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KALEMBKIEWICZ, Mike - Kentwood, MI 73-76 mail
*** AG3 - Com7Flt.
^^^ Weather forecaster for the National Weather Service

KALL, Joseph - Duluth, MN 64-65 mail
*** BTFN - B Division
^^^ 26 Yrs in Naval Reserve and retired as BTC. 28 yrs at Univ of MN as Chief Engineer. At 5'2" was one of the shortest to serve on OK City

KAYE, Barry Nelson - Long Beach, CA 77-79 mail
*** Navigator 1977 to decommissioning. Stayed in the Navy retiring in 1994 as Captain. Had command of the USS Shasta AE-33 and later was Naval Attache at the American Embassy Beijing.
^^^ Now living in Santa Fe New Mexico with my wife Candace plus 3 dogs and working in real estate. All the kids are grown up, married and have their own kids. My cell # is 505 470 9339. Shipmates - come for a visit, I'll show you around.

KELKENBERG, Tom - Colorado Springs, CO 90-94 mail
*** QM2(SS) - Tried to keep the boat from running aground. Buddies were Speight, Mosty, Burchette and many more
^^^ Currently a Captain in the USAF working as a GPS Payload Engineer

KELLER, David B "Kid" - Lancaster, PA 71-74 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div, Com7Flt
^^^ Married with 3 grown kids, 3 grandkids, with 1 on the way. Still working as a Union Electrician (IBEW L.U. 743). Hoping to hear from any and all shipmates.

KELLER, Larry - Fulton, TX 68-69 mail
*** MM2 - Generator Gang

KELLEY, Bob - Elk, WA 67-70 #1021 mail
*** ETCS - OE Division - Retired in 1973 as ETCM
^^^ I am retired from gainful employment and currently live with my wife in a little rural community about 20 miles north of Spokane, WA.

KELLEY, Michael L - Aiken, SC 92-94 #1257mail
*** ET1(SS) - Reactor Controls Division. Fondly recall my time on the OK City. During the time of CDR Polefrone. My chief was ETC(SS) John Thomas. Great experience I will never forget. Buds were: Wisecup, Wark, Grant, Gerard, Pflibsen, Sorrensen, Mathis. I know there were more but names elude me.
^^^ Today I am an operations manager for Hubbell Power Systems and have been with the company for 12 years. I have a wife (20 yrs) and two kids. My son starts college this year and my daughter is a Junior in HS.

KELLOGG, Jim - Port Orchard, WA 76-78 mail
*** QM-2-QM Gang
^^^ Now Lt Commander

KELLY, David L - Pendleton, OR 60-62 #1221 mail
*** MM2 - Engine room and evaporators. My G.Q. station was aft steering. I'm an aircraft machanic working for an aerial applicator. not retired yet.

KENNEDY, Ocie Hampton - Brownsville, TX 44-45 #1124 mail

KEMEJUK, Jack - Norwalk, CA 68-74 mail
*** MU2 - Seventh Fleet Band

KEMELIOTIS, Pete - Wintersville, OH 71-73 mail
*** RD - OI Division

KEMERLING, Gary - San Diego, CA 67-79 mail
*** FTM1 - FM Division

KEMMELING, Jim - Pine Bluff, AR 69-70 mail
*** RMC - OC Division, also Capt & Coach of OKC Pistol Team

KEMP, James M. - Wichita, KS 68-71 mail
*** BT2 - 600 PSI Boilers
^^^ Currently working for the Boeing Company. Married with two daughters and one son-in-law.

KERKER, Terry - #1335 65-66 mail
*** CPL - MARDET - I served in all areas from COM7FLT, Capt. of the ship, set fuses on 5 inch gun, missile house, Cpl. the guard. Thank you, I found this very interesting.

KERSHAW, Michael R - Las Vegas, NV 78 mail
*** GM3 - Came aboard for Summer "Cruise" but only spent 3 days at sea due to Typhoons. Worked in GM - Missiles
^^^Now I'm an IBM S/390 Systems Programmer. Married with a boy and a girl

KERZIC, Mike - Yuba City, CA 76-78 mail
*** FTM2 - Talos Missile House
^^^ Work for Caltrans as an Engineer

KESZLER, Robert "Bob" - Roseville, CA 65-66 mail
*** RM3 - Communications Section
^^^ Spent 31 years in Law Enforcement with CHP and Ca Medical Board. Retired as Supervising Investigator for CMB in Aug '98

KEVAN, Kim - Fairfield, CA 75-78 mail
*** MM2 - Aft Engine Room
^^^ Retired MMC '94 - now work at Shell Oil Refinery Martinez, CA

KIEFER, Ron - 70-72 mail
*** Corporal, USMC Detatchment

KILDAY, Joseph H - Greenville, TN 74-76 mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt
^^^ Married - Now a Quality Assurance Engineer in the Automotive Supplier business

KIMMEL, Harve - Phoenix, AZ 66-68 mail
*** SH3 - Postal Clerk, Ship's Store & Gedunk. Also was lay leader for Jewish services. Best friends were Gary Weiser and Phil Lane
^^^ My oldest son is active duty Army

KINDELL, Jack - OH 72-74 mail
*** FTM3 - FM Div. Talos Guidance and Telemetry
^^^ 12 years active, 14 yrs USNR. Retired as FCC.

KING, Carl W. - Orlando, FL 68-70 mail
*** PC1 - Ship's Postal Clerk

KING, Robert C - Wethersfield, CT 44-45 mail
*** PVT - USMC, Division 7 - 20mm Anti-Airctaft
^^^ Best Buddy was M Mulle

KING, Steve - Lake Dallas, TX 68-70 #01083 mail
*** BT3 -Aft fireroom and oil shack - Buds were Beardsley, Bear & Drueke.We all became shellbacks together and crossed twice
^^^ Into off road racing 4X4s and have been racing drag boats with SDBA for past 18 yrs. Divorced with a wonderful daughter Lindsey

KING, William R Sr. - East Amherst, NY 76-78 #1293 mail
*** FTG3 - I'm signing in on behalf of my Dad, who served on USS OKLAHOMA CITY. I know he'd be more than happy to hear from old shipmates. Dad lives in Buffalo, where CLG 4 LITTLE ROCK is a museum - had lots of great tours on that ship from Dad, remembering his time on the "Okie Boat".
^^^ I was commissioned on CLG 4 in front of the 6" turret in 2006 in honor of his service on CLG 5. Submitted by William R. King, Jr. LTJG, USN - US Fleet Forces Command mail

KINKHORST, Franz D. - San Jose, CA 77-78 mail
*** DM2
^^^ Now Federal Police Officer for NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California

KINNAMAN, Gerald - 60-63 #1138 mail
*** SN - Was in the OL div. then switched to an airman and worked in the Photo Lab. Transfired 3/63 to photo school

KIRBY, John - Long Beach, CA 70-73 #01052 mail
*** GMG2
^^^ Just about to finish a 27 yr career with the Long Beach, CA Fire Dept

KIRCHHEINER, Paul L. - Cottonwood, AZ 68-70 mail
*** X-Division, Chaplain's Assistant and Ship's Librarian

KIRK, John - Corvallis, OR 70-74 mail
*** FTM1 - FM Division - AN/SPG-49 Radar (Rm 5)
^^^ Now an Engineering Specialist for Hewlett Packard for over 20 years, married to Kathy for over 30 years and have three "kids:" Justin(76), Kylene(79) and Karalee(82).

KIRK, Richard D - Kokomo, IN 77-79 mail
*** Sgt - Marine Detatchment
^^^ Currently flying a helicopter for Indianapolis Colts Football Team. Retired (23 yrs) helo pilot for Indiana State Police

KISSINGER, Kerry - Federal Way, WA 70-74 mail
*** YNC - Flag Allowance, Seventh Fleet Staff

KLAMFOTH, Dennis - Gridley, CA 75-77 send mail
*** MS3 S-2/5 Division - worked in wardroom

KLARICH, James "Jim" - Oregon, WI 68-70 #1346 mail
*** CTO2 - N2 Div (Spooks; I still won't tell people what I did. A CT never did! - Best Friends were Jesse Weber, Larry Friend, Chief Tom Haines. ^^^ I found this site while doing research for a book that I'm writing about my four years in the navy and almost two years aboard the OK City. Retired after 30 years with AT&T and 10 years with a local bank. Writing books. Adjutant and member of the Honor Guard for our VFW (We do walk thru's and fire M-1 volleys at Veterans funerals) I feel that it is a privilege and I'm honored to serve in this capacity.

KLECK, Dwayne - Lake Elsinore, CA 79 mail
*** GS1 - Retired in Feb, 1999 as GSMC(SW)

KLEIMENHAGEN, William F - Southhampton, PA 1969 mail
*** CRA- Combat Rescue Airman, Helicopter Combat Support, Squadron 7 (HC-7), DET 101 - I was the Admirals aircrewman flying in a UH2 Seasprite. We steamed from Danang to Korea after the EC-121 shootdown.

KLING, Howard - Des Moines, IA 69-72 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division, worked on the AN/SPS30 Radar. Retired after 22 years as ETC in '89.
^^^ My Japanese wife of 28 years and I were married while I was on the Okie. We have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. I work for the Iowa State Patrol as a Comm Tech

KLOCINSKI, Robert - Fredricksburg, VA 78-80 #1236 mail
*** RM3 - Worked in message center for COM7FLT. Okie was my first ship and I had a great experience. Retired as ITC(SW).
^^^ Married with 3 daughters. Work and reside in Washington, DC area.

KLUG, Mike - Dover, DE 73-75 mail
*** RM3 - Ships Company, TAD 7th Fleet Staff, worked in Crypto

KNIGHT, Ronald W - Port St. John, FL 60-61 #1099 mail
*** SHB3 - S3 Div - I was on nucleus crew to put the Oklie in commission. I went on in early 60 - left in 61. Ran the Crew's Barber Shop with 3 beginners. My drinking buddy was Scott SHB3. Lt. Commander Wingo was my Div Officer + I still have my Liberty Card signed by him

KNOWLTON, Charlie - Puyallup, WA 70-74 & 76-79 mail
*** GMCS - 2 Tours, worked Mt 51 both times.

KNOX, Alexander - Gaston, NC 44-46 #1304 mail
*** FN1

KOENIG, James Mark - Bicknell, IN 70-71 mail
*** SM Striker - 3rd Division Deck Force

KOOP, Donald - Fort Wayne, IN 68-73 mail
*** GMM2 - Talos Missile System

KORZENDORFER, Conrad - Manassas, VA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** PO3 - S Division, Ship's Laundry

KOUGIOULIS, John - Missoula, MT - 69-71 #1317 mail
^^^ Retired lineman

KOWALSKY, Charles "Chuck" - Oxnard, CA 75-78 mail
*** RMCS - 7th Fleet Staff, retired as RMCM 1983

KRANZ, James - Longview, TX, 73-75, No E-Mail
*** MMFN - A Gang, Evaps, Refers, Machine Shop, etc.
^^^ Now Mtce Supv/Ops Mgr at Gregg County Airport. Married 26 years with a 20 yr old daughter

KRATHAUS, Albert A. Jr., Temecula, CA 70-73 #1309 mail
*** ETR2 - I was assigned to OE Division Radar Group. Worked on all the radars, maintained the IFF system, and worked on the radar distribution group.
^^^ I retired from the navy 31 March 1989 as an ICC, worked for Atlantic Ordinance & Gyro for a couple of years. I went to work for San Diego Gas & Electric and retired from there May 2005 as a Gas Instrument Technician "A". Since then I've stayed close to home.

KREIDER, J N - Middletown, OH 68 mail
*** Ensign - 3rd Div Officer - crossed the deck to the Prov
^^^ Now Finance Director, Huffy Corp

KREUTNER, Steve - Millington, TN 76-79 mail
*** Lieutenant, JG - OI Division Officer
^^^ Still on active duty, now Captain assigned to Naval Personnel Command.
Plan on retiring this fall and moving to Seattle.

KRILL, William "Doc" - Imperial Beach, CA 70-74 {Deceased 2001} For further information, contact John Sprinkle
*** HM1

KRINES, M.M. - Woodland, CA 63-67
*** BM1 - 2nd Division LPO - Retired 1980 as BMCM

KROH, Thomas - Blair, NE 73-75 #1296 mail
*** CPL USMC - Missile House security, brig watchstander/supervisor, Cpl of the Guard, Sgt of the Guard
^^^ Superintendent for Electrical Contractor, Married 36 yrs, Two sons (one born in Yokosuka) the younger killed in car accident in 2005, one grandson and two ganddaughters. Interests include soccer, golf and shooting.

KRUKOWSKI, Anthony - Forked River, NJ 85-88 mail
*** EMCM(SS) - Precomm crew and Plankowner. On the day of Commissioning, I was transferred to Naval Nuc Power School and retired after 20
^^^ Currently maintenance manager at Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

KRYSINSKI, Charles - Truth or Consequences, NM 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** GMSN
^^^ Retired with his wife, he has 2 children, 1 granddaughter and 3 great-grandchildren

KURET, Anthony J. - Raymond, CA 62-64 mail
*** FT3 - Talos computer room; my brother William was assigned to the G2 radar station
^^^ Retired from Contract Job Shop in '97 and my wife and I are building our retirement home in Raymond, CA, a small town in the foothills east of Madera

KUZMINSKI, Stanley J. - Pinebluff, NC 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SN - 2nd Division


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