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JACOBS, Jim "Generator Jake" - Edmonds, WA 77-79 mail
*** MMFN, M-Division, Foreward and After Generators (SSTG's)

JACOBSEN, Bruce - Machesney Park, IL 68 mail
*** HM3 - Remember the Blood Drive after TET. Tried skydiving with crew mates
^^^ Married, no kids. Active in Vet's groups

JAMES, Terry - Diamondhead, MS 73-75 #1228 mail
*** YN1 - Served with 7th fleet staff N-2 division. Friends were Capt Hoskins, B.J. Blackerby and Dave Vandyke.
^^^ Retired YNCS. Retired civil service after 11 years at U.S. Naval Retirement Home - worked in the admissions office. Served on quite a few ships, but none, no not one, held a candle to the OK City.

JAMES, Thomas - 45-46 mail
*** GM3 - Fox Div - Armory

JAMIESON, Bill - Alexandria, VA 61-65 mail
*** MM2 M-Division, Main Control.

JANOYAN, Steve M. - Farmington Hills, MI 78-79 #1314 mail
*** ENFA - was assigned to boat shop and worked for EN-1 Cain / cheif Blumenshine; buddy from ship FN Willie Taylor
^^^ Today I work as machine tool builder (automotive automation) in suburban detroit

JARVIS, John "Ed" - Winfield, KS 64-66 mail
*** RM3 Transmitter supervisor,ships company / 7th Fleet Flag

JECK, John J. - Wichita, KS 61-64 mail
*** SF3 - R Division - Shipfitter
^^^ Technical Rep for Raytheon (Beech) Aircraft; Would like to contact Darryl (James) Stewart

JELINEK, Terrence - Naperville, IL 69-71 mail
*** RM3 - Fleet Flash Network
^^^ Married to Susan (27 years) with 3 sons. I am now Dist Chief for the Naperville F.D. and also Commander of VFW post 3873

JENNINGS,John F - Oceanside, CA 45-46 mail
*** Ensign - Gunnery Dept., machine gun control officer
^^^ Best buddy was Joseph Jackson. Iwas reassigned to another ship when OK City returned to the states

JENSEN, Jim - Valley City, ND 70-71 #1301 mail
*** BMSN - First Division
^^^ Since I retired in 1992 I have been an Armed Security Officer and retired from Security. I am now Maintenance at a Public School. I am also a Volunteer with REACT Life Member 522. I have a Hobby in Radios too.

JERDEE, Barry M. - Phoenix, AZ 69-71 mail
*** BMSN - Mostly 3rd Division & Missile House
^^^ Have a Stained Glass business in Phoenix, married to Pam, no kids. Enjoy camping and love to ride my Harley, boat and Seadoo.

JOERS, Steve - St George, UT 70-72 #1230 mail
*** SN - OL Div lookout - buddies were Al Arndt, Reb Montgomery, Thomas McDonough, Steve Amble and Greg Erickson
^^^ Retired from AT&T and live Utah with my wife Theresa. We have 8 grandchildren. I enjoy golfing

JOHNSON, Armando - Pottstown, PA 94-97 mail
*** MM1(SS) - nuclear machinist mate
^^^ Now a Nuclear Engineer for Exelon Nuclear

JOHNSON, Brown L. - Franklin, NC 45-46 mail
*** RM2 - C-Division, Main Radio Room/Emergency Radio Room/Bridge.

JOHNSON, Bruce C Jr - Alpharetta, GA and Ontario, CANADA 64-65 #1227 mail or mail or mail
*** Ensign, Lt (jg), Honorable Discharge from Reserves in 1972 as LT. Legal Officer and JOOD at GQ for first year. Public Information Officer in late 1965. With the Life and Time magazine guys in the helicopter when the Life Mag cover photo was taken in Aug 1965 of shore bombardment. Captain's talker on the bridge going up and back the Saigon River in 1964. Left for Swift Boat OIC duty in Aug 1965.
^^^ Retired in 2001 to summer home on north shore of Lake Erie. Long time club sailboat racer (Lake Erie PHRF) 30 years Manufacturer's Rep distributing production equipment to the Printer Circuit Industry. Six grandchildren keep me going. Swimming family. Daughter was member of the 1988 Olympic swim team to Korea in the 100M Breaststroke and NCAA National Champion in 100 yd breaststroke. Grandkids into soccer, tennis and hockey. Our retirement hobby is to hike and visit all 391 units of the National Park Service. Started in 2002 and in March 2008 with our visits to American Samoa and Guam we will have visited all 391 including all the remote fly-in parks in Alaska (2 months there and over 50 bush plane flights). Not sure what next - still negotiating with my wife, Letty. Letty and I celebrated our 40 wedding anniversary in Alaska this past June just after flying into the Aniakchak Caldera in the Aleutian Islands. Probably some trips to Europe to visit homes of grandparents. Family pictures on Flickr - Google "BruceandLetty Flickr Photos" Family history photos at Ancestry.ca/Ancestry.com

JOHNSON, Dave - Acworth, GA 63-66 mail
*** EM2 - Electrical Shop - My time on OKIECITY was the high point of my career. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and was sorry to see it end. Good ship and good crew! Best friend was EM2 Dennis A Yost. If anyone has information on him, PLEASE let me know.
^^^ I am retired here on Lake Allatoona in Bartow County Georgia. I retired in 1981 as an EMC in Charleston, SC.

JOHNSON, Gary R. - Dundee, OR 60-63 mail
*** Lieutenant,Jg - Came aboard as Legal Officer, moved to Operations in '61. After ship, Naval Security Group, ret as CDR when XO at NAVCAMSEASTPAC Wahiawa, HI Sept 81
^^^ Presently Information Systems Manager for Oregon State Police

JOHNSON, Harry J. - Perkiomenville, PA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SN - Gunner's Mate - 6th Div

JOHNSON, Jerry L. - Lewiston, ID 76-78 mail
*** BT3 - B Division, After Fireroom
^^^ Self Employed in steel fabrication and mach installation. Currently Steelworker 1C in USNR Fort Lewis, WA

JOHNSON, John F - Morenci, MI 78-Decom #1192 mail
*** PN3 - x Div
^^^ I live outside a little town in Michigan just over the Ohio border. I work in Toledo, Ohio as a probation officer for the felony court. After the OKC I went to the USS Worden CG-18 which was still in Japan at the time. Took it back to Pearl and left the Navy in Oct 80. Home to Ohio and several jobs, went to University of Toledo, more jobs and finally into corrections for the past 12 yrs. Was married but....now born again single. 2 sons, both are living at a distance from me. See, once a sailor, always a sailor.

JOHNSON, Paul - Columbia, MO 64-66 mail
*** MM3 - A Division Evap Rm
^^^ Retired in 2002. Two grown children. My wife and I enjoy traveling, lively concerts, plays, golf, bowling and cards.

JOHNSON, Ross - 66-67 #1143 mail
*** Teletypist - E-mail is for son Matt

JOHNSON, Steve - San Diego, CA 75-77 #1339 mail
*** ENFN - Aboard OK City from 1975 to 1977, and worked in A division in the Steam Heat/ Boat Shop for EN1 Ronjoin and EN1 Soyffer. I reported as an ENFA, went down in rank for awhile, but I left the boat as an ENFN. I retired in 1997 as a Senior Chief Engineman.
^^^ I am now employed as the Training Manager at San Diego Transit.Thanks for all the work you do to keep the website running!

JOHNSON, Steven C "Doc" - San Antonio, TX 69-70 mail
*** HM2 - In charge of Sick Bay Lab and Pharmacy. OK City was best of 30 yr Navy career. Great crew, great friends, good chow, interesting job, great liberty (especially in Manila), gunline ops were always exciting. A picture of the ship still hangs in my bedroom!
^^^ I am a full line Independent Insurance Agent/Safety Consultant/Alternative Health Products Rep. - Wife, Sally, and I love to fish in Rockport, TX and gamble(most anywhere).

JOINER, Ross - Fairbury, IL, 1972-73, No E-Mail, contact webmaster for more information.
*** YN3 Ship's Library, X-Division

JONES, Bob - Columbus, NE 71-73 mail
*** MM2 - A Division N2 Plant

JONES, Charles - Lytle, TX 63-67 mail
*** EM3 - Bets Buddy was Tom Myers - we still make contact on a regular basis
^^^ I have been an appliance repairman for the last 25 ytears

JONES, Glenn G - Gulfport, MS 72-74 mail
*** MS3 - Baker & Cook, retired as MSCM in '94
^^^ Now civil service as Food Service Superintendent at Keesler AFB, Biloxi. Buddies were Ron Ostrom, Roland Demers, Jeff Wheeler & Steve Battiatio

JONES, James M. - Gaithersburg, MD 78-79 mail
*** CTO3 Comm7Flt, retired 1998 as CTO1 (SW)
^^^ My wife, Lena, is a Commander in the Navy Nurse Corps, my daughter Andrea, is a science tutor at Montgomery College, Germantown, MD. Lena is stationed at NNMC Bethesda, and I work at Safety and Security at Montgomery College, Germantown. Our son Patrick lives in Zirconia, NC.

JONES, Leo - Newport News, VA 78-79 #01031 mail
*** SKSN - It was a wondrous time for an 19 year old kid, so far from home for the first time in his life. It was frightening and exhilarating seeing the wonderful ports that I now only visit in my memories. She was the best ship in my 26 yr naval career
^^^ I am planning my retirement from the Navy and am going to work for EG&G, installing and removing sonar systems from submarines

JONES, Ray "Okie" - Watts, OK 62-65 mail
*** FTMSN - AN/SPS 49 #5 Fire Control Radar, ret as BMC
^^^ Am now a Bos'n in Merchant Marine working for Military Sealift Command. Married to a wonderful woman from the Philipines and have two sons; one is GMC in Navy other works for Pentium Intel in Arizona

JONES, Rick - Choctaw, OK 65-68 #1270 mail
*** OL Div, 3rd Div - Best Buddies were Danny Mehaffey, Jimmy Bowen, Johnny Knopp

JORNS, Albert F - Westwego, LA 66-68 send mail
*** BM3 - Utility Launch Operator
^^^ Now in Law Enforcement, married 31 years, 2 kids

JOSEPH, Garry M. - Oxford, IA 71-74 & 76-78 mail
*** QM2 - Quartermaster, N/S Div, retired from reserves in '94 as QM1
^^^ Later worked for D.O.D. in Hawaii as P.O., 2 years as P.O. in Macon, GA, then as Investigator for Veteran's Affairs in Memphis, TN. Now doing the same in Iowa City for the VA. Married with 2 grown children & 2 dogs

JUDAH, Buff - Lynnwood, WA 71-72 mail
*** CTR3 - Com7Flt / part of the NAVSECGRUDET, known as the "spooks"
^^^ Now going back to college to become a history teacher (we saw some!) Have wonderful wife, 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls), and 3 grandchildren. Life is good.

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