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SADA, John - 67-69 #1136 mail
*** ETN2 - UHF, FAX and Weather Electronics

SAINT MARIE - Steven - Whitefish Bay, WI 76-79 mail
*** EN3 - A Division

SALES, Tom - San Antonio, TX 64-66, mail
*** BMSN

SALISBURY, Brent C. - Adrian, MI 91-95 #1216 mail
*** MS3
^^^ Food Service Supervisor at the Chelsea SAI Boot Camp in Michigan. I have 3 children, Kayleigh (soon to be 14), Emileigh (soon to be 13), and Brentson (8)I have been marrired for 14 years to Jennifer

SALLS, Chuck - Arvada, CO 73-76 #186 mail
*** 1st Division (Deck)and 4th Division (Boat Coxwain)

SANCHEZ, Robert - Rohnert Park, CA 73-75 mail
*** FTM3
^^^ Best bud was Steven Gullette. 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren.
Recently celebrated my 20th anniversary as Vice President of Investments and Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley

SANDERSON, Carl L. - Pensacola, FL 77-79 #519 mail
*** MAC - Running mates with John "Easy" Moore, Tom Shrader and MAC McCormick. Retired as MACS in '89.
^^^ Married to a wonderful Japanese lady (Kiyo) from Atsugi.

SANDIDGE, Glen - San Antonio, TX, 75-76 #288 mail
*** MUCS - Com7Flt Staff, Seventh Fleet Band.

SANDIN, Dennis R - Albuquerque, NM 60-62 mail
*** BTSA - B Division, mostly in after fireroom
^^^ Now self-employed building inspector and general contractor

SANDIN, Gerald R - Hampshire, IL 60-63 mail
*** ET3 - Part of Recom crew. Went to Pearl Harbor for 20th Anniversary and had seven survivors on board to watch the ceremonies
^^^ Noe CEO of a small industrial services support company. Three children and seven grandchildren. Looking to retire in next three years

SANTO, Don - Forest Grove, OR 64-67 #439 mail
*** FN - BT Gang

SANTOYO, Trino - Walnut Creek, CA 70-72 #239 mail
*** QM3 - N Division - Started with MAAs and was discovered by Qms. After Okie, I went to USS DeHaven (DD727)

SARGENT, Bradford D - Virginia Beach, VA 96-97 #1261 mail
*** ETCM(SS) - COB: Took her to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME for DMP. Medical condition that lead to my retirement in 1999 saw me transferred before getting underway out of yards.
^^^ Married to my beautiful wife of 29 years, Mary Cay. Three children: Robin – Married and expecting our first grandchild in March 2009; John – Graduated from College Of William & Mary. Currently at Navy OCS, going to Intel school following commissioning; Mary J – Student at ODU.
Work as Military Affairs representative for USAA. Yes, if you have heard the rumors they are true. Anyone who ever retired from military service is now eligible for USAA.

SARNELLI, Mathew - Nutley, NJ 73-75 [See Web Master for contact information]
*** CS3 - Cook

SAVAGE, Tom - Wichita, KS 60-64 #01085 home or office
*** SN3 - OL & 1st Div - Went aboard in San Diego just after her maiden voyage
^^^ From Oklahoma City, but now live in Wichita. I am 61 with 5 children + 8 grand children. I remember vividly the years aboard the OKC

SCHAEFER, Steve - Sterling, VA 72-73 #01046 mail
*** FTM3 - Talos Missile Tech (the new Smithsonian Air & Space Museum has a Talos Missile on display)
^^^ Currently doing software development for major defense contractor

SCHENK, John M. - Norfolk, VA 76-79 #499 mail
*** RM1 - CR Division
^^^ Retired USN on '90 as RMCS (AW/SW). Civil Service Comm at CMIO Norfolk as GS-9. One son Joe is AF Capt stationed at Pentagon. Heavily involved with American Legion

SCHERER, David L. - Gurnee, IL 78-79 #262 mail
*** HTFN - R Division, retired 1998

SCHLEGEL, Lodie - Oklahoma City, OK 76-79 #1098 mail
*** OS2 - I retired from the Navy in 1997 and of all the commands, the USS Oklahoma City was my fondest. OI div was an extension of my own family. Notable friendships included Adrian Sims, Brett Purvis, Charlie Powers, Charlie Williams, Bill Rich, Mike Nemick + Vernon McFadden
^^^ I live in Oklahoma City + work for the Fed Motor Carrier Safety Admin of the US Dept of Trans. Married with 4 sons + 5 grand

SCHLEITH, Michael T. - Chillicothe, OH 60-64 #164 mail
*** RM3 - Radio Central and Crypto - retired as CPO in 1988.

SCHMEDDING, Keith - Bakersfield, CA 70-71 mail
*** EW3 - Berther in OI division, shared an apartment with 3 buddies in Yokosuka
^^^ Now selling industrial chemicals. I have 3 children ages 21, 18 and 12 - all girls

SCHMIDT, Tom - Bremerton, WA 64-65 mail
*** ETR1 - Radar Group Leader, OE Division - Retired as CPO
^^^ Working in Antenna shop at NSB, Bangor, WA. Have two grown daughters and a step-son to brighten my life. No grandkids yet. Like any good sailor I miss the sea.

SCHMIDTKA, Lyle - Chesapeake, VA 70-74 #413 mail
*** FTG1 - Proformed every task in FG Division.
^^^ Now an Engineer for LockHeed and still married to Atsuko my Japanese bride of 28 years. We have 2 children and 1 grandchild. Thanks for the memories.

SCHNITZER, Jim - 77-79 #01038 mail

SCHOMMER, Cliff - Neenah, WI 71-74 #454 mail
*** YNSN - 7flt Staff, Fleet Admin Office, Radio Room and Flag Ops.
^^^ Now shift supervisor in a Paper Converting Company.

SCHRADER, Kenneth - Wilmington, DE, 70-74 mail
*** SH2 - S3 Division, laundry, soda fountain, ship's store
^^^ Retired SHCM - Now retail store manager and married to the same great ladyI met 27 years ago in Japan. Two children, Margie and Shawn (who still miss Japan)

SCHRADER, Zane - Pollock Pines, CA Recom-64 #273 mail
*** SN - Supply, 3rd Division, stores and laundry.

SCHRIMSHER, Jerry - Castro Valley, CA 60-63 mail
*** MR2 - Machinery Repaiman

SCHULTE, Eric - Santa Barbara, CA 72-75 #214 mail
*** Lt jg - 3rd Division, FM Division and Gunnery Liaison Officer
^^^ Retired from Raytheon in '04, now consulting for NASA and others

SCHULTZ, Alvin G - Deceased, 43-46 PLANKOWNERmail- E-Mail is for son Dale
*** SN - 2nd Division
^^^ Died 20 Dec 72 of Cancer. Survived by wife Barbara and children Dale, Richard, Paula and Steven. The family is anxious to speak with anyone who knew Alvin. His name is misspelled as Shultz, A.G. on page 30 of the first cruise book The Yearling.

SCHULTZ, Dennis L - Spokane, WA 69-71 #577 mail
*** CS2 - CPO cook then Starboard Watch Captain.
^^^ Disabled Firefighter (China Lake, CA). I build computer systems as a hobby.

SCHWEINBERG, Karl M - Winter Park, FL 78-79 mail
*** HM3 - Was the last Hospital Corpsman to exit the QD in '79. Also closed the sick call log. Good friends were Dave Brown, Tom Farrell, Malenofski
^^^ Now a Lt at NAVHOSP, Jacksonville, FL and retiring from USN in Aug, 2001. Will be living in Winter Park with wife and 2 children

SCRITCHFIELD, James H. - Marysville, CA 60-62 mail
*** SN - 4th Div Deck Force
^^^ Now retired

SCOTT, John B. - Aiea, HI 75-78 mail
*** RMC - Com7Flt Staff
^^^ Retired '94 as LtCdr(LDO) - USS OKLAHOMA CITY was/is a legend - best ship, Crew and Staff I ever had the privilege to serve with.

SEALS, Mike - Pratville, AL, 71-75 mail
*** BM3 - 1st Division
^^^ Retired in 99 as CWO3 after 28.8 yrs. Working for a 150 year old door hinge co in AL. Married to a girl from the PI for 28 years and have 3 great, tax paying children. Enjoy taking care of our 10 acres

SEIVERT, Richard - Rockford, IL 78-79 #1131 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt staff. Okie Boat was the best - I was attached 7 Flt staff with staff ID cards. We could wear civies anytime, use the foward brow all the time. Me and Jeff Bumbaugh Rm3 took a week vacation from Singapore to Pattaya beach Thiland, we had a blast. Also climed Mt. Fugi with a bunch of shipmates. ^^^ Out for 24 yrs - have worked that long at UPS as a route driver. Married with 3 kids

SELBY, Todd - Chillicothe, OH 03-05 #1211 mail
*** MMC(ss) - Now retired - Made some wonderful friends & enjoyed a great Westpac, one of a kind on an Atlantic submarine
^^^ Now work for the world'leading supplier of enriched uranium, USEC, Inc. & I enjoy life in Southern Ohio.

SERRANO, Peter J - 76-78 #1208 mail
*** China sea's sailor. To all my brothers and mates Hello

SEVIN, Louis Jr. - Slidell, LA 67-68 #565 mail
*** FN - Mess Cook for 3 mos. then worked in after engine room
^^^ Married with 4 kids. Foreman for USG, been there 29 years

SHAEFER, George - Oklahoma City, OK 68-78 #1106 mail
*** FTM1 - FM Div 49 Radar and System Test - Ran the Honcho with Burton + Whittington
^^^ Now a PMEL Tech for Raytheon at FAA Logistics Ctr in OKC

SHANER, Donald L. - Laramie, WY 61-63 #216 mail
*** FA - After Fireroom and Engineroom

SHAW, Ernest T. - Cahokia, IL 76-79 #509 mail
*** SN - 1st Division. Best friend was and is Brian Pate. Still trying to find BM2 "Tugboat" from 1st Div.
^^^ Married with 3 sons and 2 grandkids

SHAW, Ernest T "Baby Huey" - East St Louis, IL 76-78 mail
*** BMSN

SHAY, John S Sr - Pensacola, FL 69-70 mail
*** AGCS - Com7Flt Weather
^^^ Gleefully retired from organized chaos!

SHEFFIELD, Jim - Bastrop, TX 75-78 mail
*** LtJg - CR, CD Division Officer, CMS Custodian for Ship's Company and Flag Staff

SHEFFIELD, Jim - Fairfax, VA 68-72 mail
*** FTM1 - Talos Missile System
^^^ Now an Engineer for Raytheon supporting Navy's AEGIS System, MK111 Computer

SHELLEY, Kenneth O - Sparks, NV 63-65 #322 mail
*** YN3 - Captain's Office

SHEPHERD, Steven G - Winfield, MO 76-78 #311 mail
*** HTFN - Metal and Carpenter shops. Retired USN in 98 as HTC
^^^ Over the road trucker for Witte Bros, Troy, MO. Married 22 years to Rosa my Filipino bride

SHEPPARD, Geof - Tacoma, WA 73-75 #1065 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div
^^^ I am now a commercial sign installer

SHERMAN, Jerry S - Tamarac, FL 60-64 mail
*** QM3 - Navigation Div
^^^ Married to Emily for 20 yrs, I own a trucking business in Miami. I collect die cast cars and coke collectibles. Best bud was Lance Breckenridge and we're still close. We'll both be at the 2003 reunion in Jacksonville

SHIPP, James H. - Louisville, KY 63-66 & 71-75 #321
*** SN-BM1 Leading SN to BM2 2nd Division(63-66) later BM1 ship's MAA & LPO 2nd Division (71-75). Retired 1980 as BMCS

SHOCKCOR, James - Troy, MI 65-67 mail
*** FTM

SHORB, Mark - Grants Pass, OR 77-79 #370 mail
*** RM3

SHORE, Danny J. - Paris, TN 60-64 #371 mail
*** SM1 - OL Division, which was later combined into OS Div. - Retired in March '88 as SMC
^^^ Settled down in Paris. Enjoy the lake and lots of fishing. I guess I can't get away from the water. Now site manager for Security Group at a food service distributor.

SHRACK, John - Boydton, VA 62-63 mail
*** MT3 - Missile Division
^^^ Retired Industrial Arts teacher (31 years Middle School) My wife Carolyn are working on many new projects at our new house on Lake Gaston, VA and NC

SHRADER, Tom - Yokosuka, JAPAN 75-79 mail
*** SMC - LPO Signal Gang. Retired '93 as SMCM
^^^ Visit my website

SHRECKENGAUST, James "Jim" A - Vacaville, CA 77-79 mail
*** CDR - Last CO - relieved Capt McDaniel as Commandin Officer and steamed to San Diego for Decom. Subsequently promoted and later retired as Capt in '90
^^^ Living with one of our daughters who is an Air Force Doctor assigned to Travis AFB. Recovering from knee replacement surgery

SIGELMAN, Alan - La Jolla, CA 63-65 #125 {Deceased}
*** Lieutenant, JG - Disbursing Officer

^^^ Died suddenly on 27 May 2002 and was buried at sea by the Navy

SIKORA, Frederick K. - Falls City, NE 72-75 #274 mail
*** Lieutenant, JG - Com7Flt Communications Officer, briefing officer for Admirals Holloway and Steel.

SILVA, Anthony - Quincy, MA 75-77 #351 mail
*** EN3 - A Division

SIMMONS, Jim - La Mirada, CA 70-74 mail
*** BM3 - 1st Div - friends with Tomlin, Huntly, Crawford, Gibbs and most who came through 1st

SIMON, Joseph - San Diego, CA 63-66 #121 mail
*** FTG2 - FG Division

SIMON, Steve - Belfair, WA 76-79 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division (Com7Flt), Communications & Facilities Control Watch Supervisor
^^^ Retired as ITCM(SW) 01 Feb 03

SIMS, Adrian C - Cherryville, NC 77-79 #01033 mail
*** OS2

SKALA, George Jr. - Attalla, AL 69-72 #318 mail
*** FTCM - Talos Missile System.
^^^ Working for DOD as Telecom / Computer specialist

SKOWRONSKI, Daniel E. - Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 63-64 #478 mail
*** RDSN - OI Division
^^^ Drove and Owned Tanker Trucks, also drove for Greyhound and Red & Tan Lines in NJ. Semi-retired with 6 children and 6 grandchildren. Now take life easy at the Jersey Shore

SKRZYPEK, Joe - 67-68 #424 mail
*** Co-pilot - Blackbeard One

SLACK, Don - Millersville, MD mail
*** FTM2 - Fox Division, worked in WDE and MK152 Talos Computer. Retired as FCC in 1989.
^^^ Retired 20 Years as FCC(SW). I now live in Millersville, MD with my Wife Sonho and two dogs. I work for NOAA controlling GOES Weather satellites. Check out my website: Don’s Weather Zone:

SLAUGHTER, Mervin - Little Rock, AR 64-67 mail
*** GMGSN - First Division, then FG Division

SLININGER, Russel - Rancho Cordova, CA 71-74 mail
*** MS2 - First Division
^^^ Computer Professional working for Deltanet; married 28 years with 2 grown boys. Best buddy was Cruz Guiterrez

SLOBODIAN, Stephen W - Brooklyn, CT 71-73 mail
*** CYN/RMSN - CR Div MainComm - Best Bud was Mac Rathbun

SLUSSER, Jerry D. - Yermo, CA 73-75 #559 mail
*** GMSN - Deck Division, Mess duty and then GM Division.
^^^ Sante Fe Railway since 1978; now with BNSF Railway.

SMILEY, Thomas O. - Marshall, MO 64-68 #555 mail
*** GMC - In charge of Armory
^^^ Retired on small farm, maried with two daughters.

SMITH, Barry - Spooner, WI 63-64 #572 mail
*** ETR3 - OE Division - ECM & Radar gear.
^^^ Retired after 30 yrs with IBM; now have a Real Estate appraisal company in northern WI

SMITH, Benedict "Ben" - 68-70 #1324 mail
^^^ SH3

SMITH, Daniel A. - Suffolk, VA 76-79 #489 mail
*** EW2 - OI Division
^^^ I now teach C4I systems for the the Navy

SMITH, Danny E. - San Angelo, TX 69-71 #156 mail
*** GM3 - 5" and 6" Guns, duty in the Armory

SMITH, Jim - Springfield, MO 71-76 #103 mail
*** HMCS - Leading Chief, H Division

SMITH, Kenneth R - Jacksonville, FL 70-74 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Retired from Navy in '92 as Sr. Chief Career Counselor, married to Nancy 31 years, with 3 teenagers. Now Bakery Sales Mgr for Winn Dixie

SMITH, Patrick T. - Rantoul, IL 69-71 #379 mail
*** BMSN - Big eye-opener for a farm boy out of high school
^^^ Owned and operated a small pawn shop for 25 years, have two sons, 22 & 20; collect Japanese Swords and tend Bonsai trees.

SMITH, Ralph W - Cattaragus, NY 63-67 #415 mail
*** MMFN - M Division, best buddy was Gregory Eck
^^^ Met my wife of 32 years when ship returned to San Francisco in Dec. 1966. I am a retired skilled tradesman (tool & die).

SMITH, Richard D "Smitty" - Stockton, CA 71-74 #1095 mail
*** RM3 - attached to maincom - communications router for all ship + flag coms. Involved in several major operations including the missile attacks on enemy radar installations, directed naval gunfire through ship to shore communications during the invasion of Quang Tri April of 1973. I had many fond memories. I left on emergency leave during a combat mission + was later attached to USS Hollister-DD-788.

SMITH, Stan - San Diego, CA 67-68 #344 mail
*** Gun Director Officer and X.O. of Marine Detatchment

SMITH, T L - Katy, TX 76-78 mail
*** Corporal - USMC Detatchment, Missile Security, Brig Rat, Capt's Orderly, Cpl & Sgt of the guard
^^^ Followed my father and grandfather into police work in Houston. Son Austin, who graduates HS this year want to join the Naval Service

SMITH, Vernon G - San Diego, CA 61-63 mail
*** LtJg - Sihp's Secretary, Administrative support foe CO/XO
^^^ Retired from Navy in '75 after 32 years service incl USAAF in WWII. Married 60 yrs with 2 children, 2 grand and 7 great-grand ages 14-4 all here in San Diego. Worked as a PI following retirement from Navy

SMITH, William H. - Ovett, MS 74-77 #359 mail
*** RMSN - Com7Flt, Teletype Repair
^^^ Moving to Alaska to start my own Photography business

SNODGRASS, Scot - Houston, TX 96-98 mail
*** ET3 Navigation

SOMERBY, Randy - Paradise, CA 71-74 #208 mail
*** MM - Main Control, Foreward Engine Room. Years later, rejoined Navy and switched rates to SK2. Medical retirement in '88

SOMMER, Oscar Leo - Hanover, MD 77-79 mail or mail
*** MS3 - Com7flt - Personal cook and staff person for V.Adm Robert Baldwin
^^^ Received 2 degrees since leaving Navy. Now with Maryland State Highway Admin as Agency Procurement Specialist IIOffice of CHART & IT Development

SONJU, Scott D - Washougal, WA 74-77 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div
^^^ Now Chief Prosecutor, City of Vancouver, WA. Married 18 yrs, one daughter age 9. Stay busy running 8/10/15K runs, riding horses, skiing and taking my daughter to whatever she has going on

SOUTH, Gene - Unity Village, MO, 65-66 #254 mail
*** A Division, looking for shipmate John Kay.

SOWELL, Tommy - Nashville, TN 62-66/68-76 mail
*** BT1
^^^ Living in Tenn and loving every minute

SPARKS, Carl - Japan, 76-78, mail
*** EN1 - LPO of Evaporators, Steam Heat, Hydraulics, Air Compressors, Gas Turbine, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Xferred to USS Kirk (FF1087) in 78. ^^^ Still in Japan and employed as mtce and transportation manager for CFAY Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department

SPITLER, Ron - St. Louis, MO 63-66 #553 mail
*** FTM3 - T-Division, Port Missile Check-out, then Special Weapons Office.

SPRINKLE, John C. - Stockton, CA 72-75 #476 mail or mail
+++ Deceased - Died 01 SEP 2007 - Buried at Arlington
*** RM1 - Seemed as though the Okie Boat went from a liberty launch to a “Let’s go Fight” with Captain PD Bucher leading the charge. I was LPO of Tech Control in the CR division and it seems as though we always had the “O” looking over our shoulders even though then knew nothing of what we were trying to do. Had lots of hard times but many good times also.
^^^ I am fully retired (from the Navy 1992 as RMCM and San Joaquin County 2005) I recently found out I had stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Bummer huh!? I just recently sold my two sail boats, one of which I sailed to Mexico and back and bought a motor home. Hopefully I will put it to good use prior to…

SPROUSE, George A "Red" - Richmond, VA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail to son Tim Sprouse
*** BMSN - Seaman 1st Class - 1st Div
^^^ 84 years young and looking forward to the reunion

SPURR, Tim - Sugarloaf Key, FL 69-71 mail
*** CT3 - Worked on classified stuff
^^^ Now operate a fishing charter service in Key West

SQUIER, Bob - Salt Lake City, UT 67-70 #1058 mail
*** YN2 - Worked in Operations, Legal & Captain's Offices
^^^ 32 years in trucking. Worked 16.5 yrs with American Freight System before they went out of business in 88. Been with ABF Freight for 15.5 years now. Have a son in North Carolina and a daughter in New York City. One grandson in N.C. After Navy, I lived in Minneapolis for 17 years, then NC for 7.5 years and have been in Salt Lake City for 8 years now

SQUIRES, William - 69-71 #1097 mail
*** RDSN - Radar gang

STAIRS, Joe - Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada 73-75 #1018 mail
*** YN3 - Started as SA in 2nd Div, then to weapons and later X Div, Capt's Office and Dependents Asst Team in Yokosuka
^^^ Now working as Maintenance Supervisor at the local Community College

STALNAKER, Gary W - Deltona, FL 87-89 mail
*** ST - Sonar Tech & plank owner - best times were the shakedown cruises - best friend was PO Hinnington and "Stoney" was the best cook in the Navy
^^^ Now a support eng for a military supplier. Married 6 years with 5 children. Hobbies are flying and music

STANSFIELD, Robert W - Parker, CO 65-68 #1291 mail
*** FTM2 - I came aboard straight out of AN/SPG-49A Fire control Radar school at Mare Island as a FTM-3. I was responsible for the 49A fire control radar associated with the Talos missle system. While aboard I became rated as FTM-2. We were home ported in Yukoska Japan as the flagship of the 7th fleet. I also was assigned to the MK 1 stable element for the 6" guns forward of the bridge and became the gun firing operator during our tours in Vietnam. I spent time lobbing shells into the highlands around DaNang from the harbor. I was also present in the fire control radar room when we shot down our first mig as it flew down from the North. I remember watching the radar screen as the fired Talos come onto the screen and hit the target.
I became a shellback as we crossed the equator. I still have my card. I was also aboard when we were steaming back to the states and was hit by a typhoon. The OK City was sent to sea trials after they installed the missile system aft. She had too much weight topside and almost turned turtle. (As I was told) She was brought back into the shipyard and 22 tons of steel was removed topside. She then had a critical list of 26 degrees I believe. We were hit by a wave broadside during that storm. I was in the radar room below decks and I remember a large tool box jump about a foot into the air and flew 3 feet or so across the deck. My friend, a coxin on the bridge told me that the inclinomoter on the bridge that showed roll (With a bubble) reached 24 1/2 degrees. The ship shuttered for a spell and slowly began to right herself. He said that the officers on the bridge were visibly white. During that storm I believe that the Admirals barge was damaged.
^^^ After I left the Navy I returned to college and became a Mechanical Engineer. I worked for the Boston company of Stone & Webster right after college. After a year or so I went to work for a Denver company called Stearns Rogers. It is now URS Corporation. I was just laid off the first part of December after 35 years. So now, I am doing consulting work in the area.

She was a good ship. I am saddened to know she was sunk as a target ship off of Guam.

STEGALL, James - Maryville, TN 66-68 mail
*** FTC - Made Chief the day I was transferred to the Topeka
^^^ Retired as FTCS in '76. Work in civilian life as Quality Control Manager until a heartattack forced me to re-retire

STEIN, Al - Bronx, NY, 64-69 #398
*** SM2 - CS Div, Com7Flt

STEMMER, Ed - Suisun City, CA 70-75 #271 mail
*** SFM3 - Pipe,metal & carpenter shop. Ret 88 as HTC

STENBERG, Carl - Tiona, PA 73-75 #01079 mail
*** EM3 - Best 2yrs ever - E div - Stood watches in the fore + aft engine and boiler rooms. Made a lot of friends while hugging the fresh air supply vents. In 2004 I spent one weekend aboard USS Little Rock with my Boy Scouts of Troop 14 of Russell Pa. Brought back a lot of old memories. Would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Buffalo, Niagara Falls area.
^^^ Now maintenance manager at Blair Corp, Irvine PA

STENSGARD, Paul - Eagan, MN 76-78 #352 mail
*** SN

STEPHENSON, Roger - Alhambra, CA 69-70 mail
*** RM2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Transferred to the Washoe County LST-1165 in 1970

STERN, Steve - Winter Park, FL 86-89 mail
*** NC1 - Command Career Counselor. We won the Golden Anchor Award in 76 for best retention program. Best friend was PN2 Frank Bebe
^^^ Now a civilian working at Cherry Point, NC doing computer drawings for the H-53 helicopter. My wife Remy and I are interested in missionary work

STINSON, Tom - Victorville, CA 72-74 #1318 mail
*** CTO2 - Our division was about 18 CT operators with about 20 CT radio operators. We handled top secret communications with NSA and Navy Department. Assigned to Com7Flt. CT school Pensicola Florida, boot camp Great Lakes. One friend I remember is Chuck Ingreo from Detroit, MI
^^^ Today I am the manager of maintenance in a 800 megawatt power plant in Victorville, CA. I am married with 3 children & 10 grandchildren. My home town is Springfield , Oh.

STODDART, Wayne "Bear" - Boothwyn, PA 68-74 mail
*** BT2 - Forward Fireroom
^^^ Now a boiler operator for Boeing Helicopter. Divorced with a 25 y/o son still in school and living at home

STOKES, David - West Fargo, ND 71-73 mail
*** SN - Deck Hand, worked in forward gun mounts as loader and phone talker during flight ops.

STONE, Glenn "Stoner" - Mt. Juliet, TN 86-89 PLANKOWNER mail
*** MS2 - One of the first cooks on the boat (while it was still under construction at Newport News)
^^^ Married with 4 kids and now work as a dispatcher. Check out my web site at: Navy Cook

STORMENT, William - Davie, FL 64-65 #1110 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div - best bud was James Tayros
^^^ Never married no children. Born in Florence, AL - moved to Orlando FL in 69 looking for Drafting work at Disney. Moved to Ft Lauderdale in 73. Now work at a Vehicle Surveillance Co as a CAD/Designer

STRAMA, John - Virginia Beach, VA 76-78 mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt Staff - buddies were Dave Buckman, Jack Hunnicutt and others
^^^ Retired from USNR in '95. Married 21 years and have two daughters in college. Work for Northrop Grumman which bought Litton PRC. Been with PRC since 1990

STRAND, Glenn - Sioux Falls, SD 65-67 #1207 mail
*** CYN3 - Com7Flt - I enjoyed the experience of being part of a great communications group.
^^^ Married with three sons. Twins are freshman in college. After active duty I joined the reserves and retired in 91 as RM1. Started drawing my navy retirement pay in 2006. Now employed as a credit counselor.

STRATTON, William E "Ed" - San Diego, CA 68-77 mail
*** MMCM - A Division; best buddy was Harry Byers

STRUCK, J. Theodore - San Diego, CA 67-69 mail
*** LT(jg) - Comm Watch Officer and (TAD) Com7Flt - was i/c/o MPDS system mtce during 66-67 overhaul
^^^ Now CFO & part owner of Synchrotech Software Corp

STUBBLEFIELD, F N "Stubby" - Westminster, CO 75-78 mail
*** JO2 - X Division, worked in TV Studio and PAO. Did the news on OKC4
^^^ Left Navy in 81 and started my own business repairing guitar amps

STUHLER, Edward - Shepherdsville, KY 69-76 mail
*** EM1
^^^ Now work for Kentucky Dept. of Ed. Met and married a Japanese in Yokosuka. Retired 1986 as EMC.

STYRING, Richard G. - Destin, FL 44-46 PLANKOWNER #533 mail
*** EM2 - Main Generators in Engine and Firerooms.
^^^ Retired for 14 years and recently moved to Florida from Southington, CT. Right now (Aug 00) keeping busy putting new cabinets in my kitchen.

SUDDERTH, Tim - 65-67 #1333 mail
*** YN2 - 7th Fleet Flag Allowance, Admin office.

SUFFRIDGE, Richard - Pensacola, FL 74-77 mail
*** BMSN - Worked in 3rd and 4th Divisions. Landed Blackbeard 1, drove all the small boats and was the coxwain that beat the USS Midway in a Motor Whaleboat Race
^^^ Self employed, work at home and go to sea every chance I get

SULEWSKI, Edward A - Toledo, OH 66-68 mail
*** PFC - USMC Ship's Security, Brig and Landing Force
^^^ Retired in '86 but recalled for Gulf War. Working for Pinkerton Security. Married to same gal for 31 years, 2 grown children and 3 grand-children

SULLIVAN, Don - Sharon, NH 44-45 #1130 mail
*** RT1 - Eye Div - main battery fire control aft where I could keep an eye on the Mark 8 main battery fire control radar
^^^ Retired Electrical Engineer

SURFACE, Wayne D. - Coronado, CA 68-69 #387 mail
*** Captain - Commanding Officer, took the ship from San Diego (Com1Flt) to Yokosuka (Com7Flt) to provide gunfire support for ground forces in Viet Nam. Retired '73 after 30 yrs service.
^^^ Wife Peggy died in '88 and I married Ruby in '89. We have two children (from her previous marriage) and two grandchildren. We live in a condo on the bay-front in Coronado

SWINDLE, Howard - Granbury, TX 71-72 #557 mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Now a journalist for the Dallas Morning News & moonlight writing books. have 1 daughter and two sons

SYKES, F.G. "Rick" - Augusta, GA 68-69 mail
*** DS1 - LPO Data Systems Gang, maintained MPDS Communications System. Retired 1998 after 36 years service

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