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HAAS, Harry - Narvon, PA 62 mail
*** CTR2 - Com7Flt - xferred to CLG6
^^^ Retired as CTRC in 75. Entered Law Enforcement & made Chief of Police in '80. Retired in '95. Found I had spinal cancer in Sept 00. It�s been a hard battle but I'm happy to say I have the upper hand & the outlook is good

HADDENHAM, Wayne - Puyallup, WA 75-77 #1222 mail
*** BTFN - B Div Fwd Fire Rm - it was a blast
^^^ Work at Boeing for past 30 yrs. Ret from Naval Reserve after 23 yrs as BT1

HAGDORN, Jerry - Virginia Beach, VA 91-92 mail *** ET3 - SSN-723 was my first boat in the navy, and of all the ships I've ever been on since she had the tightest, hardest working crew.
^^^ Married 14yr with 2 kids. Now LCPO of Training Technologies Dept at Training Support Center Hampton Roads (TSC-HR).

HAGMANN, Neil - Park Falls, WI 69-70 #1267 mail
*** CYN3 - I was attached to Com7thFlt assigned to the CR Div. I was a CRT Operator in comm. I enjoyed working with the Message Processing Distribution System very much. My best buddy was CYN3 Jim Carey. He was also in CR Div as a TTY Operator. We spent all 4 of our years in the Navy together. We both had been with ComNavAirPac staff prior to being assigned to the OK City.
^^^ I have been retired for a little over a year and a half. I was my hometown's City Clerk-Treasurer for 37 years. I also officiated high school sports (baseball, softball, and basketball) for 34 years. I now spend alot of my leisure time golfing.

HALDEMAN, John S - Precom - 1962 #1348 mail
*** LTjg - Wonderful CAPT. MUIR. Saw him later in Sacramento while serving as CO Surface Div. 12-13 - I later made CDR. Retired 2000.

HALL, James E - York, PA 75-78 mail
*** RM1 7 Fleet Staff - Retired RMCS in 7/86.

HALTOM, John - Trenton, TN 65-67 mail
*** ADJ3 - HC-1 Detatchment 7, Helo Crew

HANNON, Michael J - Indianapolis, IN 75-76 mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt Staff. Retired from Navy 31 July 99 after 25 memorable & exciting years
^^^ Relocated from Tucson, AZ. Now Nat'l Sales Mgr for a Cabling Services Co

HANSEN, George M Jr - 85-88 mail
*** MS2(SS) - Plankowner SSN723

HANSEN, Gordon A - Federal Way, WA 66-68 #1320 mail
*** MMFN - I was a Machinist Mate in engineering, working mainly in the Steam-Heat shop and Evaporators.
^^^ I'm a retired tax accountant from The Boeing Company. I've been blessed with 4 great children and 10 grand-children. I remember, so years ago, seeing the OK City in Bremington shipyard after she was retired. I was visiting the USS Missouri, and the OK City was docked across the pier from her. I was so surprised to see her, and shocked about all the memories that came back to me. I could even remember, at the time, where many of the hatchways led to from the main deck.

HANSEN, Neil E - Elba, NY 71-74 mail
*** GM2 - GM Div - Missile House

HANSON, Bob - Patuxent River, MD 68-71 mail
*** IC2 - E Division - spent the whole time at Yokosuka. Dave Walbridge was Chief and "shorty" Dundore was Div head
^^^ Currently with Naval Air Systems Command, NAS Patuxent River, MD

HANTHORN, Roger - Salem, OR 71-73 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division

HAMPTON, Steven M - Bettendorf, IA 71-73 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Division, Mount 51. Currently GMC, N&MCRC, Rock Island, IL attached to Phib CB-1, Coronado, CA

HARAYDA, Robert D - Delray Beach, FL 71-74 #1209 mail
*** SN - 2nd Div

HARDICK, Willis T - Choctaw, OK 64-67 mail
*** RD2 - OI Division
^^^ Deputy Sheriff for 23 years in Oklahoma City area. Three children and a beautiful wife

HARDING, Ken - 67-68 #01076 MAIL
*** BM3 - 1st Div. - Friends with BM2 Drinkwine and the Big Indian, BM1 McGaw

HARDWICK, Michael R - Santa Barbara, CA 68-69 mail
*** DS2 - Installed and maintained MPDS system from Naval Electronics Laboratory (San Diego). In charge of getting a full complement of spare parts on board for the experimental system before we left San Diego. We took the first MPDS (Message Processing and Distribution System) to sea and processed messages for COMSVTHFLT. LT(jg) Theodore (Ted) Struck was the Officer in Charge of MPDS; Others were DS2, John Eurich, SN Walter Hodge, Lou Carrasco, Al Holbrook, T. J. Zimmerman et al.
^^^ Now retired as Senior Systems Analyst from Auditor Controller�s Office of the County of Santa Barbara.

HARDY, Joel C - Mt Juliet, TN 74-76 mail
*** HTFN - R Division - Best buddy was Phillip J Perkins
^^^ Cruise to Australia was a great time. Played on ship's fast pitch softball team

HARMON, Charles "Chuck" - Austin, TX 73-77 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division

HARRIBINE, Don - Peabody, MA mail
*** YNCS USN(Ret)

HARRIS, Doug - Bettendorf, IA 71-73 mail
*** SH2 - S3 Division, ran ship's store & laundry

HARRISON, Doug - Fairfax, VA 77-79 mail
*** CDR - CIC, then Weapons, Officer of the decommissioning crew

HARRITT, Tom - Fairland, IN 65-67 mail
*** Lance Corporal - USMC Security and 5"38 Gun Mount
^^^ Married 20 years to 3rd wife. 2 daughters 4 grandchildren. Working for Clark Forklift dealer in Indianapolis

HARSHNER, Louis - Pascagoula, MS 76-79 mail
*** FTM3 - Now FCCM on my twilight tour aboard the USS Thomas S Gates (CG- 51)

HARTMAN, Todd - Kalispell, MT 70-74 mail
*** BT3 - Aft fireroom & oil shack. Buddies were Darrel Vance, Wayne Stoddert, Pat Tyrell, the bug, Jerry Beardsly
^^^ Working for a food company for 27 years

HARVEY, Richard - Land O' Lakes, FL 68-70 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Married to Sharlotte 20 yrs (Kidney transplant recipient). Volunteer work for LifeLink of FL & Tampa Gen Hosp: Organ Donor & Transplant issues. Asst Scoutmaster, troop-21. Now hotel manager for Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

HASKETT, Joseph D - Camano Island, WA 63-65 #1159 mail
*** FTM2 - T3 Div - I was detached to USS Columbus CG-12 in Sep 65
^^^ Semi-retired from Boeing Aircraft, married for 39 yrs, living on a Small Island in Puget Sound abt 45 miles north of Seattle, Wa. Enjoying retirement and traveling

HASSELBRING, Kris - Houston, TX 73-75 mail
*** RM3 - CR Div Radio Shack
^^^ Retired from AT&T. Carpet and wood salesman for Jack's Carpet. Married to El Salvadorian.

HAVLIK, Joseph L - Hillsboro, WI 67-69 #1091 mail
*** HM2 - Spent over a year aboard while in San Diego and another in Yokosuka

HAWKES, Bob - Salt Lake City, UT 68-69 mail
*** CYN3 - Com7Flt, went from Providence to OKC to S. Vietnam
^^^ Now work for Salt Lake City Fine Arts Division. I have a step-son and a daughter. Wife died in 1987

HAWKINS, David "Hawkeye" - Ft Worth, TX 60-63
*** MM3

HAWKINS, Jerry - Ft Worth, TX 61-63
*** BTFA

HAYES, James - Woodbury, TN 72-74 mail
*** HM3 - Black Sheep of OKC Sick Bay 72-74. Looking for buddies Jack Smith, WC Barnes, Glen Elliott, Yasana and Mochizuki
^^^ Married 26 yrs, 3 children, 3 grandchildren. R.N. and part owner of a rural hospital in Tennessee (www.stonesriverhospital.com) and live on a 41 acre farm in the foothills

HAYES, Jim - Port Neches, TX 65-66 mail
*** FTG3 - Worked in Plot 5 & 6 and then mk25 radar on director 51 (where I was the day the LIFE magazine photo cover was taken)

HAYS, Phillip - Corvallis, OR 69-72 mail
*** LtJg - Nuc/Special Weapons Officer (GM Div)/Weapons Control & CIC Watch Officer
^^^ Now doing electronics design for oceanographic instrumentation and industrial process control

HAZELTINE, John - Elkhorn, WI 61-62 mail
*** RM3 - Radio Room #2

HEADRICK, Joseph R "Bob" - Littleton, CO 71-75 mail
*** LTJG - MPDS Officer and DS Division Officer. Also attached to Com7Flt
^^^ Now an Electrical Engineer working with UNIX computers. Divorced with a son (Alex) who will be attending Boston U in Sept 01

HEATON, Peter J. - Yuxxa Valley, CA 72-75 mail
*** RM1 - CR Division Leading PO, Teletype Repair
^^^ Retired USN 1977

HEBERT, Paul J - Merrimack, NH 66-71 #1197 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Div
^^^ Work for Fidelity Investments in NH

HECKT, Dennis - Jacksonville, FL 75-77 mail
*** RM3 Com7Flt, CR Division

HEDELUND, Richard D. - VA 72-75 #1305 mail
*** CWO3 - Ships Elctronics Material Officer
^^^ Currently a PORT ENGINEER for COMNAVSURFLANT. Will retire 9/3/10.

HEIDT, Henry - Carson City, NV, 1968-70
*** SN

HEILI, Robert B. - Port Orchard, WA 70-76 mail
*** ET1 - Beacon Keeper (TACAN Tech) UHF/VHF Crypto

HEINDSELMAN, Bob, Peoria, IL 67-69 mail
I was a CYN assigned to Comseventhflt staff. I was on the USS Providence and then transferred to the USS Oklahoma City. I was attached to Comseventhflt staff from 1967 to 1969. I know Tom Lamson and Billy Johnstone. I know there are others but can't remember all of their names.

HEINZ, Jon B "JB" - Saginaw, MI 68-70 No E-Mail
*** MMFN - Oil Shack
^^^ Married, Own a landscape Company

HELBUSH, Tom - Fukuchiyama, Japan #1277mail
*** EM3 - E Div - worked for EM1 Stuhler, EM1 Pilcavage, EM1-EMC Epperson
^^^ retired and living in Japan

HENDERSON, Dave - Mandan, ND 61-64 (Deceased)mail to his son Lonnie Wertz
*** MM2
^^^ Died 12 NOV 2009

HENNESSEE, James - Tennessee 1979 mail
*** PFC - USMC - Served until Blue Ridge took over
^^^ Married, with 4 kids, and own a jewelry store

HENRI, Raoul - West Hills, CA 61-63 #1263 mail
*** PN3 - Xray-Div, I&E and Personnel Office. Best Buddies were Jerry Kinneman, Tom Chambers, Dennis Mapes
^^^ Retired

HENSIEK, Leroy - Puyallup, WA, 70-73&75-78
*** FTG1 - FG Division, Ret Navy
^^^ Managing VFW Post 2224, Puyallup, WA Phone (253) 841-9934 / 6362

HENSLEE, Ralph W. - Rialto, CA 69-72 mail
*** BMSN - Temp duty in Missile House
^^^ Work in injection molding, live in CA with my wife & 21 y/o son

HERMES, James - Oregon, IL, 1962-64, mail
*** FT3 - Operated and maintained the MK-25 Radar.

HERNANDEZ, Tom - South Hutchinson, KS 72-73 mail
*** BT2 - B Division - Fireroom
^^^ Operate a Power Plant for Kansas Power & Light. Kids are all grown but wife and I still do foster care.

HERRING, Charles - Torrence, CA 60-63 mail
*** Lieutenant,JG - Main Engines Officer.

HERVIG, Gary - Houston, TX 78-79 mail
*** IC2 - E Div
^^^ Now in Technical Service for Oil Industry

HESS, John - Honolulu, HI 70-75 mail
*** SMC - Ran signal bridge, then Dependent's Asst Team in Yokosuka

HEUSSMAN, Lewis W. - Loveland, CO 65-66 mail
*** SH-3 S-3 Division

HEWELL, Chuck - Sugar Land, TX 78-79 mail
*** Lieutenant JG, A-Division Officer

HEXT, Jim - Phoenix, AZ, 1970-74, mail
*** RMC - Communications COW, CR Division - Made Chief in AUG 70 (along with a signalman whose name I can't remember) enroute from Yokosuka to Subic Bay 1970. Brother onboard same time, Val Hext EMCM
^^^ Lived in Hawaii until 95, now in Phoenix, AZ Wife is Japanese, and lived onbase H34 My last time in Japan was off and on from 86 to 92 while working as civilian on USNS SURTASS Vessels but wife sill makes yearly trips back

HEXT, Val D. - Phoenix, AZ, 1969-75, mail
*** EMCM - IC Electrician

HIGBY, Thomas - Los Banos, CA 75-79 mail
*** FTM1 - FM Div SPG49s, Dir 5 & 6 - buddies were Randy Dugger, Larry DuBois, Albert (Skip) Pinney, Brian Donovan, Louis Harshner and Ron Parker, just to name a few
^^^ I've been a Mfrg/Product/Test Engineer & Production Supervisor for Hewlett-Packard and other semiconductor cos. However, I'm now a Farmers Insurance Agent with 2 kids, 1 grandson

HILEY, Nigel C. - Baton Rouge, LA 88-92 mail
*** ET2 - I was a forward ET (ESM) on SSN-723.
^^^ Now working as a Field Engineer for an X-Ray Company.

HILL, Robert S. - O'Neals, CA 75-77
*** Corporal, USMC - Marine Detatchment

HINES, Marion Eugene (Gene) 73-76, mail
I was in R division under Chief Houk. Chuck Nagle is the one who told me about the Oklahoma City in A school. I was friends with Michael and Patrick Varland of R division.

HINES, Jim - Colorado Springs, CO 74-78 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Div, started in Missile House and finished in STERF lab
^^^ Buddies were Dough Boy (Don ?), Ed Terrell, Archer, Joey ?, Mike Danler, Skip Penny - Now programming customizations to help desk software

HINRICHS, Wild Bill, Flemington, NJ 72-73 mail
*** 3rd Division - Sail locker

HITT, R.S. "Bobby" - 71-73 #01030 mail
*** RM - CR Div Best buddy is still WS Parks

HOFFER, Ron - 71-73 mail
*** EM3 - Buddies were Bates, Mavar, Barbosa, many others. Great duty, many good memories.

HOFFMANN, Maurice M. - Palm Coast, FL 68-71 mail
*** SK2 - S-1 Division, retired July '88 as SKCS
^^^ Quality Control / Technical Support Analyst working with special projects programming

HOGAN, Patrick J - Zion, IL 72-76 #1157 mail
*** YN3 - Com7Flt Plans Office
^^^ Retired in 92. I have worked last 14 years for Vernon Hills PD as the Evidence/Property Officer

HOLBROOK, Alan - Groton, MA 69-71 mail
*** DS2 - CR Division, worked on maintenance crew for NTDS computer system. Managed the "Grandma Mule" CR Div. band
^^^ Married with two children; now Product Manager at Compaq Computer in New Hampshire

HOLCOMBE, Jim - Titusville, FL 72-73 #1276 mail
*** LT - I was OK City�s First Lieutenant in 1972 � 1973. CWO-4 Hal Black, the Ship�s Bos�n, and I, along with 210 fine sailors managed and ran the ships Deck Department during some of the most demanding time the ship served in Viet Nam. We were re-arming every other day and refueling every third day for most of the latter half of 1972. When I first got to the ship, we were undermanned. For the first three months onboard, I was standing 6-hour, Port & Starboard Gunnery Liaison Officer (GLO) duty in CIC, and when not in CIC during daylight hours, I was manning the flight deck as one of 3 FDOs. Over the first six weeks onboard, I lost 15 lbs eating 4 � 5 meals a day. Long hours � YES. Overall, I served 23 years in the Navy, and OK City was my finest duty station by far. The memories are vivid in my mind to this day. Great ship � even greater crew.
I retired from the Navy in October, 1989 as a Supply Corps Commander.
^^^ Today, I own and operate two small companies in central Florida: a Aerospace & Defense consulting company ( http://www.jholcombe.com ) and a biometrics technology company ( http://www.ambiometrics.com ).I�m single now, but have two lovely daughters that live here in FL � one in Jacksonville and one in Tampa; both are married, have one child and successful careers.

HOLDEN, John - #1135 mail
*** Toured aboard during first firing of live warhead missiles as a member of GMSU-217 NA&ND seal beach

HOLDEN, Michael P. - Hawaii 64-79 mail
*** MUC - I first played the OKI Boat into port in 1964. Later was LPO with Com7Flt band then on to LCC-19 as MUCS 83-85
^^^ Captain Butcher is still my best memory along with the FAMILY that was the OKI Boat for over 14 years

HOLDEN, William Galt, CA 79 mail
*** DS2 - Worked in Communications, MPDS System
^^^ Now Software Technical Mgr at Cascade Controls

HOLDSWORTH, Rick - Virginia Beach, VA 78-79 mail
*** MU1 - 7 Flt Band

HOLLEMAN, Lynn D - Pearland, TX 70-72 mail
*** RD2
^^^ Retired as OSCS(SW) in '89. Now a member of the Pearland PD

HOLLINGSWORTH, Jon - 71-73 #1134 mail
*** RM3 - Com7flt

HOLMES, James "Jim" - Gresham, OR 76-79 #01080 mail
*** BM3 - 2nd div 5" gun upper handling room/ lived for unrepping, rigging, like to hang with BMC R.F.Wood, BM2 Joe Powers, BM1 Dawsey, SN Howard Lake, Craig Will. And the rest of Big 2
^^^ married with two children. My son is an Junior in H.S.+ my little girl is in 5th grade. My wife teaches H.S. + I am a HVAC tech. Hobbies are boating, fishing, golfing, paintball, ect.

HONSTAIN, Vern - Selton, WA 60-61 #1160 mail
*** MM3 - A Div I/C/O steam heat & hydration - buddies were Dave Woods, Dave Kelly & Ray LaVasseur - I left the ship in Dec, 61 as I didn't have enough time to make west pac cruise
^^^ I retired from truck driving three years ago and I love it

HOOD, Chip - Dunwoody, GA 76-78 #1213 mail
*** ETN2 - CE Division / SSC-6 SatCom. Terrific tour of duty with some great shipmates!
^^^ Working in Medical Imaging since my 7 year hitch. Tinker with 60s/70s cars in my spare time.

HOOVER, Max - 1968 mail
*** RD3 - Came over from USS Chicago (CG-11) and left for USS Askari (ARL-30) of the great green rivers of Viet Nam

HOPKINS, Chris - Port Orchard, WA 71-75 mail
*** SH1 - 3rd Division, all aspects of ship's service including barber
^^^ Currently a salvage diver and sometime truck driver. Married 27 years, 3 kids, 5 grandchildren. Met my wife in Tokyo; changed rate to MA in '88

HOPPENRATH, Ted - San Jose, CA 65-68 mail
*** RD2 - Radar Crew

HOSCHEK, Tom - Burlington, IA 71-73 mail
*** BMSN - 3rd Division, Deck Hand

HOUGH, Michael L. - Fruit Heights, UT 68-69 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division, TDY from Com7Flt staff, admin asst. to the Division Officer.
^^^ Married with 4 grown children. Degree in Elementary Ed., taught 5 & 6 grade for 20+...now School Technology Specialist -(LAN/WAN) systems operation and mtce.

HOUPT, Jeff - Yukon, OK 92-96 #1224 mail
*** EM2(ss)
^^^ Currently part owner of a Building Automation Company. Married for almost 14 years with four kids.

HOWARD, Jim - St. Charles, MO 74-76
*** PNSN - X - Div, Personnel Office

HOWARD, Larry L. - Oklahoma City, OK 77-79 mail
*** MS3 - 3rd Division
^^^ Now Civil Aviation Security with FAA. Married with a 24 year old son and two grandchildren

HOWE, Ray - Ballston Spa, NY 69-72 #01051 mail
*** MM2 - Aft Engine & Fwd Generators
^^^ I remember Tennessee Tommy, PC Smith, Gino, Budda, and so many of the "Rascles in Paridise." Retired from the Navy in 1995 in Sasebo. Now living in N.Y. State with lovely wife Kimiko. Still in touch with some of the shipmates

HOWELL, Jay Stanley - CLG-5, Deceased
*** Commanding Officer 1969-71
^^^ Died December 31, 2001

HOWLAND, Edward L - Grand Junction, CO 72-75 mail
*** RM2
^^^ Now in new car sales, have 2 grown children and 2 grandsons and another on the way. Still riding motorcycles as I did in Japan

HUBBARD, A.L. - Vallejo, CA 74-76 mail
*** FTM1 - Talos Computer Room
^^^ Favorite hobby: going to Subic City

HUDGINS, T B - Commander - Operations Officer - 1968

HUGHES, Alvin - Titusville, FL 86-91 #1352 mail
*** FTC(SS) - Plankowner - Came aboard as an FTG1 during NEWCON and made chief onboard in the Med
^^^ Retired after 30 years active duty CWO4 in 2009. Still working for the Navy and going to sea on USNS ships

HUGHES, Charles B - Pualip, WA 44-46 #1167 mail
*** FN - Forward Fire Room
^^^ Rode the Oklahoma City from Philadelphia back to San Francisco

HUGHES, Kevin - 73-75 #1229 mail
*** 1st SGT - Mardet
^^^ Retired USMC

HUGHES, Mark A. - Beaulaville, NC 74-75 mail
*** USMC - Retired as First Sgt
^^^ Now teaching H.S. Social Studies. Married with 1 child.

HULL, Gray B - Las Vegas, NV 75-77 mail
*** RM1 - CR Div, leading P.O.

HUMSTON, Robert J - San Diego, CA 68-71 mail
*** RM1 - 7th Fleet Staff, i/c/o TTY Repair under Lt. Brenton. Ret 30 Aug 80 & worked as Tech Rep for RCA/GE/Martin Marrietta.
^^^ Working at Titan/Eldyne doing Navy and Commercial installations. Played golf every chance I got with GMM1 Wagner (still do) and CS1 Deerstein

HUNNICUTT, Jack J - Molino, FL 77-79 mail
*** CTO2 - Com7Flt Staff, retired CTOC in '73.
^^^ Now software engineer for Anteon Corp. in Pensacola

HUNT, Charles I - Roanoke, VA 68-70 #01069 mail
*** CPL - Mardet USMC
^^^ Today I'm a 100% disabled vet with lung cancer due to agent orange

HUNTER, Chuck - Monroe, NY 71-74 mail
*** FTG3 - FG Division

HUSS, Richard C - Fitchburg, MA 76-78 mail
*** MSSN - Worked as a cook in S-2/5 Div. Buddies were Jerry Ginsko & Jerry Horne. Best times were in the Philippines
^^^ Married to a Filipina I met while on board the Okie. Two kids, one has made me a grandpa and the other has graduated with an Engineering degree. I have made my career in semiconductor and hi-tech work

HUSTUS, Michael 76-79 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Medical discharge as RM1 in 89. Now a computer specialist for the Social Security Admin

HUTSON, Billy - Irving, TX 70-71 mail
*** L/Cpl, USMC - Captain and Admiral's Orderly; Missile Security

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