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MAASTRICHT, William H. - Charleston, SC 70-72 mail
*** Lt. Commander - Dental Department.
^^^ Enjoying retired life!

MacBRIDE, John G. - Coleville, CA 66-67 mail
*** LI2 X-Division & Flag Staff - Print Shop

MacDONALD, James E. - Northeast, MD 70-73 No E-Mail
*** RD2

MacDONALD, John (Jack) M. Jr. - New South Wales, Australia 63-65 #1269 mail
*** FTM2 - I was assigned to FM Division and was responsible for the WCS or Weapons Control Station. Close friends were Ed Moyle, Sam Bonar, Ian Cunningham, Malcolm Willette, Donald Woods
^^^ I have recently retired from an Australian Engineering Firm which I formed in 1988 and sold in 2006. I was CEO of the company for 20 years. My wife and I bought a cabin on an inland property and I have been spending a lot of time there. Making the cabin liveable, as a family retreat, and reducing the bushfire hazards has kept me busy.

MacDONALD, Perry - 77-79, mail
*** FTM2

MacKENZIE, Alexander "Bewkes" - Portland, OR 68 mail
*** BMSN - 1st Division - Crossed to the Providence in Dec 68. Left Navy as BMC in 76 and went into Merchant Marine. Retired as Captain, USNR in 97
^^^ Owner of American Veterans Specialized Security and have a very successful career as a major film and television actor, writer, producer and director

MacQUEEN, John - Vista, CA 61-64 mail
*** HMSN - Corpsman

^^^ Now Service Manager for Honda

MACK, Dennis - Stafford, VA, 70-75 mail
*** YN1 - Com7Flt, Flag Administrative Unit; transferred to BUPERS in Oct 75
^^^ Now work for US Army (Civil Svce) as Treasurer of DeWitt Army Community Hospital at Ft. Belvoir, VA. My wife Haruyo and I have 3 sons: Terry, Scott and Dale.

MADDOX, Ronald R. - Mustang, OK, 61-62 mail
*** SFM3 - Shipfitter Shop, 01 Deck
^^^ Work for the county, married 36 years with 3 daughters, 3 grandsons and a granddaughter on the way. Looking forward to reunion as I live only 15 mi. from OKC

MAESTAS, Gregory A - Las Vegas, NV 60-63 mail
*** MT3 - 5th Division - Mike Mathers and I joined together and stayed together through our enlistment
^^^ Now a partner in a nationally recognized Consulting Engineering firm. Married 31 years to my wonderful, beautiful wife Ruth. We have adult children and three grandsons

MAGILL, Roger - Kennett Square, PA 71-74 mail
*** QM3 - 7th Flt Command Center, Asst. Fleet Scheduler

MAGNUSSON, Joe - Flower Mound, TX 72-73 mail
*** EM2 - Motor Rewind and Lightins Shops
^^^ Work for GTE with two grown daughters. See my web page for more details: Joe Magnusson's Page

MAGOUTAS, George "Magoo" - Oviedo, FL 63 mail
*** SM1 - Relieved Providence then to Com7Flt
Stayed in Yokosuka 'till 1970

MAHAN, Bob - Round Rock, TX 69-70 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Division, Radio Central, 7th Flt Staff assigned to ship's crew

MAHAR, Tom - South San Francisco, CA 76-79 mail
*** FMC - Fire Control Division

MAJSTOROVIC, John Robert - Franklin, WI 65-67 #1175 mail
*** LCpl USMC - Spent first few months with the wonderful Brigg security. Running through the halls at full speed during missisle security alarms. After 3 months, I became orderly / security for Com7Flt.
^^^ I am retired after spending 33 years in the construction field. I am married to Joanne and we have 2 sons, and 7 grandchildren.

MALCOLM, Paul - Southgate, MI 71-75 #1220 mail
*** FTG2 - Greatest Duty ever. Found ot what the navy was reallly about on the USS Valdez FF1096. We didn't know how good we had it on the OKI boat until you experience duty on a can. I remember GJ (Getz) Ltjg Luckum, Ensign Schrader, Bob Reynolds, Bertrand (I spoke to him not long ago), Conway, McGraw, Kerls, Vaughn (running mate), Hunter, Wong, Lovelace, Chief Grose, Chief Bachman, Marchellata, Occasion, Streeter, Schmitka, Murphy, Nakiamahardgraves, Neusome. I have a copy of the 1971-1972 Cruise book
^^^ Still mariied to Mila (30+ years) 2 kids all grown up now, one grand daughter so far

MALENOFSKI, Henry J "Ski" - Orlando, FL 76-79 mail
*** HMCS - Leading Chief, H Division
^^^ Retired in '84 and went to work for USPS - will retire from there in Aug 01

MALEY, Jim - Milpitas, CA 62-65 mail
*** LT - OE Div Officer then Electronic Warfare Officer. Buddies were LT(jg) Bill Helton and my brother Bill, BM2 who was also aboard the Okie
^^^ Retired from Electronics Engineering, my hobbies are video, gardening and mushroom hunting. Do work on a weekly Community Radio show on KKUP (91.5). Married with grandchildren

MANERY, Bill - Wrangell, AK 72-74 mail
*** BMSN - S2 Div, sail locker. Best buddy was "Chavez"
^^^ I've been a butcher in Alaska for 10 years. On wife #3 and have two kids from previous marriages and two step-children

MANN, Charles A - Horicon, WI 64-64 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt, berthed in CR Division. Best bud was Bill Evans
^^^ Working as customer service rep for sheet metal manufacturer. I have 2 married daughters and 3 grandchildren

MANNING, Leslie - Rochester, NY 68-70 mail
*** SHL3 - S Division - Best buddy was HM3 Kolb. (S-3)Division Ship's Laundry, and Small Stores (clothing) Hey Russell Roe, Smithy C. Sayler and the others Great Guy's.
^^^ Married with 3 grown children and 4 grand. Working at Copier Div of Heidelberg and enjoy carpentry and working in my yard

MANSFIELD, Monty - Bayou Vista, TX 68-71 mail
*** EM2 - Ship's Company

MANUEL, Virgil "Larry" - Graham, NC 72-73 mail
*** PN3 X-Division Personnel Office

MAPES, Dennis - Orcutt, CA 61-63 mail
*** YN3 - Worked in the Captain's Office for LtJg Vern Smith.
^^^ Married and have 4 grown daughters and an 18 year old son.

MARCH, Joseph - Prince Frederick, MD 87-90 PLANKOWNER mail
*** ET1 - NAV / ESM Tech - LPO (Yes Chief, you control the liberty, see you guys tomorrow)
^^^ Retired July 03 - Was habitat tech / research diver for UNCW/NURC Aquarius undersea habitat now ROV pilot/tech for Phoenix Intl. Perform search and recovery of military and commercial aircraft.

MARCHAND, Craig - St. Louis, MO 75-80 mail
*** 2nd Division

MARDEN, Jason - San Geronimo, CA 75-78 mail
*** HM2
^^^ Now married with three kids and work as a construction superintendant

MARINAK, Bill - Lake Villa, IL 69-70 mail
*** FTG1 - Topside Fire Control Equipment - FTGC, USN RET

MARKS, R.D. (Bob) - Missoula, MT 72-74 mail
*** Sgt - USMC, always wondered what happened to Joe McHaney, McCarthey, Bruce Deeble and Moua.
^^^ Got out in '75 and went to Med School. Now practice in MT. Two sons 21 and 14. Semper Fi.(UPDATE) I retired from my practice in the USA and have ventured out to new adventures. My two years in Qatar is about complete and am looking to go to Botswana to help with the opening of a new hospital there. If that doesn't work out, I will return to Montana, hang up my shingle, and go back to ranching and outfitting...the latter is probably the better choice.

MAROLD, J.J. - FPO, AP 75-79 mail
*** ET Chief - Communications, OE/CE Division.

MAROON, Peter M - Seattle, WA 76-79 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Div/ AN-SPW2 Radar. Transferred to USS Dahlgren (DDG-43) and completed tour with rank of FTM1 - best bud was Harrison V (Witt) Whittington
^^^ Now with Boeing as Antenna Analyst

MARSH, Richard W. - Huntsville, AL #1288 mailmail
*** FTM1 - FM Div - Lead FT for (later became FT in charge of) Weapons Control Station, assigned targets for Guns and Talos. Last year onboard I was 3M coordinator for Weapons Dept.
^^^ After being discharged in 1971, I returned to me home town, reenrolled in Ellsworth College, received my A.A. in Business, Enlisted in USNR / Reserve Officers Commissioning program. Transferred to University of Iowa, received BBA and returned to duty as Active Reservist in the Commissioning program. Was Commissioned Ensign Nov, 1974. Reported to USS Chicago CG11 in San Diego, served as DivOFF Gunnery, Engineering Admin Off. and 1st Division DEck Officer. Transfered to USS Forrestal as Electraonics Repair Officer for Intelligence Group. Left Active Duty July 1979. Was Military Sealift Personnel Officer, Admin Officer and later XO. Served until Apr 1996. I keep running into friends I served with over my career and really enjoy talking with them and reliving some of the great times. Worked for Cubic Corporation - Price Analyst, Boeing - Superviser Engeneering Program Management Group, Postal Service -Mail Handler Lead PIA. Thank God for Unions Currently Retired from Navy as LCDR, Boeing, U.S. Postal Service, SS --- Loving life and living like my hair is on fire.

MARSH, Robert C - Mankato, MN, 68-72 #1186 mail
*** FTSN

MARTIN, Joseph A - Rock Island, IL 68-71 mail
*** ETR3 - worked in Radar IV - AN/SPS-30 Long Range Radar
^^^ Retired

MARTIN, Ken - Tillamook, OR 71-74 mail
*** HT1 - R Div
^^^ Now retired. Worked for INTEL Corp as Sr HVAC Tech. I have two children and a granddaughter from a previous marriage. My wife Deb and I have a 19 year old son and best friend.

MARTIN, James M (Mike) - Castalian Springs, TN 88-92 PLANKOWNER #1275 mail
*** RM2(SS) - had a lot of great times while onboard the USS OKCity - made (2) Med Runs and every sea trial imaginable. What an experience - have lost touch with every one. Bob Lucenti (ET2) was my best friend while serving.
^^^ Work in sales for tw telecom (formerly Time Warner) in Nashville, TN

MARTINEZ, John R. - Layton, UT 65-67 mail
*** OK City Cook - Retired as MSC(SS) in 1986
^^^ Finally built a house and am finishing my degree in Human Resources Management

MASON, John Thomas (Tom) III - Frederick, MD 78-79
*** MM3 - Forward Fireroom, SSTG's. LPO was MM3 John Baldwin (John Boy), M-Div LCPO was MMC Dave McCallister (Chief Mac), M-Div Officer was CW03 Andrejewsky (Mr. "A"), MPA was LT Barnett. Played on ship's soccer team with memorablel games against Filipino Marines (we won) and against Korean War College (we lost). Injured right knee badly during festivities with JSDF Flag Ship Akizuke, went to Fleet Training Group, Yokosuka O2/N2 School in Portsmouth, VA, and received medical separation (RE-3P) due to issues with right knee. Have been involved as a Contractor for the U.S. Navy or as a Civil Servant in the DoN ever since.
^^^ Married thrice, divorced twice. Have 2 children, son 23 & daughter 14. Now working as Research and Systems Engineer for Team Submarine at Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) HQ onboard the Washington Navy Yard in SE Washington, DC.

MASTERS, Gary - Arvada, CO 89-91 #01072 mail
*** MM1 - I was the LELT. Lived Med-run #1 and narrowly escaped Med-run #2
^^^ Left the Oklahoma City in 91. Joined Rocky Flats nuclear weapons production facility as mtce planner & xfered to radiological engineering a year later. Left Rocky in 97 for "the private sector". Now in charge of computer systems engineering for McKesson Corp
Still with the woman I married while on OKC (15 years 9/04). We have a daughter and son

MASTROBUONI, Ron "bones" - Chippewa Falls, WI 69-71 #1322 mail
*** LI2 - I was an LI2 and worked in the print shop under Chief Al Ness. I ran the night crew and printed the newsletter every day. We also printed the ships magazine "The Sooner." I also played 3rd base for the ships baseball team.
^^^ After owning my own printing business in Calif. for 20 + years I am now retired and live in Chippewa Falls, WI with my wife of 38 years my son and my 4 year old Grandaughter. Till today Chief Ness & I still send each other Christmas cards.

MATHERS, Mike - Lake Havasu City, AZ 62 mail
*** MT3 - 5th Division
^^^ Retired after 15 years as an educator and living with wife Sandy. Son Kevin was graduated from Colorado State and lives in Denver

MATHIS, Mike - New Braunfels, TX 67-71 mail
*** RD3 - OI Division, Surface SPA-10 Radar Terminal
^^^ Work for Oasis Pipeline Co. as Control Tech. Married 22 years to my 5th grade sweetheart.

MATISOO, Andres "Andi" - Walnut Creek, CA 72-73 mail
*** Lt. Commander

MATULA, George - Margate, FL 73-78 mailor mail
*** GMG2 FG-Division - Worked in Turret, Mount 51. Transferred to USS Worden (CG-18) also out of Yokosuka
^^^ US Navy retired; Working for Watson Labs; New York City born at Astoria, Queens, New York City.

MATZINGER, Dave - Strasburg, CO 79-80 #1166 mail
*** ETR3 - Worked in SatCom with Mac (Oren McElwain) and Jack Files
^^^ Married with one son

MAURER, Charlie - Waipahu, HI 77-79 mail
*** RMCS - Retired as RMCM on 01 December 199

MAYER, Jeffrey - Nashua, NH 76-Decom mail
*** Lieutenant - 1st and 4th Division Officer and briefly, 2nd Division
^^^ Married to a woman I met in Japan while aboard OKC. 2 kids. A GS-15 civil servant working for the Navy

MAYO, Bruce - Hardwick, VT 76-78 mail
*** RM3 - Comm Shack
^^^ Left Navy for reserves in 79. Went to college for 4 years, and am now a Tax Auditor for the State of Vermont. Transfered to Air Nat'l Guard will be retiring in Feb 02, after 26+ years

McCASLIN, William - N Richland Hills, TX 71-74 mail
*** HT3 - R Division, Pipe Shop
^^^ Retired USN after 24 years. Currently self-employed horologist (clocksmith) repairing and selling antique clocks with my wife. Three children and five grandchildren

McCAY, Keith - Thousand Oaks, CA 60-62 mail
*** LI2 - Print Shop - On recomm crew until discharge in '62
^^^ Retired CPA - married 47 years as of 2006

McCLELLAND, Daryl "Mac" - San Diego, CA 75-79 #01087 mail
*** FG2 - FG Div - Great crew, outstanding port visits. My brother was an FTM2 in the missile house
^^^ Ret as a LCDR (Ordnance LDO) 2003. I work for NAVSEA Port Hueneme as a Strike Force C5I Interoperability Proj Eng at the Integrated Combat Sys Test Fac in San Diego

McCLOSKEY, Robert - #1292 mail
*** YN3 - Operations Clerk under Commander Cooper

McCOLLUM, Daniel - Haskell, OK 69-71 mail
*** ETR2 - Com7Flt, assigned to OE division. Repaired radio and crypto equipment

McCOMB, John - Reno, NV 75-77 #1350 mail
*** SN - I was in A divison my best friends were John C Barrrow III (Cowpie) and Dean Richardson (Richy)
^^^ Work for AT&T in Reno

McCRERY, Lyn - 1970-73 & 75-77 mail
*** HMC - Medical Department
^^^ Retired from military and now sail as a merchant mariner with Military Sealift Command

McCULLOUGH, B.F. - Midland, TX 64-67
*** BM2 - 2nd Division

McDANIEL, Larry - Las Vegas, NV, 69-70 mail
*** RD2 - CIC Watches; came aboard after decommissioning USS Falgout (DER324). ^^^ Attended UNLV, now Insurance Agent, married and have two kids, a boy and a girl

McDANIEL, Rodney B - Arlington, VA 78-79 mail
*** Captain - Commanding Officer - last CO before decom
^^^ Retired from Navy in '85 to join the White House National Security Council. Retired from government service in '87 to become a consultant on nat'l security issues. I mainly do war games now with the Science Applications International Corp

McDONALD, Michael E. - Royal Palm Beach, FL 73-75 mail
*** FNSN - After Fire Room, retired fron USNR as SK1
^^^ Best buddy was Michael Walden; I am married with an 8 year old son; now a correctional officer for State of Florida.

McDONOUGH, Thomas J - Schererville, IN 70-72 #1198 mail
*** SN - Shipboard OL Div / Lookout/ CIC Room
^^^ Today IBM Retired. Raising + Showing / Field Trialing Bird Dogs, Brittanys. Have one Champion ShowDog working on his Field Trial Championship. Working on 2nd Dog show Championship

McELWAIN, Oren Jr. - Freeport, PA 78-80 mail
*** ET2 - CE Division - worked for GS-7 Jack Files on SSC-6 Satcom...very privledged group.

McFANN, Roger - Benbrook, TX 72-75 mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt Operations Office. best friend was John Bell also of OPS
^^^ Now Command Master Chief at Commander, Naval Reserve Readiness Command South in Fort Worth. Three wonderful children; my oldest is a Corpsman in New Orleans

McGARIGLE, Dan - El Segundo, CA 64-65mail
*** MU3 - Drummer, Com7Flt Band
^^^ Now retired (by events of 9/11/01) programmer. In retirement I live in El Segundo, CA and enjoy anything I want to do, every day. I have two fabulous grown children, both with college degrees, and both married, and two fine granddaughters

McGILLIVRAY, Jeff - Las Vegas, NV 77-79 mail
*** BT3 - After Fireroom

McHUGH, William "Bill" - Denver, CO 70-72 #1290 mail
*** RM2 - I worked in the back "Tech Control" area. I remember my time on the OK city as a great adventure. It was war, typhoons, sailing, grey and blue seas, R&R, and crazy radioman shipmates.I'm Glad I served.
^^^ I have lived in Denver since getting out of the Navy in 1976. I've been blessed to be married a great lady for 35 years, and have three great grown kids living in the area. I have a small label and printng distributorship.

McKENNA, Jim - Arkeny, IA 68-70 mail1 or mail2
*** SK3 - S1 Div - Supply Office. Buddies were Bob LeBleu, Ken Hermann, Bob Marsh, Chuck Hiatt, Russell Roe and others
^^^ Married to Suzie for 31 yrs, children Matt & Mollie both on their own and doing well. We love to travel and plan to attend a reunion if possible

McKENZIE, William S. "Bill" "Mac" - Columbia, MO 64-66 #01028 mail
*** RM2 - CR Div - My best buddies: A.J. "Bo" Sparacino, Doug (Johnny) Johnson, Ron (Bear) Luginbill, Tim (Moose) Burns, Ed Jarvis and lots of others
^^^ After the Navy and college, I spent about 30 years practicing law but am now mostly retired and spend a lot of time playing my bagpipes, fiddle and banjo. I have been married for 37 years and we have two grown children. McMANAMA, Kerry "Mac" -Kenosha, WI 76-78 mail
*** FTM2 - Fire Control Computer Tech for TALOS missile system.

McNAMARA, A J "Salty Mink" - New York City, NY 60-63 mail
*** Cpl - Marine Det, brig chaser, XO, CO & Flag orderly, then Sgt of the Guard. Worked in 5/38 guns, all stations
^^^ Retired USMCR as LtCol. Wall Streeter and Investment Manager, US and Europe, for over 30 yrs

McPEAK, Mike - Wichita, KS 66-67 mail
*** AG3 - Weatherman attached to Com7thFleet

McQUAY, James M. - West Linn, OR 60-62 mail
*** FT2 - MK49 Fire Control Radar and Foreward Battery

McWILLIAMS, Steve - 70-73, mail
*** CPL - USMC

MEADE, James F. - Marion, OH, 76-78, mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Division, Bowhook on the Captain's Gig
^^^ Retired BMC(SW) - now an auto maker

MEADOWS, Fred - Vero Beach, FL 1945 #1280 PLANKOWNER mail
*** BM3 - Coxwain - 2nd Division LT Jones Div Cmdr
^^^ Retired living with daughter

MEDLER, Ron - Naval Hospital, Yokosuka, 70-75, mail
*** RMCS - N-5 Division, ComSeventhFleet Staff

MEDLEY, Donald E - Oklahoma City, OK 77-79 mail
*** BM2 - TAD to NAVSURFPACDAT - finished Navy career in 82

MELTON, Loren R. - Port Hueneme, CA, 60-64, mail
*** FTMC - Fox Division, Master Chief of the Command

MENDEZ, Edward R - Santa Ana, CA 60-62 #1176 mail
*** SN - 2nd Div - Spent some unforgetable moments on board. Would like any of my shipmates to drop me line

MENDOZA, Leonardo F - Las Pinas, PI 60-62 #1264 mail
*** YN1 - Assigned in the Captain's Office as Assistant Ship Secretary. My best buddy was CWO3 Dardi.
^^^ I am an Elder in the Bread From Heaven Christian Fellowship church.

MENO, Don - Wallingford, CT 65-66 #1250 mail
*** RMSN - Radioman 3 - Best Bud -Butch Howard --- Shell back once and pollywog twice. Loved Westpac
^^^ In Radio broadcasting for the last 48 years in Connecticut

MENUEZ, Peter - Walton Hills, OH, 76-78, mail

MERRILL, Will - Canton, GA 77-79, mail
*** Sgt - Marine Detatchment
^^^ Now a Police Officer with Woodstock P.D. (Ga) and licensed Real Estate Agent

METZGER, Allan S. - Belt, MT, 72-73, mail
*** CTR3 - OI Division, CIC - was assigned to Com7Flt, retired as OS Senior Chief.
^^^ Currently a Direct Response Tech for audio visual industry. Married 30 years June 01, with 2 grown boys. Enjoying retirement on my motorcycle.

MEYERS, Craig S. - Aiea, HI 75-79 mail
*** YN1 - Seventh Fleet Staff, Retired 2001 as YNCM(SW)
^^^ Now civil service working for USAF at Hickam AFB

MICHALK, Robert E - Calistoga, CA 61-64 mail
*** ICFN - E Div - Best buddies were, and still are, Donald D. Craig and Gerald R. Sandin, both served in OE Div

MICHELS, Lee - Eugene, OR 71-73 mail
*** Asst Medical Officer
^^^ Now a diagnostic radiologist

MILITELLO, Anthony J - Gloucester, MA 62-65 #1193 mail
*** SN - 3rd Div
^^^ Retired National Marine Fisheries Observer & GORTON'S of GLOUCESTER - 4 years of duty on the OK CITY loved her

MILLENA, Mario - San Diego, CA 77-79 mail
*** SN - 3rd Division seaman converted to Aviation MM.
^^^ Currently working with AT&T Wireless in S. Cal

MILLER, Albert - Plymouth, CA 63-64 mail
*** GMSN - Came aboard in Long Beach and joined the deck force and later the gun gang. Buddies were Paul Richard and Seaman Martinez
^^^ I have worked as a maintenance man for the school district for 39 years and will retire in the fall of '03

MILLER, David - Milpitas, CA #1154 mail
^^^ 3grown kids 4 grandkids and 1 wife - retired 10 yrs from Ford Motor Co

MILLER, Jerry - Cincinatti, OH 70-73 mail
*** GMGSN - 6" Turret - memories of crossing the Equator, and port visits to Subic, Taiwan & Hong Kong. I remember Bill Phillips, John Shirow & John Bullard among others
^^^ I have three kids, girls 25 & 16, and a son 15. I am one of the Vice Presidents of Manufacturing for the Ford Motor Company

MILLER, Jim - El Dorado Hills, CA 72-74 send mail
*** PN3 X-Division Personnel Office

MILLER, Joseph Norman "Joe" - Lubbock, TX 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** WT2 - Water tender in the Oil Gang - B Division - Best buddy was J.J. Long from Philly
^^^ Retired 2001 due to Lung Problems. Been a plumber since 1936

MILLER, Michael T - Vista, CA 61-62 mail
*** BTSN - B division - Foreward Fireroom, Oil Shack. At 17, Dennis Sandin and I were the youngest in the Div and we both had the same tattoo.
^^^ Now father of 3, grandfather of 10, and an Engineering Tech at Osmonics, Inc. Fun time is Hang Gliding and Harley Davidson Bike

MILLER, Robert - Portland, OR 70-72 #1251 mail
*** PH3 - Staff photographer w/Chuck Pedrich, Mac McBride, two others - will have to jog my memory and get back to you. Along with photographic duties, lso served watch on the bridge and routed messages to officers from Communications.
^^^ Chair of the Photography Department at Lewis & Clark College - 24 years. Married with one son. Still love the sea.

MILLER, Scott A - West Bend, WI 75-77 mail
*** SA - 1st & 4th Divisions. Operated and maintained motor whaleboats and launches
^^^ Work as a fabricator making residential and commercial skylights. Divorced and live with my 16 y/o daughter. Also have a 20 y/o son

MILLS, Jim - Greeley, CO 70-73 mail
*** RD2 - Spent my time in CIC
^^^ Now a tech rep for GE Transportation Systems. Retired in '96 after 19 yrs in Navy and USNR and 8 yrs in Army Nat'l Guard

MILLS, Robert - Newbern, TN 74-76 mail
*** BT3 - Aft Fire Room

MILNER, Terry L - Yokosuka, JA 72-76 mail
*** RMCS
^^^ Safety Manager for MWR

MILSTEAD, Larry G - Yuma, AZ #1174 mail
*** YN2 - Checked onboard CLG-5 as a Deck Seaman and departed a YN2 serving in the Weapons Office
^^^ Retired 1 Jan 1990 as Command Master Chief of Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia.

MILSTEAD, Rick - Jacksonville, FL 61-64 mail
*** RD3 - CIC / Switchboard watchstander
^^^ Retired Jan 87 in Jacksonville Fl. with 26 years as OSCS- retired from the post office July 04. Travel a lot with the wife of 45 yrs. Just returned in Aug 07 from Scotland. Have 2 sons, one in Army - All you guys remember RDC Crowley and wildman Chief Casey?

MILSTEIN, Ken - Palmdale, CA 73-78 #1128 mail
*** IC3 - E Div
^^^ Running Elec. contracting biz in CA

MILTENBERGER, Larry - Pensacola, FL 64-65 mail
*** CR Division, Com7Flt
^^^ Retired as RMCM(SS) after 30 years. Currently a Sheriff's 911 operator and dispatcher for Escambia County

MINTO, David - Ceresco, NE, 68-70, mail
*** BM3 OL-Division.

MITCHELL, Jack - Hattiesburg, MS 77-79 mail
*** FTM3 - W2 Missile Guidance Radar. Crossed over to Blue Ridge with 9 mos to go.
^^^ Work inPublic Relations for Univ of So. Miss. Married to editor of the local newspaper, have three kids and a bunch of dogs

MITCHELL, James P - Alexandria, VA #1279 77-79 mail
*** LT - Com7Flt - Assistant Public Affairs Officer; worked under Commander Tom Turman, then Commander George Vercessi; When I reported, VADM Robert Baldwin was C7F; he was relieved by VADM Sylvester R. Foley in June 1978 (at sea between Freemantle, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia)
^^^ Retired in October 1997 from Navy as captain after serving as Navy Deputy Chief of Information; have served in a variety of federal appointed positions and private firms/non-profits.

MITCHELL, Tom - Henderson, NV, 61-63, mail
*** Lieutenant JG - Asst. Navigator, A Division Officer, Main Engines Officer (I wrote those crazy water conservation poems in the ship's newspaper)
^^^ Married with three grown children. Have my own business in the energy conservation field.

MITTS, Jennings D. (Doc) - Boaz, AL, 59-62, mail
*** SK1 - Pre-comm Crew, then I/C/O machinery & electrical repair parts. Retired as Customer Service Chief, Nav Supply Center, San Diego, CA 1975

MIZUKAMI, David "Buddha" - CA now Japan, 68-76 mail
*** EM1 - Main Engine Room later Distribution

MODDRELL, Jeff - 72-74, mail
*** RMSN - CR Division
^^^ Now oil and gas lease broker

MOHR, Rich - Wakeeney, KS 71-73 #1094 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div - Best buddies Bill Koopman, Rufus Borders and Ron Schauf
^^^ Now a heavy equipment operator. Married to 2nd wife (5 yrs). I have 2 grown children, 2 grandchildren + 3 stepchildren. Still party a little bit but, not like the old Navy days

MOLINA, James P. - Santa Barbara, CA, 64-65, mail
*** PC3
^^^ Work for the City of Santa Barbara for 30 years. Looking forward to retirement in a couple of years.

MOLLER, Delmer D - Pensacola, FL, 73-76, mail
*** YNCS - Admin Office - Retired

MONSON, Michael T - 63-66 #1144 mail
*** I am looking for my good friend Denny Stark. We served together aboard the OK City between 63-66. If anyone knows of his where abouts please let me know. 1-801-792-8282

MONTGOMERY, Greg - Austin, TX 74-76 #1340 mail
*** RMSN - CR Div Com7Flt
^^^ Marketing Manager - Married, two daughters

MONTORO, Anthony "Tony" - Angola, NY 70-72 #1177 mail
*** BMSN - I was deck hand in 3rd div, leading seaman, and phone talker for flight quarters. Helped order supplies. I do remember Jim White, Marv Perrin, Yearta , Collins, Rhodes, Ciccarelli and a lot of faces but not names
^^^ Today i am retired after 30+ yrs in the postal service, 23 of which I was a Postmaster

MOORE, Barclay "B" - Portland, OR 74-77 mail
*** RM1 Comm. Dept. Technical Control Facilities. Retired '93 as RMCS

MOORE, Gary - Arlington, WA 76-78 mail
*** LCPL - USMC Quaeters Supv for brig. Jim Sukeena where are you?
^^^ Married with 2 grown boys, 19 & 22. Snowboarding, Jet Skiing, Mountain Biking and Camping

MOORE, Dennia A - 65-67 #1327 mail

MOORE, Jimmie - 65-66 mail
*** Com7Flt

MOORE, John L - Millington, TN 44-45 #1101 mail
*** FN - Engine room
*** Welder at Int'l Harvester for 32 yrs retiring in 80. Widower with 2 adult children, 3 grandchildren + 5 great-grandchildren with another due in June. I now enjoy growing vegetables and raising catfish

MOORE, Maurice E - Allentown, PA PLANKOWNER
*** SM

MOORE, William F - Ormond Beach, FL 68-71 mail
*** PO2

MOORE, William R - Nashville, TN 60-63 mail
*** EMSN - OE Division, Electric Shop - Best buddy was William Huff
^^^ Now a bricklayer, married with 4 kids. Any old division mates please contact me

MOORHOUSE, Jack - Homosassa, FL 69-72 mail
*** MU2 - OK City Band

MORGADO, Jay - Charlotte, NC 64-65 mail
*** Lieutenant, JG - 7th Fleet Staff - Communications Watch Officer.

MORGAN, William E - Virginia Beach, VA 73-77 mail
*** BM3 First Division
^^^ Now retired CWO4

MORRIS, Henry R - Belleville, IL 61-64 mail
*** BT3 - Foreward Fireroom
^^^ Construction pipefitter for 33 years. Divorced with 3 children and 4 grandchildren

MORRIS, Larry E - Bland, MO 68-70 mail
*** SFP3 - R Division - buddies were Tamachico, Chief Nolan, Pfiefer and Zellener
^^^ Retired after 18 years (army and navy) and ten years as a Federal Officer. Have lost portions of both lungs due to failing health but I'm still kicking and miss the good times on board the ship

MORROW, Ralph - Keller, TX 71-76 mail
*** HT2
^^^ Married to the lovely Linda. We have 25 acres and raise cattle. We are in the process of building our dream home. Work for Parker Hanninfin Straoflex a mfgr of motion devices

MORROW, Steven J - Valparaiso, IN 77-79 #1107 mail
*** GMM3 - Talos Missile System
^^^ Today I'm a truck driver and live with and care for my mother

MORTON, John E - N. Brookfield, MA 69-71 mail
*** DC2 - R Div - bect buddies were Ed Stemmer, James Johnson, Daniels, Stevens, Zellener, Piefer & Morris
^^^ Took medical retirement from teaching in Public Schools. I still teach part-time. Divorced but have been with Candy for over 14 years now. Spend most of my time at our 2nd home in Cape Cod trying to buy a sailboat and rid Candy of her fear of being out of sight of land

MOSER, Ronald I - Nampa, ID 61-64 #1237 mail
*** BT3 - Worked as oil king, best buddies were Homer Lee BT3, and Jessie James Pujol BT2, in B-DIV.
^^^ Retired from boiler/airconditioning field

MOSTOLLER, Thomas - Haymarket, VA 91-95 #1172 mail
*** MM2(ss) - Was an A-Ganger by trade who probably spent too much time smoking and joking with TJ, Speight and Burchette.
^^^ My home of record is Haymarket, VA, but I currently reside in Iraq working for the DOS. Will be moving to Frankfurt, Germany next year. I got married in 2004 and have two great stepsons and beautiful daughter.

MOSTUE, Bob - Spicewood, TX, 63-65, mail
*** RM2 - OI Division
^^^ Was a fireman in Santa Barbara and now a commercial helo pilot in the Gulf of Mexico.

MOYER, Kenneth - Fairview Heights, IL, 60-62, mail
*** RM2

MOYER, Milton - Ames, IA, 72-76, mail
*** LT - Fire Control Officer, then Nuclear Weapons and Navy Weapons Officer.
^^^ Retired USN

MUELLER, Bill - Sheboygan, WI, 67-71
*** FTM1 - Mostly FM Division with 6 mos. in X Division as MMA.
^^^ Married 29 yrs. Received degrees in Electronics and Computers and now work for Kohler Co. as project analyst.

MUIR, Phil - Mesa, AZ 67-68 #1184 mail
*** YNSN - Engineering log room
^^^ Requested and received duty on the Oklahoma City

MUMMERT, Todd S. - Lanark, IL, 72-74, mail
*** BTSN - Both Firerooms
^^^ Now a Truck Driver, married, 5 children.

MUNRO, Charles L III = Tampa, FL 73-78 #1256 ,ail
*** EN1 - best time of my life my - bud is Terry Gillihan - P.O. Smith my mentor
^^^ laid off from work but getting by

MUNSON, Melvin L - 71-72 #1142 mail
*** I broke my ankle on board ship and was transfored to the Uss. Florikan ASR 9 in San Diego. I live in Graham, Wa. with my son Sam, 19

MURPHY, Edward T - Largo, FL 44-46 mail
*** ACMM - Victor Division, aviation machinist mate working on the three aircraft on board
^^^ Hometown is Everett, MA. Have a wife, daughter and two granddaughters. Now retired, formerly a Pharnacist and then a lawyer

MURPHY, Gary A. - Colorado Springs, CO, 71-73, mail
*** SN - 6" Mount Loader, Phone Talker for Flight Ops.

MURPHY, J.M. "Mike" - Amarillo, TX, 63-65, mail
*** RMSN

MURPHY, Michael Leroy - Steelville, MO, 68-69 #1351 mail
*** SN - Deck Force
^^^I am retired out of labor local for 12 years for bad heart

MURPHY, Peter F. - Spring Valley, CA, 69-73 & 79-Decom, mail
*** FCCS - Worked on radar and computers for main and 2nd battery guns.
^^^ For last 6 years, working as contractor for Foreign Military Sale/Lease of Decommissioned US navy ships. Now semi-retired but planning to start a new job in San Diego.

MURRAY, Thomas F IV - New Market, MD 78-79 #1357 mail
*** ENS - My first ship after Surface Warfare Officer School (SWOS). Broke in under Steve Kreutner. OI Division Officer and Typhoon Action Officer (Typhoon Tom IV). Brought the ship back for decommissioning and preparation for safe stowage.
^^^ Program Manager for government contractor. Married, two children.

MUZIO, Ron - Livermore,CA, 70-71, mail

MYERS, Isaiah - Baton Rouge, LA 60-64 #01055
^^^ Teaching for 30 years

MYERS, Tym - San Antonio, TX 72-73 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div, Maincom, buddied were Dave Keller & Bobby Day
^^^ Captain for American Airlines; Wife, Kit, of 27 years, daughter in college; Hometown is San Francisco, moved to SA 12 years ago

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