jerry - Sidney, OH 74-76 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division, Com7Flt
^^^ Now second shift for Burns Security. Married with 3 children from a prior marriage. My wife and I have a small giftware business and are in the process of buying our home. I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT

WINGO, R.K. - Gainesville, VA Precom-62 mail
*** Supply Officer

WININGER, Chuck - Mandeville, LA 62-64 #1206 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div & Personnel Office
^^^ Married 38 years, two daughters 4 grand children. Marketing Rep. I enjoy Golf, Fishing, Hunting and Traveling.

WINKENWERDER, Edgar - San Diego, CA 67-70 & 73-76 mail
*** ETCS - OE Division, Cryoto Repair
^^^ Now working for Logicon, Inc., a Navy contractor

WIPPERMAN, Bill - Lenexa, KS 68-70 mail
*** YN1 - Com7Flt in Legal Office under Captain Allen. My wife worked as a nurse on the base in Yokosuka. My son Jeff was born there.
^^^ I now sell Real Estate and have two grandchildren.

WISENBAKER, Kenneth A. - Dry Creek, LA 69-70 #1285 mail
*** YN3 - Admiral's secretary
^^^ Now a cattleman

WISMAN, Ron - Visalia, CA 68-69 mail
*** QM2 - Attached to C7Flt, worked as scheduler in warroom
^^^ Manager for 16 years at Longs Drug Store; youngest son is a "Tanker" in US Army.

WITTENBERG, Lawrence (Larry) James - Portland, OR 67-69 #1358 mail
*** LTjg - While on active duty aboard this 1st and 7th Fleet flagship I served as the ship’s Public Information Officer and Third (Deck) Division Officer. My battle station was in CIC where I was the Gunfire Liaison Officer (GLO). My best friends were LTjg Arthur Purinton who was the ship’s Gunnery Officer and Ltjg Mike Dressel who was Second (Deck) Division Officer.
^^^ I retired from a 36 year career in local government management on June 30, 2006. Though nobody would care to read it, attached is a pdf of my professional resume. On June 17, 2013, I underwent open heart surgery and had my malfunctioning aortic valve and aortic root replaced. I was not expected to survive the operation, but here I am because I was in good health going into the hospital. My wife of 45 years, Patricia, and I love living in Portland, Oregon and we have four amazing grandchildren (2 boys & 2 girls).

WOLF, Steve - Columbus, OH 72-76 #01053 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt Staff
^^^ Now working for Uncle Sam as a civilian computer programmer

WOOD, D.E. - Thousand Palms, CA 71-72 mail
*** CS3

WOOD, Robert F. - Las Vegas, NV 62-66 & 74-79 mail
*** BMC - Decommissioned the OKC after 10+ years aboard

WOODARD, James M - 74-75 mail

WOODLEY, Randy - Saint Joseph, MI 76-78mail
*** MM3 - A Division, A/C and Refrigeration shop
^^^ I'm married with two daughters and work as a Technical Writer for the Whirlpool Corporation

WOODS, Stanton J - Pueblo, CO 70-74 #01082 mail
*** RM3 - I worked in CR Div. attached to COM7FLT and had a lot of great friends and great times in Japan and elsewhere. Enjoyed playing golf in Japan and other ports. Best friend was Ted Eckerson (Rookie); we are still great friends today
^^^ I work for Wells Fargo Bank for last 9 years and have been in banking since 1977. Happily married, play a lot of golf and travel. Looking forward to retiring in the near future

WOODY, Gene - 62-64 #1337 mail
*** RMSN - I was a Radioman attached to Com7thFlt Flag Allowance aboard the Okcity in 1962, 2 months prior to shifting to the Providence and then again in 1964, 2 months after shifting back to the Okcity. I would like to make contact with any RMs during that period.

WOOSTER, Richard L II - San Francisco, CA 71-74 mail
*** LI3 - Went from 2 Div to X Div printshop
^^^ I am now a commercial fisherman and own my own jewelry business. I'm a disabled VietNam vet and I enjoy model railroading, woodworking, sewing and being a Viking

WRIGHT, Greg - Great Lakes, IL 77-79 mail
*** PO3

WRIGHT, Mark (Doc) - 90-94 #1214 mail
*** I served as the IDC on the OKC SSN-723 from late 1990 to 1994. Had lots of best buddies. Fished in every port in the med, and played Mom to all that I could. My last ship in the Navy was the USS CONSTITUTION, OLD IRON SIDE. From nuclear power to sail power, missiles to cannon balls .... what a ride!
^^^ We retired in 2005 and now live in a log house on 80 acres in the catskills. I am in up state ny because I love Beth more than I love TEXAS ... and we all know that's a lot. Still suck at admin Captain Polefrone, but I am still great at taking care of people so that is what I still do for a living ... taking care of people, not admin. Everyone drop me a line if you get a chance. TAKE ER' DOWN!, DOC WRIGHT.

WRIGHT, Richard "Orville" - 78-Decom #1321 mail
*** BTFN - Hard work , Hard Play and lots of growing up. Been locating Buds online through face book.
^^^ HVAC contractor. Work on high end high tech projects moving into the green arena.

WRONA, Ed - Chico, CA 71-73 #1361 mail
*** SH3 - Ship Services Division; ran the gee-dunk and then the ship's store; best friends: Mike Johnson; Mike (Fernando) Fay; Mike Reno; also a number of friends in the Marine contingent on board.
^^^ Married for almost 42 years, I recently retired after 40+ years of service with the Social Security Administration, in both management and non-management positions; worked mainly with disabled individuals wanting to return to work.

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