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PAGAN, Jose - Pembroke Pines, FL, 1978-79, mail
*** SN

PAGE, Alvin James {DECEASED} Wilmington, NC 44-45 PLANKOWNER
*** GM3 - Turret 4
^^^ Retired Capt for Piedmont Airlines, survived by wife Betty, 4 children, 8 grandchildren
### Died 15 Feb 01

PALMER, Robert "Bob" - Boiling Springs, SC 44-45 PLANKOWNER {DECEASED} mail
*** CSSN - Messcook seaman then Baker striker. Missed the shakedown due to scarlet fever. One of my buddies was Dick Perry
^^^ Originally from L.I. NY, I moved to SC after retirement from the Postal Service. Divorced with 2 children and one grandchild. Bob died on December 12, 2003

PALMER, Steve - Litchfield Park, AZ 73-75 mail
*** BT3 - Forward Fire Room and Oil Lab>

PALMERTON, Ron - Omaha, NE 86-89 #1253 mail
*** MM2(ss) - Plankowner on the 723 - Served in A Gang
^^^ I currently live in Omaha, NE and am an IT Project Manager.

PALOMINO, David J - Portland, OR 68-70 #1178 mail
*** SM2 - CS Div
^^^ Wife Nancy & I have 2 married sons, no grandkids yet. I recently retired from the Portland F.D. after 30 yrs. I play music and enjoy singing. I also build and sell Rustic wood furniture. Great crazy memories. Would do it all over again if I could.

PARENT, Ed - Crestview, FL 77-79 mail
*** RM3 - Radio Tech Control, CR Div, buddies were Steve Simon, Skip Roe, Nick Ricks and Pete "Jughead" Jones
^^^ Retired in 98 as RMC after 22 years, spent the last 4 on USS Nimitz (CVN-68). Originally from Willimantic, CT

PARKER, Mark - Mukwonago, WI 72-74 mail
*** SN - Radioman

PARKS, W.S. - Streetman, TX 71-73 #01029 mail
*** RM2 - CR Div
^^^ Production technician for Chevron/Texaco - 1980 to present - Married, son & daughter - wife a Dental Hygienist, daughter an RN, Son an MM3 aboard the JFK in Jaxsonville FL

PATCH, Danny E - Mount Shasta, CA 73-75 mail
*** RMSN - Teletype Repair, trying to locate Tony Anthony
^^^ Now a Network Field Engineer for US Cellular

PATTAVINA, Tim - Kansas City, MO 68-70 #01057 mail
*** SM3

PATE, Brian - 75-77 #520 mail
*** SN - First Division

PATERNO, Simon - San Diego, CA 75-78 mail
*** MM2 - M Division with Chief Grover, MM2 Miller, MM1 Blumenschein
^^^ Now Major, Engineer, US Army reserves. Married, 5 children

PATRICK, Jim - Stuart, FL 76-79 #1298 mail
*** QM2 - Quartermaster in NS Division
^^^ Sail 2nd Mate in the Merchant Marine, still in the “West Pac”

PATRICK, Ronald - Grand Prairie, TX 75-76 mail
*** BT - Best friend was Craig Wilhite
^^^ Married w/ 2 sons, have worked for local utility co. for 23 yrs

PATTEE, James N - Eustis, FL 72-76 #1278 mail
*** ET2 - OE Division Radar Tech worked on AN./SPS-30, IFF JR Palmer, 98, FAT Charley, Helie (Bad Bob), Terry Gallent, Wink, JJ, Art Balfour --just some of many very good friends
^^^ Retired USN 1990 as ET1 from Sub Base Bangor, WA. Worked on SSBN in RADCON. Married, two kids, one grand kid. Now operate small auto shop building custom Ford Focus with V8 installed

PATTERSON, Brian - Hartselle, AL 77-79 mail
*** HT# - Most HT's will remember me sharpening my blade all the time
^^^ Moved to Alabama, got married and am about to be a grandpa

PATTERSON, William Raymond - Rancho Cordova, CA 68-71 mail
*** EN3 - A Div, reefer gang. Buddies were Les Wilkes, Ron Shedd, Bob Fitzsimmons and Don Ladehoff
^^^ Married with 3 children and 12 grandchildren. Worked at McClellan AFB as AC mechanic until based closed. Now with State of CA in Capitol Bldg

PAULSON, Ernest R - {DECEASED} - 69-71 mail to his daughter, Angela
*** RD3 - CLG-5 - Died 26 Sept 89

PEELMAN, David - Pearl Harbor, HI 76-79 mail
*** FT2 - Talos 49 radar
^^^ Now working for post office; still in pearl Harbor with wife Yoshiko

PENFIELD, Edward - Hernando, FL 69-72 mail
*** CTO2 - Communications Watch Supervisor
^^^ Retired from Airborne Express after 25. Two daughters, one working one in college

PENNY, Kevin L - 77-79 mail
*** LCPL - Marine Detatchment

PERCICH, Mark - Ellicott City, MD 75-78 #543 mail
*** Lieutenant, JG - Boilers and X Division Officer.
^^^ Now VP Marketing of Digital Systems Int'l Corp. Married to the lovely Patricia with one grown daughter flown the nest.

PEREGRIN, Richard - Olympia, WA 64-66 #446 mail
*** IV2/RM2 - Ships Company Radioman. Retired from WA State as Detective with 26 years service. Remained in the Navy & CG reserve as Special Agent for 21 yrs.
^^^ Married with two grown daughters. Own a private polygraph business

PEREGRIN, Ron - Sequim, WA 64-66 #443 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division
^^^ Became a Fish & Wildlife Officer for Washington State and retired as Detective. Have been a Reserve Special Agent with CGIS for 22 years and now am Resident Agent in Port Angeles, WA, with the rank of IVC. I retired from USCG in 2007 and am now serving as the Undersheriff for Clallam County Sheriff's Office in Port Angeles, WA.

PERILLO, Rogelio P. - Waipahu, HI 74-78 #340 mail
*** MA1 - Started in the galley and changed rates to MAA. Retired as MAC
^^^ Working in Hawaii as Police Officer, DOD, Naval Magazine, Lualualei. If you stopover in Hawaii, call me at 471-5141

PERRODIN, Stephen J. - Lake Charles, LA 68-69 no e-mail
*** CYNSN - CR Division, Com7Flt Flag Allowance

PERRY, Richard E. - Gloucester, MA 44-48 PLANKOWNER #130 mail
*** CS3 - Ship's Baker

PERSINGER, Rich - 1977 #01039 mail
*** SMSN - Signal Gang; Best bunch of guys I've worked with. Started out in the Deck Div under BM1 Haney
^^^ Currently Merchart Marine working near the coast from Nome, AK to San Diego, CA

PETERS, Brian - 77-79 mail
*** BM3 - 1st & 4th Divs. On the decommissioning crew
^^^ Now in building networks and home automation

PETERSEN, Alfred M - Clearville, PA 44-46 #1054 PLANKOWNERmail
*** SN - Deck hand, 1st Div - My best buddy was Henry Wilson Bailey
^^^ I am happily retired in the mountains of western Pa. (Bedford county)

PETRI, Frank - Dillsboro, IN 71-73 send mail
*** BT3 - Forward Fireroom and Oil Shack
^^^ Happily married with three great kids, all grown. Got out and went to school and have been bending wrenches ever since. Today I am a Master Auto Tech

PETTERSEN, Mark (Pete) - Pacifica, CA 72-75 #1086 mail
*** CS3 - S2 Div
^^^ 3 years from retirement from public transportation business. Two sons, Nicholas (24) and Andrew (22)

PFEIFER, Joseph R - Arvada, CO 69-71 #1344 mail
*** YNSN - Yeoman in the Engineering Log Room.. Best buddies Bill Pittman and Joe Reynolds
^^^ Mortgage Loan Broker, married, 2 sons, 1 stepson, 1 stepdaughter and 4 grandchildren.

PFLIBSEN, Derrick - Las Cruces, NM 91-94 #1102 mail
*** EM1
^^^ Now work as Contract Manager for General Electric

PFRANGER, Del - San Angelo, TX 75-80 #100 mail
*** Lieutenant - MPDS, Radio & Asst Staff Comm Officer. Ship's Company from 75-78

PHILLIPI, Brian - Temecula, CA 72-75 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Division, AN/SPG-49 Radar

PHILLIPS, Robert - Westlake, OH 72-76 #1359mail
*** FTM1 - SPG49 Radar - Director 5 FM Division - Does anyone remember Saylors? You know, the one who cut off the heads of all my soldiers in my 3M Bookshelf game Feudal because I won every game? Other friends:Kennedy, Hammond, Prenares, Orm, Philippi, Sanchez, Kindell, Pero
^^^ USCG Microwave Systems Product Line Management and Adjunct Instructor Electronics Engineering Tech ITT-Tech. Beautiful Irish Wife Karen Five great children (now adults of course). Two are Captains in 101st Airborne Fort Campbell - Afghan Vets; One is Arizona Nat Guard Captain One USAF at Bagram and one Defense Contractor at Lockheed Martin Virginia.

PHILLIPS, Shorty - Philippine Islands, 70-73 mail
*** SHC
^^^ Retired from Atsugi, Japan Dec '82

PIEPER, J.W. - Dallas, TX 60-63 #433 mail
*** Lieutenant JG - OL Div, Air Control and Asst. CIC Officer and OD underway.
^^^ Have been a banker for 30 years in Texas and am in the process of retiring to the Texas Hill Country for golf and fishing.

PIERSON, Walter - Yuba City, CA 77-79 mail
*** RM1
^^^ Retired RMC - Now working as a network administrator at the Sacramento County Public Law Laibrary

PIETZ, Mark B. - Sacramento, CA 72-73 mail
*** YN3 - X Division, Captain's Office

PIKE, Charlie E. - Joplin, MO 73-77 #1283 mail
*** EM-3 - E Div., Carl Steinburg was my running mate. All I can say about my time is that I grew up and learned to be responsible. I will never regret my time on board.
^^^ I am currently the Maintenance manager for a metal fabrication company in Joplin Missouri. I have 3 children (1 boy & 2 girls) and 5 grandchildren (3 boys & 2 girls). I am living just outside Joplin Missouri and enjoy fishing, camping, woodwork and just helping others. Currently single and don't care much for that.

PILCAVAGE, Thomas - Chula Vista, CA 68-78 #145
*** EM1 - Electrician

PILGER, A.C. - Catonsville, MD 65-66 & 1969 #01044 mail
*** AG1 - C7F Weather Office - whole gang was great to work with
^^^ Fully retired, enjoying being single

PIMENTAL, John - NH 77-79 mail
*** OS3 - Operation Specialist, OI Division. Went over to the Blue Ridge after the Okie boat was retired. Really enjoyed my time on board.
^^^ Happily married. 2 daughters now grown. Pres of ARC Technology Solutions.

PIMENTEL, Joseph John "Lucky" - E.Hampstead,NH 1945 #1248 mail
*** S1C - 3rd Div - I remember my time on the ship and many of the guys I served with and have lots of photos I like to look at. Some of the photos I have are with my shipmates,Raccaro,Veerland, R.M.Bowman, G.M.Pratt,Reynolds,Passino,Gellhouse,Dalton,R.D. Wollert and many more.I have several photos of Nagasaki,Japan in 1945 and remember it all so well.
^^^ I have been married for 57 Years,have 4 children,2 grandsons,2 great grandaughters.I am retired from the Town Of Saugus in Ma..I raised German Shepards and loved deer hunting.I moved to NH 7 years ago from Saugus,Ma..I would love to hear from my shipmates.

PITZMAN, Herb - 63-65 #1316 mail

PLASKETT, David Michael - Green Cove Springs, FL 73-74 send mail
*** SA - Ops Dept, supply clerk, duty lookout
^^^ Now a level 4 Telecom installer for ADC Telecom & Broadband. Married 23 years but soon to be divorced

PLOGER, James E - Longmont, CO 63-64 send mail
*** Sgt - USMC, Honors and Ceremonies. Manned the 5" 38's with Underwood, Bangayon, Lipsey and Taylor
^^^ Now work for Qwest in Denver

PLUMLEE, Thurman "Ray" - Emmett, ID 66 send mail
*** SN

PLUMMER, Curt W. - Lawrenceville, GA 73-76 #558 send mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt Watch Supervisor

POELLNITZ, Carl David - Norfolk, VA 96-02 mail
*** ET2 - Worked as a Nav ET; qualified ESM to support Comm Div. Best buds were ET2s New, Owens and Alley
^^^ Help the boat win the 2000 Battle E and enjoyed helping junior sailors in areas I struggled in

POLIS, John - Tampa, FL 70-72 mail
*** JO2 - Com7Flt Public Affairs Office. Worked for Lt Baker and Cdr Wright
^^^ Work in the newspaper business, sports and public relations. Traveled worldwide, mostly with Professional Soccer. I have attended six different world championships with USA teams

POMROY, Ervin L - Mountain View, CA 61-63 #1260 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Div

PORTER, Anthony L - Charlotte, NC 67-69 #261 mail
*** MM2 - A Division
^^^ Looking for buddy named Brian "Robbie" Robertson

POTTS, Charles M - 70-71 #1230 mail
*** JO3

POWELL, D R - LtCDR - 68

PRENARES, Photeos G - San Jose, CA 72-76 mail
*** FT2 - AN/SPG-49 Radar

PREFUME, Tim - China Spring, TX 76-79 #1180 mail
*** GMGSN - I was they guy always in trouble that wanted only to get out of the Navy...which I did, 20 years later!
^^^ Married to (Yuko) for 28 years. Have a daughter who is married and an Attorney in Dallas, a son who is a Retail Store Manager, another son whos is in outside sales, and a 17 yo daughter in HS

PRESSON, Geoffrey F - Umatilla, FL 73-76 #01084 mail
*** LTjg - assigned ship's co + Com7flt. CR div Officer, then CS div Officer + CMS Custodian. Then served as the Asst Navigator. Enjoyed every second aboard the Oklahoma City! Capt Butcher was a great skipper!
^^^ Left OK City in 76, to Pensacola for Naval Aviator wings. Flew the A-7 Corsair from 77-86. Left active duty in 86 + retired from the reserves in 01. I have been a pilot for Northwest Airlines since 1987. I love my job!

PRESSWOOD, Robert - Boulder Creek, CA 76-78 mail
*** MS2 - Mess Mgt Specialist - worked in galley, storerooms, food service office, barber shop and Messdecks MAA
^^^ Now owner of Redwood Keg Liquors & Deli. Met my wife Jane while stationed in Christchurch, NZ, with VXE6 air wing of Operation Deep Freeze. My daughter Alexandra is 16

PRESTIGIACOMO, F D - Deltona, FL 68-70 mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt Staff
^^^ Now working for US Gov't Federal Civil Service

PRESTO, Reynaldo (Roy) L - Chino Hills, CA 75-77 #1240 mail or mail or mail
*** SN
^^^ Job-Brokerage firm, sports now-golf,come play with me @golf courses in Manila

PRESTRIDGE, William H. - Thatcher, AZ 60-62 #183 mail
*** BT2 - Oil Shack, After fire room.

PRICE, Bob - Pensacola, FL 75-79 #143 mail
*** BM2 - 1st & 3rd Divisions
^^^ Currently MACM at NAS Pensacola

PRICE, George - Elizabeth City, NC 64-66 mail
*** BM2 - First Division
^^^ Semi-retired, on-line investing. Wife Judith and I have 2 grown children. I also maintain my boyhood home on Hatteras Island

PRICE, Steve - Colorado Springs, CO 71-74 mail
*** MU3 - Seventh Fleet Band, Flag Staff.
^^^ Now Manager for Best Buy in Colorado Spgs. Rejoined USNR in '90 and now SK1 with SeaBee Bat. 17

PRICHARD, Robert D - Buford, GA 64-66 send mail
*** FTG3 - FG Division
^^^ Retired from USNR as LtCDR. Have a son and daughter; both have server 10+ years in naval reserve, and three grandchildren. Retired from Royal Insurance where I was an Industrial Safety Specialist

PRIEST, David A Sr. - 67-68 #01056
*** SF3 - aboard when Okie was First Fleet Flagship

PROULX, Michael - Wales, WI 60-61 mail
*** RMSN - OR Division - went to precomm school
^^^ Still in touch with some of the crew from OR div

PUGATSKY, Joel - Pikesville, MD 69-71 #1115 mail
*** LI3 - 1st Div then X Div Print Shop
^^^ Printing Specialist U.S.Census Bureau, married 37 yrs, one 23yo son

PULLING, Donald L - Aiea, HI 75-79 #1229 mail
*** RM2 - OC div - worked as a traffic watchstander, did mess duty and ended as Staff Division
^^^ Work for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in the Surface Fleet Maintenance Office with the Port Engineer Division

PURALEWSKI, John S - White Lake, MI 76-78 mail
*** EM3 - E Division, i/c/o forward board in forward boiler room
^^^ Now a Journeyman Electrician for Detroit Diesel

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