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TALBOTT, Robert - Kansas City, MO 73-75 mail
*** BMSN
^^^ Married with two grown children. Own a printing business and enjoy golf and camping.

TANSEY, Mike - Kailua, HI 75-78 mail
*** Commander - Com7Flt Staff Operations Department
^^^ Got my butt whipped by all those mean shellbacks when crossing the equator.

TAYLOR, Jim - Lakewood, CO 71-73 #01073 mail
*** SK3

TAYLOR, Larry M. - Cypress, TX 67-70
*** FT2 - FG Division

TAYLOR, Wayne - Crofton, MD 76-78 #1140 mail
*** MU3 - I was with Com7flt band called Orient Express. I also played in a band called The Stateside Ramblers. Our big hit was Jeepney Driver. We did a lot of ship hopping back then. We got requests to travel with just about any ship in the Pacific. We would inevitably wind up in the Philippines. Our hang out was New Sunnyís Place, on Georgia St.
^^^ Married Merrie, a former RM2, stationed in Yokosuka. 2 children, Wayne Jr., an ex-Marine, and Terra, an HM3 stationed in Sasebo, Japan. I was discharged in 1978. I went to school and earned a bachelorís of Music from Univ of Pacific. Re-enlisted in 87 to serve with the US Navy Band in Washington, DC. Been here ever since. Presently Unit Leader of a specialty band called ďCountry CurrentĒ. Iím a Master Chief Musician with 22 years. I have a new CD out on the Raincoe Music Label. Itís bluegrass music; one of the songs is listed on the Bluegrass Unlimited National Survey Charts. My web site is Wayne Taylor

TEEL, Eldon - Hortense, GA 61-64 mail
*** FTM1 - AN/SPG-49 Radar Director #6, Talos Weapons System.
^^^ Retired 9/75 as FTCM, also served on CG10(Albany) and CG12(Columbus).

TEREMI, Dennis - South Point, OH 74-76 mail
*** EN3 - A Div - proud to have served under Capt. Paul D Butcher

TERLAJE, Richard - Alpine, CA 66-68 Mail
*** CS1 - CPO Cook and Jack 'O the Dust. Best bud was Harvey ????
^^^ Retired and enjoying life with my girlfriend. Do 4-wheeling in my 92 Wrangler and belong to the San Diego 4-Wheelers club

TERRELL, Edwin P. - APO 73-76 mail
*** FTM2 - I was a computer tech for the Talos missile system. We were a tight nit group, in fact the entire division was close. I will never forget my friends and shipmates from FM division. Nor will I forget the shaft-alley, it saved my life more than once!
^^^ I am currently a management consultant living and working in Egypt. I spend my free time riding my horse in the desert next to the Pyramids.

TESSMER, Mark L. - New Hope, MN 68-69mail
*** SN - Six Inch Gun Loader
^^^ Married with 5 married daughters and 6 grandkids.
I'm a Vets Employment Rep. with Minn. Dept of Econ Security and I've been serving Veterans for over 27 years.
I also enjoy bicycling (I average between 4-6K miles a year) and have been for the last 20 years.
I've also restored a 65 MGB Roadster and have been enjoying that for the last 10 years

THIELEN, Pete - Hampton, VA 89-92 #1103 mail
*** MCPO - I had the honor and pleasure to serve on OKC 1989-1992 under Capts Holloway & Polefrone and with one of the best submarine crews of my career. I hope all OKC crewmembers who read this note know how much their submarine camaraderie truly rewarded this Sailor. A special thanks to the XO, CDR Hopfinger and COB Cal Foster, for mentoring and forwarding my career and Commodore Holloway for selecting me as his Master Chief after OKC
^^^ Married Robin in 1982. Robin is stuck with me retired from sea duty and our son Pete, Jr is in his first year of college.

THOMAS, Bobby J - 65-66 #1070 mail
*** RM1 - Com7Flt - Great Ship!

THOMPSON, Brian - Seattle, WA 74-76 #1319 mail
*** LCPL USMC - I served in MarDet on the Okieboat when it was a flagship. I shipped aboard with Troxel, Miller and Portman, who later took me to the Yokosuka base redneck bar and got me so drunk I passed out in the head, so they left me there and went back to the boat. Thanks guys! I still can't drink whiskey to this day. My buddies were Duane Grey (the Ozark biker), Fred Browne (RIP), Mark Jeppertinger (RIP), Mark Zenk (To whom I gave the nickname "Cumbubble" for no good reason), Moose Miller, Scott and Alvarado (I'm sewing up my knockwurst, Sir!). I also often hit the beach with Elmer Whitten (who I went skinny-dipping with and have pictures to prove it), Rector (again, pictures) and Gaudio (pictures!). What an awesome time that was (except for the drudgery and misery)!
^^^ I worked for 20 years in publishing, doing freelance illustration and comics on the side. Lived in NY and LA, now settled in Seattle. Currently working on another round of graphic novels. I'm married to my second wife and have no offspring.

THOMPSON, Carroll "Okie" - Brandon, FL 68-70 #1183 mail
*** ETN2 - UHF Technician
^^^ Retired as ETC after 22 years. About to retire again from Power Co. here in FLorida

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THOMPSON, Ted W - San Diego, CA 77-79 mail
*** BT3 - Foreward Fireroom ^^^ Still in the Navy - CWO4 on USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62)

THOMSON, Ray - Apache Junction, AZ 64-66 mail
*** ETR2 _ OE Div SPS-43 Radar and Repeater Gang
^^^ Using the GI Bill, I went into radio broadcasting in the Phoenix area. Buddies were Camp, Hulboy, Wheatley and Big Anthony Corrao

THRUSH, James G. - Dalian, China 75-77 #1303 mail
*** OS - Some very fond memories of time on the boat - especially remember a watch in the 'wheelhouse' post typhoon seas - green water over the bow and holding on to the grease board - not so fond but vivid memories of 'Wog breakfast' returning from Perth Australia - the apartment in yoku - the girls and the smells in Alongapo.
^^^ After a career in Emergency medicine I have returned to Asia and have been teaching English in China for 3 years now - have a beautiful (and young) Chinese wife and we have a pretty little 1 year old daughter. Would love to get in contact with old shipmates and possibly swap old war stories and pics.

THURNEYSEN, Jon S. - Vienna, VA 64-66mail
*** Commander - CIC Officer. Retired from Navy in 1978.
^^^ Retired from various jobs as civilian mathematical analyst in 1999. Have four grown children scattered about the U.S.

TIPPIE, Ron - West Dundee, IL 61-63 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Division, worked on IFF systems that were part of OK City's radars. Buddies were Sandin brothers, Gerald Romine, Paul Slattery, Don Craig, et al
^^^ Now work for Maersk Logisitcs in Oak Brook, IL. Father of 3 grandfather of 6

TOMLIN, Richard K - Port Elizabeth, NJ 72-74 mail
*** BMSN - First Division

TONKYRO, Ron - Mexico 60-62 PLANKOWNER #01025 mail
*** BM - 3rd & 4th Deck Divs & QM's
^^^ Spent most of my life in medical sales, retired in Mexico; e-mails welcome

TORREZ, Edward G. - Los Lunas, NM, 1974, mail
*** RM3

TOTH, Paul - Cypress, CA 70-72 mail

TOULOUSE, Chuck - Winona, MN 70-72 #1149 mail
*** Sgt - USMC Com7Flt orderly for Adms Wiesner, Mack and Holloway
^^^ Now employed by TRW Automotive NA as Engineering Manager

TRACEY, Ron - Newnan, GA 67-72 mail
*** RD2 - Rotated thru all CIC watch stations, was NGFS target plotter and spot net talker; eventually made Surface Watch Supervisor. Retired as OSCM(SW) in '89
^^^ Retired from American Airlines in '99; worked for AMR as Instructional Designer. Now work for local funeral home where I enjoy helping people

TRAGLIA, James - Pittston, PA 68-72 mail
*** GMM3 - Talos Missile House
^^^ Married with three children.

TRENT, Geary - Clovis, CA 72-74 mail
*** MM3 - M Division, forward engine room
^^^ Married 25 years. 2 sons (24 & 22) 1 daughter (20). Learned body and paint work on the GI Bill and continue at the same shop for 18 years

TREVISOL, Wayne - 70-71 send mail
*** SN - OL Division

TROXEL, Emery K. - Kirkville, LA 74-76 mail
*** Corporal - Marine Detatchment, Missile Security

TROXEL, Travis - Nesbit, MS 96-98 mail
*** MMFN(TM)
^^^ Now in school to be a Physical Therapist

TRUMAN, Everett - WV #01024 mail
*** BT
^^^ Retired as BTCS. Still working with boilers, & machinery as a risk consultant for utility industry. Living in my home state of WV. Still married to a lovely Japanese Lady with two nice sons

TSACOUMIS, Theofolus P. - Silver Spring, MD 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** PO3

TUCKER, Terry - Park Forest, IL 69-71 #1315 mail
*** BMSN
^^^I'm now retired from driving a redimix truck for the last 20 years

TUELL, Randy - Buena Park, CA 77-78 mail
*** DS2 - Com7Flt Communications Center, maintained computer equipment
^^^ Have been working for Compaq but was laid off in June '01. Married and have 3 grandkids

TUMA, Larry - Le Center, MN 75-76 mail
*** Cook - Wardroom
^^^ Currently Information Technology consultant for Fortune 500 Companies. Happily married to Adriana from Mexico City.

TURNER, John T - Clifton, TN 63-66 #1338 mail
*** BT2 Served 1963-66, oil king AFT boiler rm. Brick mason for 45 yrs. Now own hardware store in Clifton, Tn. Love to hear from old friends and shipmates.

TURNER, Michael R. - Melbourne, FL 72-74 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division, Tech Facilities Control

TURNER, Raymond T., Jr. - Henderson, NV 64-67 mail
*** BM1 - Retired Dec '89 after 30 years as Lt. Commander.

TUTTLE, Tony - Portage, IN, 77-80 mail
*** BT2 - Foreward Fireroom
^^^ Now General Manager for a Steel Mill

TYSON, Bill - Pensacola, FL 76-78 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division - TACAN Technician
^^^ Retired as LCDR

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