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VALENTINE, David - Napa, CA 72-75 mail
*** RM2 - Worked as CR Div yeoman to get out of mess cooking. I was Dave Monday on the ship's radio; also did sports and weather on ship's TV. ^^^ Retired on disability as K9 handler. Now divorced and work as K9 trainer for law enforcement

VANCE, Ron - Fresno, CA 71-73 mail
*** MS3 - Was a cook in S2 Division. Best buds were Steve Updike and Deacon Lopes
^^^ An auto mechanic for past 25 years. I have four children and two grandchildren. Divorced 10 years ago but re-married 4 years ago and am very happy

VANCONANT, Claude III - Lancaster, CA 72-74 mail
*** YN1 - Captains Office

VAN DAMME, Richard - Bartlett, TN 62-63 mail
*** HN3 - Medical Dept

VANDENBURG, Keith A - Liverpool, NY 63-65 mail
*** FTM2 - T Div, Missile House Stbd test bay
^^^ Retired from Gen Electric Co

VANDER ZWAAG, Wayne Eugene - Nuncia, MI 75-79 mail
*** BT3

VASQUEZ, John - Copperas Cove, TX 63-61 mail
*** SH3 - Ship's Barber - S3 Division, started in laundry and then to crew's barber shop and then staff barber
^^^ Now Civil Service in Fort Hood, TX, will retire in 2 years and love to vacation in the beaches of Mexico

VEGA, Hector - Caribbean 76-78 mail
*** MMFN - Throttle man, messenger, in main control. Left Navy in '90 as MM1 at Sub Base Pearl Harbor
^^^ Working for Lockheed Martin in Satellite Telecom field as resident mgr living in the Caribbean

VENARDOS, Lamont - Deepwater, MO 71-75 send mail
*** OS3 - A lot of long days and nights in CIC
^^^ Now a Structural Engineer, divorced with a sixteen year old daughter, Elizabeth. Life is good!

VERMIGLIO, Andy - Los Angeles, CA 74-76 #01066 mail
*** MU2 - Com7Flt Band, Orient Express, Far East Edition, Hard-shell Shellback
^^^ Now a Research Audiologist, Musician

VERMILLION, Charlie - Springfield, MO 68-72 send mail
*** RD2 - OI Division, all the time in CIC
^^^ Retired from USN in '74 after 20. Now work in scrap metal recycling facility as Non-Ferrous Supervisor

VERNON, Keith E - Ramsey, IN 47166 68-71 mail
*** DC3 - R Div, Carpenter Shop & Damage Control. Buddies were Wilson, Beasley, Zellner, Reed & Thompson
^^^ Married to Sherrill for 29 yrs with a son and daughter. I am a welder operator

VICTA, Orlando G - Wilmington, NC 74-77 mail
*** MS1 - Attached to Com7Flt, Admiral's Mess
^^^ Retired

VILLARD, Robert - Laredo, TX 65-66 mail
*** MU2 - Com7Flt Band, Tenor Saxophone

VILLARRIAL, Oscar - Robinson, TX, 76-79, mail
*** MM3 - Main Evaps and Steam Heat Shop.

^^^ Currently working for AAFES as Dist. Tech. for last 13 years. My wife Mika and I have three grown children and three grand children

VILLONI, Don - Grapevine, TX 68-72 #1126 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Div

VINCENT, Joseph P (Pete) Jr - Baton Rouge, LA 68-71 #01050 mail
*** SK2 - I rode the Okie over to WestPac from San Diego. I got an early out in May 72 to return to LSU Baton Rouge, LA where I graduated in Accounting.
^^^ I am a CPA with a small firm in Baton Rouge. I am also a 4th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. My son and I own the largest Martial Arts school in the Baton Rouge area (see our website). My first wife, Pat, (David's mother) died of pancreatitus in November 1975. I remarried a short time later and have a daughter, Nicole, from that marriage.

VOELKER, Rodney A. - Virginia Beach, VA 62-65 mail
*** EM1 - E Division LPO, ran rewind shop, tool shop and battery locker. Crossed the deck to the Providence and stayed in WesPac until 11/69

VOIERS, Cleve - Las Cruces, NM 72-74 mail
*** YN3

VOSATKA, Steve - 78-Decom #01022 mail
*** SH3 - Barber
^^^ Now working for ADM (Archer-Daniels-Midland)

VYCE, Bryan - 77-79 mail
*** RM - CR Division

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