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LACEY, John J. - Thornton, CO 68 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Division - worked on communications gear, LORAN, TACAN and URD4 direction finder.
^^^ I'm semi-retired but still teach computer networking in the evenings and consult for the company I helped start.

LACLAIR, Don "Egghead" #1196 mail
*** BTFN - B Div - On shore with Frank Petri,Dennis Noble, Darrel Vance,Petrullio,Reed,Dennis Blix,Jerry Beardsly. I miss the ship and the guys I served with
^^^ I've been doing asphalt paveing before and after discharge on Aug 28 1972. Married since 1995, but have a 21 year old son in college Wilminton N.C.

LAMBERT, Forrest "Moe" - Jacksonville, FL 71-73 {DECEASED}
*** AG1 - Flag Weather LPO.
^^^ Died 2001 of Leukemia

LAMONT, William J - Hyannis, MA 69-70 #1225 mail
*** RM2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Today I am a personal care attendant for a man with multiple sclerosis. I haven't a family though I did go back to PI to marry a girlfriend there in 1983. We have since lost touch. I live on Cape Cod in Hyannis, MA in elderly/young handicapped housing. My interests are running and family history.

LAMPE, Mark S - Saint Louis, MO 72-75 #1204 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt - The tightest group of guys I have ever known
^^^ Married with 4 Children. Union Electrical Contractor

LAMSON, T.C. "Tom" - Hockley, TX 68-70 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division, Radio Central. Watch stander in Facilities Control (radio-1). Worked DC patch panel, receivers & crypto.
^^^ Historian for the USS Oklahoma City Association & always interested in hearing from any former shipmates

LANDICK, Dick - Virginia Beach, VA 77-79 mail
*** LT(LDO) - Admin Department Head - X-Div, Capt's Off, Personnel Off, 3M, PAO & CCTV
^^^ Retired as Cdr(LDO) - last duty station was Norfolk. Spouse was very ill and chose to retire after 34 yrs. Fully retired in VaBeach, VA, spouse recovered and we both enjoy riding our Harley's when weather permits

LANDRENEAU, G.W. - Las Vegas, NV, 72-74, mail
*** RM1 - Tech Control Radio, retired in 1984 as RMC.

LANE, Benjamin Charles - Stafford, VA 64-66 mail
*** YN2 - Weapons Dept Yeoman assigned to FG division. Later, Captain's Office Yeoman. Retired as LCDR in '91
^^^ My wife and I have lived in Stafford 21 years. Presently work for Dept of the Army in Alexandria, VA.

LANE, James - Fort Wayne, IN 75-77 mail
*** RM3

LANSFORD, Joe C. - 73-77 mail
*** BT2

LAPKE, Tom - Camby, IN 61-62 #1129 mail
*** MM2 - came from the USS COLLETT DD730 as MM3

LARSON, Lewis C. DMD - Milton, FL 1961 #1370 mail
*** Midshipman
^^^ On board for NROTC midshipman cruise. Very busy learning everything I could in the short six weeks. Became a Marine Corps Naval Aviator, flying helicopters during the Vietnam War. Later, became a Navy Periodontist, retired military as a CDR. Worked 26 years more as a civilian Periodontist.

Retired to become a farmer near Pensacola. Still an avid boater with a twin diesel 34' express cruiser. LARSON, Todd M - Pensacola, FL 68-72 mail
*** BT2 - Assigned to Fwd Fireroom all 4 yrs and hung out with many guys from B, M and E Divs
^^^ Retired after 30 as Lt Cdr. Now Exec VP of Operations for a Facilities Service Co. In my free time I'm on my sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico somewhere, sailing out of Pensacola, Florida

LASER, A.W. - Johnstown, CO 1945 mail
*** A-Division March 45 to June 45, Philadelphia Navy Yard to San Pedro Bay, Philippines.
^^^ Retired Electrician

LAURENT, Skip - Mesa, AZ 71-74 mail
*** RD3 Worked in CIC and ship's TV & Radio stations.

LAWS, Dennis - Monterey, CA 78-79 mail
*** AG2 Flag Weather

LAWSON, Donald Odis - Belleville, MI 73-74 mail
*** MM3 - Served in A-Division in After Steering & Turbine Generator
^^^ Now working for Pace Mechanical Services

LAZUKA, Randy - 68-69 mail
*** EM3

LE BLEU, Bobby - Rangely, CO 69-71 mail
*** SK3

LEE, Daniel A. - Roseburg, OR 60-62 mail
*** BT2 - Spent most of my time in the Oil Shack.
^^^ Retired after 30+ years in wood products industry. Met my wife of 38 years aboard the ship during an open house.

LEE, Don - Oak Park, CA 69-73 mail
*** RD2 - OI Division, Combat Information Center.

LEMOINE, Charles A. - Lake Charles, LA 64-66 mail
*** Lieutenant - 2nd Division Officer, then Asst. Flag Secretary.

LEQUIRE, Verne - Zeeland, MI 73-75 mail
*** RM3 - Worked in SatCOM
^^^ Single Dad with 3 sons, eldest getting married 10/2000. Now a Single's Pastor at a Vineyard church and a singer/songwriter. Looking for Ed Howland.

LEWIS, Don - Mathis, TX 75-76 #1190 mail
*** AECS - was 1st det cpo and only designated aircrewman for blackbeard one for first 8 1/2 months of our existence. Was quite a hassle forming the det. Being the only airdale chief on the OKC, I was given quiet a time by my fellow chiefs in the mess. I donated the HC1 det 6 plaque and possibly the patch that is being offered.
^^^ Retired in 1980

LEWIS, Ken - Mountain Home, AR 65-66 mail
*** ETSN
^^^ Now MIS manager for a manfacturing company

LIENARD, Jim - Peoria, AZ 63-65 mail
*** RM3 - Worked in radio shack, attached to Com7Flt. Best buddies were Willie Liston, Mike Ireland, Luginbill
^^^ Currently with Honeywell Commercial Aviation Sys as Principle Programmer Analyst

LILLY, Michael A - Honolulu, HI 69-70 #1231 mail
*** LTjg - Flag Lt. (retired as Capt.) Best Friend was Lcdr Herb Adolph who I�ve not since been able to locate. Also Dave Griffin, Flag Sec., and Maj. Mac Radcliffe (USMC)
^^^ Attorney in Hawaii since 1975. Attorney General of the State in 84-5. Website link: NLJ Law

LINDBLOM, Ron - Allen, TX 78-79 mail
*** ICSN - E Division, transferred to USS Blue Ridge in '79, got out in '91.
^^^ Evening Manager at Grocery Store, have 5 kids;4 boys and a girl, married Suzann in '91.

LIPPENCOTT, David - York Haven, PA 67-72 mail
*** FTM3 - GM Division, Talos Missile House
^^^ Work for Defense Information Systems Agcy (e-mail at work:David_Lippincott@mech.disa.mil

LITTLE, Clint - Everett, WA 76-78 mail
*** IC3

LITTLE, Mark A - Norfolk, VA 99-Present mail
*** ETC(SS) - Assistant Navigator

LITTLE, Victor - 76-78 #1325 mail
*** JOSN

LITTLE, William - Yokosuka, Japan 64-65 mail
*** EN3 - served with Delbert Smith, EN1 Peterson

LITTMAN, Steve - Irvine, CA 69-70 mail
*** SN - Operations Office - best buddies were Jack Oleson and Chet King
^^^ Now a High School teacher following 21 yrs in Law Enforcement

LOACH, H Alex - St. Augustine, FL 68-69 mail
*** SN - XO Division, Chaplain's Asst, Librarian, Choir Dir, Organist and Capt's Telephone Talker; best buddy was Steve Flowers
^^^ Now CFO at Auglink Communications (ISP)

LOGAN, Noel Robert C "Bobby" - Cleveland, TN 61-62 #1246 mail
*** BT3 - I have great memories of the Oklahoma City! I came to the Oklahoma City from the USS Preston DD 795, after being busted from BT3 by a BT1 who had transferred from the OK City, to the Preston. I don't recall his name?, but there were two first class petty officers who were transferred from the OK City to the Preston simultaneously, and the other's last name was Driver. Driver was a good guy. After I was busted, with four months left in my enlistment I was then transferred to the OK City. It turned out the first class who busted me had been quite unpopular aboard the OK City, and when I came aboard many B Division sailors looked me up in R&O and greeted me. As it turned out I got involuntarily extended six months due to the Berlin Crisis which gave me time to make one more westpac cruise. I had enrolled and been accepted to start college in CA upon my discharge, and tried to get the extension reversed, but to no avail. I was initially assigned to the forward fireroom, and soon, thanks to friends in the oil shack who learned of my previous experience as Oil King aboard the Preston, got me transferred to the oil shack.

^^^ I retired in 1996 after serving 30 years with the Teamsters Union as truck driver, job steward, organizer, business agent, president of Teamsters Local #515, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Director of Teamsters Joint Council #87, with jurisdiction over Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Two years following my retirement I lost my wife of 40 years and lifelong sweetheart to a fatal and unexpected heart attack. We had just celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary. We had been raised on the same old Georgia dirt road and neither of us had any memories that didn't include the other. Presently I live out in the country near Chattanooga, on 35 acres. I'm blessed with three children, seven grandchildren, and four, soon to be five, great grand children. I'm writing my first novel. I ride a Harley, and with son, cousins and friends enjoy annual road trips. I enjoy world travel and have visited many foreign countries. I have fond memories of my friends aboard the Oklahoma City, and would love to hear from any and all!

LONGSTREET, Don - Vallejo, CA 75-78 mail
*** MMCS - Asst. A-Division Officer. Retired as CWO4 in '89
Now Facilities Operations Supervisor in Richmond, CA, for Chevron Corp

LONGSTREET, Garret J - Boise, ID 70-72 #1243 mail
*** SM3 - Had fun
^^^ I am the broker/owner of Century 21 real estate company in Boise ID.

LOPATE, Mitch - Nashville, TN 78-79 mail
*** YN - Com7Flt War Plans and then Public Affairs. Crossed to the Blue Ridge in 79

LOPEZ, Joselito A - San Diego, CA 76-79 #1201 mail
*** PNSN - 2ND Division as a side boy for a year, later designated as PNSN

LOPEZ, Randall - Alderson, OK 71-75 mail
*** QM2 - OL Division - Stood watches in after steering and on the Quarterdeck.

LORD, William J - Sun City, AZ 44-46 #1119 mail to son Bill
*** EN2
^^^ 84 years young and still married, although Parkinson is slowing me down some

LOW, George R - Virginia Beach, VA 60-67
*** BM1 - 3rd Division - friends included chief Story, BM2 Krines and BM2 Hackler
^^^ Retired as BMC in '71. Then became a police officer for Old Dominion U in Norfolk. Retired from police work in '91

LOWE, Michael E - Colorado Springs, CO 71-72 #1048 mail
*** 1st LT - USMC - I was the Executive Officer of the Marine Detachment and the Mount 51 Gun Director Officer at Battle Stations. I remember Captain Jerry D. Chase, USMC, CO of the MarDet and GySgt W. K. Hoagland, USMC, the MarDet Gunnery Sergeant & all the Marines who served with me. I wonder where my good friend, Lt(jg) Marc G. Hynes, the ship's Legal Officer is today and hope that he is well. I remember another good friend & liberty partner, CWO Hal Black, ship's Bos'n + hope that he is doing well. I retired from active duty as a Colonel
^^^ Today: I am living with wife, Joan, & sons Christopher & Jonathan in CO. I have 3 other children, Ashley, Meghan and Michael Sean & 3 grandchildren. I am a Senior Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who served with me

LOZEN, Larry - 68-70 mail
*** SFP3 - R Div (best party group on board) - friends I can remember were Neil Milner & Gordon Thompson
^^^ Just retired after 30 years as a carpenter

LUCHT, Jerry - Wausau, WI 73-75 mail
*** BT3 - Foreward Fireroom
^^^ Ten years in Navy, got out in '81 as BT1. Married 25 years with 2 children. Now working as a Shift Leader in Power Plant for Wisconsin Public Service Corp.

LUDE, Gregory A. - Kettering, OH 75-78 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Division, worked on Talos guidance radars and UHF telemetry gear.
^^^ Now a school teacher, I'm an Electrical Engineer, retired from D.O.D.

LUDLAM, Vincent O. - Everett, WA 68-72 mail
+++ Deceased - Died 8 JUL 2011
*** RM1 - LPO CR Division Communications watch supervisor, retired as RMCS.
^^^ Now aircraft mechanic at Goodrich Aerospace.

LUHRS, George A. - Chula Vista, CA 72-75 mail
*** MCPO - Command Master Chief, Assistant Navigator

LUSK, Jeffrey W. - Floyd, VA 87-90 #1273 mail
*** TM1(SS) - I am on the plank owner plaque as TMSN Jeffrey W. Lusk. I served on the SSN 723 in the Torpedoman Division with Chief Pearson as the TMC from Oct 1987 thru Dec 1990. Was on the pre-commissioning crew, Participated in all the initial certifications all the way thru nuclear weapons certification. Went on all of the sea trials including the "60 degree down and still around" incident. I got my dolphins here and received 3 Battle E's on her. Upon leaving the OK City I was stationed at the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station where I served in the Facility maintenance department and became the Facility Manager upon making the rank of TM1/SS prior to finishing my shore duty. In 1993 I went on to serve as the LPO of the Torpedoman Division on the USS Cincinnati SSN 693 and left for the Med the day after reporting to her. Just when I thought I had it made, my Chief was, oh yes, TMCS Pearson. Unbelievable. Halfway thru the Med run I got sick and was medivac'd to Naples. Due to my medical condition I was separated from the SSN 693 and was finally honorably discharged in May 1995. My runnin buddies were TM3/SS John Bigelow, SK3/SS Ed Winsininski and MM2/SS Glen Stone
^^^ I am now Disabled 100% and live in Floyd, Virginia. If you have any questions for me, please call me at 540-745-5875(H) or 540-392-8475(C)

LYZOHUB, Brian Edward - Virginia Beach, VA 78-Decom mail
*** MMFN - Eng Dept, Main Control, Engine Room 1 and finished up in A Div working on A/C
^^^ Now MMC and Force Equal Opportunity Advisor for SUBLANT in Norfolk. Planning on retiring in '02

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