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NARDONE, Mario - Augusta, ME 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** FN1 - E Division

NAUDUS, Stan - Brookeville, MD 75-78 mail
*** FTM2
^^^ Married for 30+ years to a Chinese lady that I met in Calculus class while getting my BS in Computer Science. We have 5 children. The OKC was the best and worst of times for me. But, I think about her often. Hope you are all doing well.

NEELY, John - Madison, TN, #231 76-78, mail
*** RMSN - CR Division, Com7Flt Staff

NEFF, John P - 71-75 mail

NEIDRAUER, Tom - Lancaster, NY 68-71 #01081 mail
*** MU3 - Com 7th Fleet Band Piano Player
^^^ I have been a music teacher and band director for 31 years. Married for 32 years with three sons

NELSON, Denton O. - 44-45 PLANKOWNER

NELSON, Paul L - Mesa, AZ 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** RM1 - C-N Division - was aboard from Commissioning to moth balls
^^^ Now 81 and enjoying a healthy retirement

NELSON, Robert - Tustin, CA 62-64 send mail
*** SK3

NETTING, Ryan - Byesville, OH 01-03 #1235 mail
^^^ Now that I'm back home with an ex-wife and a son really makes me wish I hadn't got out of the navy and the sub fleet. Maybe when I drop some weigh I'll see ya'll once again, in the bridge, mid-January, 18 knots on the surface, waves crashing in your face that instantly turn to ice. As bad as it sounds, you instantly don't care once you hear the nav telling the OOD that Ches Light is approaching and then you eventually see old pier 3 and hear all the subs welcoming you home with very long blasts of their whistles, seeing family on the pier welcoming their boys home. Think about that and you'll be a bubblehead for life!

NEWBERRY, Wayne H. - South Ogden, UT #242 66-67 mail
*** ETC - Radar and ECM repair chief.
^^^ Retired in Nampa, Idaho. 11 year volunteer with Nampa Police Department Property Crimes Division, 13 year volunteer with Northwest Nazarene University and avid RV camper, fisherman.

NEWELL, Bob - 70-72 #01074 mail
*** BM3 - The voice you loved to hate: GET UP/GENERAL QUARTERS.

NEWELL, George F - Anaheim, CA #339 71-73 mail
*** YN1 - Com7Flt Staff Flag Operations. Drove NEX base taxi for last 7 months of tour.

NEWKIRK, Jack - Aledo, TX 73-75 #1103 mail
*** SHSN - Started in 2 Div then to S3 in Supply. Best buddies were Jerry Orr + Al Covault. They were like brothers to me.
^^^ Today my wife & I own a small used car lot in Granbury Tx. My wife has 2 children + we have 6 grandkids

NEWPORT, Gary - Memphis, TN #527 mail
*** OS3
^^^ After 22 years with IBM I have moved over to working for ServiceMaster Corporation. Very active in the Vietnam Veterans organization and held position of State Secretary for 5 years and brought them to the online world. Someday I will post pictures of Yokosuka. Was there in 2009. Married now 40 years. 2 sons, 1 daughter. Very active in the Vietnam Veterans organization and held position of State Secretary for 5 years and brought them to the online world. Someday I will post pictures of Yokosuka. Was there in 2009. NEWPORT, Steven Allen - 73-75 mail
*** SN - OL Div then 1st Div; she was my first love and I was sorry to see her sunk

NICKERSON, William Pete - Chandler, AZ 77-Decom mail
*** MR3 - Worked in Machine Shop for Bob Nurmi
^^^ Still a Machinist in Defense mostly with Garrett Corp and now TRW for 10 years. My wife Sundra is a school teacher and we have two great kids, Matt and Lisa

NIEHAUS, Vincent Jr. - Union, MO, 68-71, mail

NIMAN, John W = Concord, NC 70-72 #1252 mail
*** RM1 - Served in Radio Tech Control with some great sailors. Trying to locate RMC Joe Tarrant and RM1 Ron Carron if anyone knows where they may be. Was at the Yoko Comm Sta. and got orders to USS Galveston. Checked aboard and received msg that decommissioning was moved up. Stayed on USS Galveston for 3 mos. Got orders to Long Beach Ca. and swapped with a shipmate that got orders to the OK City. He wanted to stay in California and I was real happy to get back to WestPac. Know Paul Dillon from OK City and again in New London Ct. Just joined the Association.

NIMMO, Christopher P - Hendersonville, TN 95-97 #1114 mail
*** ETSN(SS) - I was one of the first 14NOs for the new rate combining Forward Navigation ET (ET, QM, IC). I served at squadron 8 in Norfolk, working radio after sub school, then met the boat in Italy January 1996. Earned my Dolphins in March of 97. Served under Commanders Snead & Cooke
^^^ Today I'm an ops mgr & database administrator at 1st Tenn Bank. I work in downtown Nashville, still have a love for all things submarine and miss the ocean

NOBLE, Dennis - Cottage Grove, MN #586 71-75 {Deceased} wife Jenny
*** BT2
^^^ Died 27 Aug 2001 of cancer

NOBLE, Donald - Williamsburg, VA 67-68 mail
*** LT - Electrical Officer
^^^ Retired USN in '83, retired Newport News Shipbuilding as Sr Engineer in '95. New career as a grandfather is the best job yet!

NOEL, Bruce - Livermore, CA 76-78 #488 mail
*** FTM2 - GM Division - Supply and Damage Control PO
^^^ Currently Senior Engineer with Seagate Technologies

NOLAN, J Danny - Indianapolis, IN 65-67 mail
*** CYN3

NOLAND, Phillip A. - Beggs, OK 68-71 #582 mail
*** HTCM

NOTT, Gerald E - Lake Tahoe, NV 62-64 #1093 mail
*** MM3 - Eng Div
^^^ Own & Operate a home remodelling Co. + commercial store. Avid boater + skier with wife, 6 children + 4 grandchildren

NOURRCIER, Brett - Pataskala, OH 88-92 mail
*** LT - Caught the boat just after PSA. I rode her through 2 Med runs and had the time of my life
^^^ After the Navy, I joined GE and am now the Master Black Belt in their Quartz business

NUGENT, Charles "Chuck" - 75-77 #1137 mail
*** RM2 - I was onboard when we participated in the evacuation of Saigon in May 1975

NULL, Douglas - Demopolis, AL 68-70 #1244 mail
*** Aviatian Electrician's Mate - Helo crew (Blackbeard 1)

NURMI, Bob - #324 mail
*** MM1 - Machine Shop

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