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GALEONE, Chris - Maple Shade, NJ 78-79 #1343 mail
*** FTG2 - FG Division. Worked on the MK37 GFCS
^^^ Software Engineer for Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, NJ. Married my high school sweetheart in 1980. Raised 2 great daughters and have 1 awesome grandson. Living in South Jersey.

GALLAGHER, Jack W - Pembroke Pines, FL PLANKOWNER mail
*** SM

GALLAGHER, Thomas K - Mitchellville, MD 77-79 mail
*** FTM3 - FM Division, W2 Missile Guidance Radar

GALLANT, Terry - Port Orchard, WA 73-77 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Division - UHF Radio and Nav Electronics

GAMBLE, Ted - Maraga, CA 60-61 mail
*** LT JG - Supply & Disbursing Officer - member of pre-commissioning crew during conversion to CLG-5

GAN, Terry - 73-75 #1105 mail
*** CTR3 - Operation Frequent Wind - Looking for my old shipmate CT Ken Monette. Also looking for any remaining brain cells I left behind in Westpac

GANNER, Herb 71-72 mail
*** Lieutenant, Pilot for Blackbeard One

GARCIA, L S - Albuquerque, NM 78-79 mail
*** FTM3
^^^ Now with Lockheed Martin

GARCIA, Paul - 89-94 mail
*** MM3(SS)

GARDOCKI, POhilip - Royersford, PA 77-79 mail
*** FTM2 - AN/SPG 49A Directors 5 & 6
^^^ Married with one child. Occupations include CatScan/Magnetic Resonance Engineer and currently a .NET computer programmer

GARNECKY, John - Broken Arrow, OK 63-65 #1217 mail
*** Com7Flt

GARRETT, Danny A - Osburn, ID 67-69mail
*** Sargeant, USMC - Gunfire Support Post #1
^^^ Retired from Corps as Sargeant Major. Currently work as a Marine ROTC H.S. instructor in Kellogg

GARRETT, Larry D - Amarillo, TX 62-94 mail
*** SK3 - S1 Division
^^^ Wife Brenda and I have a 34 year old step-son

GASSOWAY, Dan - Portland, OR 71-73 mail
*** FTGSN - FG Division - I enjoyed the liberty ports. I loved skin diving in Grande Island during the day and then going animal in Olongapo at night. I equally enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the sea as well as the insanity of the typhoons. There was plenty to dislike, but I am grateful that has faded and the joys have grown larger. I am still in contact with many friends from that time, including Bob Britton, Jerry Rodgers, Greg Laedlein, Mark Pelnar, Ed Marcheleta, Daryl Streeter, to name a few.
^^^ I have had three heart attacks, two before I was 50, have died six times during them. Am healthier now than ever (well, ALMOST!). I am going to Marylhurst University, majoring in Human Studies. Currently talent scout for a music distribution company. I'm looking for Bob Reynolds, Bob McGraw and Terry Conway; any leads out there?

GATES, Bill - Garland, TX, 1964, mail
*** CT2 - Com7Flt staff, Xferred from Prov in 64. Was Watch Supv during the Maddox-Turner Joy Incident
^^^ Took early retirement from major semi-conductor firm. Married with a wonderful wife and daughter; I have become the ultimate couch potato.

GATLIN, Billy D. - Sachse, TX 71-73 mail
*** BMSN - 1st Division
^^^ Now an Engineering Design Tech with large firm in Dallas; married with 4 sons ages 18-26.

GAUDIO, Tony - Glendale Heights, IL 75-77 mail
*** Corporal, USMC - Marine Detatchment
^^^ Wishing the best to all my fellow Marines and other shipmates who served aboard the "Okie Boat" from Jan 75 to Jan 77. Semper Fi

GAVIN, Timothy - Grand Rapids, MI 78-79 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Division GMG. Worked in the 6Ē Turret. Qualified up to Turret Captain under GMG1 Otten. Retired from the Navy 1 APR 2012 as a Surface Warfare CDR. Currently XO of the University of Michigan NROTC Unit (until Mar 2012).
^^^ Married with a 24 year old son. 25 years as a SWO serving mostly in Engineering Billets and 2 XO Afloat tours on CRUDES ships.

GEARY, Robert L - PA 75-77 #1345 mail

GELMI, Joe - Sturtevant, WI 61-66 mail
*** BM2

GENTRY, Edward W Jr - Natalia, TX 59-63 #1127 mail
*** GMG3 - Served with and looking for Calvin Murphy, Dallas Good and Guadalupe Gaitan. Award for good conduct and (E) for Excellence, (Guns).

GEORGE, Jim - Raleigh, NC 66-67 mail
*** HM1
^^^ Retired as Lt Cdr (MSC) USN. Married 40 years to the same woman

GEORGE, William O. - Spring Grove, PA 75-77 mail
*** 3rd & 4th Divisions. Served as ship's coxswain for the 40' utility boat. Now BMC USNR ret Sept 2000
^^^ Married with 2 daughters; Industrial Mechanic for Hanover Foods (past 20 years)

GERINI, Philip E. - Craig, CO 60-64 mail
*** SM3 2nd Division then OS/CS Division

GERITY, Robert - Santa Barbara, CA 60-63 mail
*** LT(jg) - Electronics Div Officer

GIELSTRA, Simon W - West Palm Beach, FL 85-89 #1168 PLANKOWNER mail
*** ETR2 (SS) - RC Division REACTOR CONTROLS. Mike Nealy and Pat Grady were good friends, many more. Put the Sub together.
^^^ Work for ASCO, Emergency Standby Power Systems (Paralleling Systems and Transfer Switches)

GILBERT, James - Roseburg, OR 64-66 #1356 mail
*** IC3 - My job was to take care of the ships communications system. Sound powered phones, ships public address system, ships service telephones gyro compasses and a host of other systems. My best friend, at least for a short time was Burt Morgan. We had many good times and visited a lot of ports that other ships never got to see because we were the flagship of commander of the seventh fleet. I am especially interested in hearing from any sailors who onboard the ship in Sept. 1964 when we did a long tour in the Tonkin Gulf.
^^^ I am currently a retired mailman living in southern Oregon, Roseburg and love it here. I enjoy travel fishing and the fact that I am still standing, breathing, and still alive. I would enjoy hearing from any of my CLG5 shipmates.

GILBERTI, Riccardo - Stafford, VA 00-03 #1302 mail
*** MMCM(SS) - Quite possibly the best and hardest sea duty that I ever had. I was the EDMC (known as the Bull Nuke)
^^^ Today I am the Command Master Chief for NAVAL REACOTRS. Married with 2 children (the son will start as a junior at Virginia Tech and the daughter is a senior in HS). Originally I was born and raised in Cento Italy and Italian is still the language that we speak primarily at home.

GILE, Mike - Alameda, CA 69-71 mail

GILHULY, John F. - San Pedro, CA 63-66 mail
*** Lieutenant, EMO - OE Division - First ship since being commissioned so getting around the Wardroom was a little daunting; had a good gang of ETs who didn't need a lot of pushing and hauling to get the job done. LT Hartman (DCA), and LT McCune (1stLT) were close friends; of course ENS Maley my Asst.; too many more to mention
^^^ After leaving, I went to FTC SDiego, USS Eldorado (LCC11) and NavTelCom in Washington, DC. I retired in '73 and went to work for City of Los Angeles Harbor Dept. for 20+ more years. Am fully retired and practicing sloth and indolence at all times

GILLIAM, Kenneth M. - Jones Creek, TX 85-89 #1173 PLANKOWNER mail or mail
*** MMC(ss)Ret - I remember the very demanding time aboard trying to be part of a team to deliver the best submarine we could to the fleet. As the Auxiliary Division's LCPO the demands were great and the time spent was long. But that goes with Fast Attack tough and SSN --- Saturdays Sundays and Nights. Long Black and never come back. I miss my time on the boats, but most of all I miss the class of people we worked with. I will never be a good civilian, most of them are not very bright.
^^^ I work for Atlantic Scaffolding Co. as the SW Region Equipment Manager, where I plan and organize the equipage of scaffold material for chemical and petroliem plant outages.

GLANERT, Gary - Waterford, MI 73-74 mail
*** GMG3
^^^ Now a Product Engineer at DaimlerChrysler. Still married to Reiko whom I met while stationed in Yokosuka

GLEAVES, Roy Douglas "Doug" Jr. Nashville, TN 72-74, mail

GLOVER, William - Garfield Heights, OH 75-78 mail
*** MMC - In charge of Forward & After Engine Rooms and "A" Div before Don Longstreet
^^^ Retired '86 as CWO3. Now have a Nat'l Board Commission and inspect boilers and pressure vessels in Ohio

GOFF, Richard - Oakley, CA 64-67
*** CS3 - Commissary

GOLDEN, Richard L - Elyria, OH 76-79 mail
*** BM1 - Started in 2nd Div, then to MAA. Changed rate to MA then xfered to CFAY Brig. Ret as E7 in San Diego and worked for SDPD until moving to Ohio
^^^ Now married and a Sgt in OH Prison System

GONZALEZ, Roque A. - S. Otselic, NY 72-74 mail
*** USMC - Marine Corps Security and 5" Gun - Looking for Peter L. Douglas. Check out my personal website.

GOOD, Bruce L - Deerwood, MN 62-64 mail
*** FTM3 - Also served on USS Chicago & Columbus
^^^ Semi-retired working part-time for an engineering firm. I have 3 1/2 grandchildren

GOODSELL, Duff B (Boats) - Yokosuka, JA 71-74 #1163 mail
*** BM3 - Retired from the Navy in Sept 93 as BMC
^^^ Now work for Ship Repair Facility Yokosuka Japan as an Equipment Specialist. Married with one son

GOODWIN, Benjamin - Woodland, CA 60-62 {Deceased} mail
*** PC3 - Recomm Crew
^^^ Died 1992

GORDON, Warren - El Dorado, AR 72-75 mail
*** CS3 - Cook
^^^ Now disabled. Looking for others from the OKC with diabetes

GORE, Robert M - Kennewick, WA 64-65 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt. Bset buddies were Gary Page and Richard Taylor, both RMs
^^^ Working as a Pipefitter/Welder since 1968

GORISS, Leo - West Palm Beach, FL 62-64 mail
*** FTM2 - I served aboard the OK City in the Missile division as MT2 which was changed to FTM2 prior to my discharge
^^^ Retired...looking for work though. Need help???? Building a 1932 Roadster

. GOW, Randy - Paynes Creek, CA 75-76 mail
*** MM2 - "M" Division
^^^ Work: Pilot, Air Traffic Controller - Hobbies: Boating, SCUBA diving, Harley riding

GRAHAM, Joseph - Sapulpa, OK 64-65 #1215 mail
*** RD3 - CIC Div cleaning, equipment maintenance etc. associated with Combat Information as required. Joined the CLG-5 when she was deployed to Wespac. Experienced change of command, assignment as Flag 7th. Fleet, visiting Singapore (ended up living there for 2 years later in life), participation in shore bombardments of South Vietnam installations, visiting Japan, Okinawa and Saigon...to mention a few areas plus....and who could forget...."The Order of the Shellback" ceremony! Remember a few of the "mates" like Rudd RD1 and Dalton as well as Ltjg Gilhuly but not many others.
^^^ Living in retardation (retirement) in Oklahoma after having my own business (import/export consulting organization) in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Sold company in 1990, returned to the U.S. traveled a bit and ended up in Arizona (2 years) and then in Oklahoma. Widowed (wife was of Singaporean nationality) in 1990 & 2 daughters + 5 grand.

GRAHAM, Ralph - Camby, IN, 1977-79, mail
*** BTFN - Never made Master Chief but still steaming as Master Mechanic at a hospital (18 years)

GRANT, David C - Kingwood, TX 71-73 mail or mail
*** JO3 - X Div - ran the radio & TV station CLGM-5
^^^ Now Asst. General Counsel for Enron Corp

GRANT, Douglas - Ontario, CANADA 64-68 mail
*** BM2 - In charge of all topside areas including small craft in 3rd Div
^^^ Retired P.O. My family and I live on a 50 acre hobby farm with horses

GRANT, Stephen - Hamilton, OH 77-79 mail
*** Lieutenant - 4th Div Officer, FM/GM Div Officer, Ship's First Lt & last CDO who closed the log on decommissioning
^^^ Now Equip/Plant Mtce Mgr for Facilities Mtce Co. in OH. Married with three children. Left the Navy in 85 and continued in reserves until 1990

GRAY, George P. - Sumner, WA, 78-80, mail
*** HT1 - R Division / ERO1 (Carpenter Shop) LPO, Retired 28 February 1993 as HTCS(SW)

GREEN, Darrell - Lakewood, CO, 68-70, mail
*** PO3 - Aft Generators

GREEN, Dennis - Beaufort, NC, 75-77, 1364 mail
*** BM3 - I did a lot of chippin and painting on her, gotta love the spit and polish part of being the com 7th fleet boat. I was looking at the ships log and recognized 1 name of Bruce Widener, I remember he reported to her not long after I did....the things I remember were the long cruises followed up by visits to some great ports like Subic Bay, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia.....those were some good times, I also remember missing the 4th of July 1976, we were outrunning the typhoon in the south china sea instead of being in Hong Kong..... but we did get to stone the decks to entertain the adm.!!!!....LOL
^^^ As of now I am retired from 28 years in the auto business, well forced retirement due to a work related accident in 2004, and as of dec of 2012 battling cancer.

GREENE, James Marcus - Modesto, CA 64-67 mail
*** SA

GREGG, Bill - San Jose, CA, 67-68, mail
*** FT3 - FG Division

GREGORY, Art - Stockton, CA, 64-67, mail
*** RM1 -
^^^ Now Senior Technician for Sprint with 2 college grad sons and very involved in American Legion (past Commander 2x)

GREGORY, Don - Kelso, WA 66-68 mail
*** RMSN - Ship's Company
^^^ Now Mayor of Kelso. Married with 2 grown sons and grandchildren

GREIG, Douglas - St. Martinville, LA 71-73 #1241 mail or mail
*** BM3 - 3rd Div - I was broken in quickly. Scullery, mess deck, deck force, etc. I was humbled. Later as a Seaman, I became a lead guy for the 3rd division. At sea, look out was one of the duties. I enjoyed being on deck or outside. I made an attempt at becoming a Yeoman, but short lived. I couldn't take being inside all day.
^^^ I'm now with Halliburton Energy Services. HES is an oilfield service company. I have been with this company for 32 years. My home town is Lafayette , Louisiana. I reside about 12 miles away in St.Martinville, La. I am divorced with 4 grown children and 4 grandsons, one with each child. 2 of my children live in Japan, as my 1st wife is Japanese. I have recently visited them there. My interest is traveling, hunting, fish, skiing, riding. I am 55 years old in fairly good shape. I hope to retire at 60 and travel around the world again. I really miss the port calls that we had the USS Oklahoma City CLG-5.

GREIMAN, David - Garner, IA 63-65 #1100 mail
*** FTM2
^^^ I own a construction company but I now have my youngest son as a partner and let him do most of the work. My wife and I have 4 children + 5 and one half grandchildren

GRESHAMER, David K - Newport News, VA 72-73 mail
*** CT3 - Com7Flt, N2 Division
^^^ Married for the second time around. I have a son and a daughter and a granddaughter.. I retired from the City of Newport News and now work as an inspector for James City County. I guess Iíll never get to fully retire. My time on the Okie Boat was great experience that Iíll never forget. Served with some great guys, Officer and enlisted. I was able to complete my degress thanks to GI Bill

GREVE, Gary D. - Waunakee, WI 61-63 mail
*** JO3 - Ship's Journalist, published the Cherokee Strip, a daily at-sea newspaper for the crew.

GRIFFIN, Rowdy - Washington, DC 01-05 #1194 mail
*** SK2(SS) best buds STS2(SS) Keith Wolford and MM2(SS)Anthony Amato. Time spent on board were some of the best years in my life. Made outstanding friends that still today I always keep in touch with. Qualified all the way to DCPO import and DOOW at sea as a second class.
^^^ Today living in Washington DC working for the Director of Naval Reactors and counting down the days until I go to sea again.

GRIFFITH, Richard Allen - Enterprise, OR 71-75 #1278mail
*** SR - It was good times as well as bad times, certainly not the love boat when combat or GQ was in force off North Vietnam. Got a combat ribbon and lost part of my index finger thanks being a micro-second slow once in loading those six- inch guns. I can still see the rings of fire when I close my eyes. Do it again, yes, if it meant keeping my country safe, but I'd seek help in readjusting to my old life a lot sooner and learn to accept and rightfully grieve how that old life was now just a previous chapter and not an obtainable reality.
^^^ I am retired for medical reasons after working for 15 plus years in the public school system working in maintenance. I now live in beautiful Enterprise with my childhood sweet heart and struggle with PTSD. I am searching for individuals who served from '71- 75 who can substantiate the intense pressure our ship was under as I am working with the VA to verify that my medical problems are a direct result of the prolonged combat the USS Oklahoma was under. Medical doctors intitially contributed my mental health issues to being Schizoid- effective disorder, with paranoid ideations and compulsive disorder ( which professionals in the MH field admit mimics PTSD) I had what's commonly known as a mental breakdown at work after leaning the USS Stark had been hit by a suicide bomber resulting in numerous casualties. Never talked about my years in the navy, too painful... had to after that incident. What happened to those guys would never have happened on our watch... but it was a constant threat. I am now drawing SSD - got it without question thanks to my heavy meds and long length of psychiatric care - working now on opening the eyes of the VA to have them admit that men and women can and do develop PTSD symptoms with very little warning doing so years after the traumatic incident. Its called Complex PTSD. Some of us are still in a war and now its a battle with the VA.

GRINDLE, Robert Owen "Boomer" - Everett, WA 76-78 #1118 mail
*** MU2 - I was a Trumpet instrumentalist (3806) attached to the COMSEVENTHFLT Band
^^^ Divorced with 2 adult children. I work for USPS, my daughter is with Comcast and my son attends Daytona Beach College in Florida and lives with his mom. He will graduate this December with multiple degrees

GRIPON, Ron - Livingston, TX 78-79 mail
*** CWO2 - Ship's Electronics Officer - Retired November, 92 as W4 after 30 years

GROGAN, Everett P - 74-75 #1226 mail
*** BMSN - 3rd & 4th divs. I was a bosnmate and luved it. Sure do miss the old gal and all aboard

GROW, Ken - Downey, CA 69-71 #1156 mail
*** CYN3 - worked in Comm, then Flag Admin in Awards - reported on board when ship was in dry dock
^^^ Today I own a small business and sell insurance

GRUBB, Ron "Otis" - Westpac, 74-79 mail
*** BT2 After Fireroom and Oil Shack.
^^^ Still in the Navy as Command Master Chief. Best friend and mentor was Mark Manis

GUEST, Lyman (Chip) - San Jose, CA 74-78 mail
*** Lieutenant - MPDS/CE Division Officer Ship's Company / 7th Fleet Staff

GULLETTE, Steven - Monument, CO 73-75 mail
*** FTM3 - SPG-49 (Dir 5), then to STERF working for Rick "The Eggs" Hammond. Good times with Robert Sanchez, Ed "Edo" Terrell, Doughboy Wilter and I still owe Donnie Slack for Wog Day '73
^^^ Retired from Navy as LT in '95. Now part owner of 2 real estate companies in CO. Still blissfully married to "D", Gary Kemmerling's cousin

GUMBINER, Don - 89-92 #1123 mail
*** YN - I have since retired as YN1(SS). I would love to hear from any of my old shipmates

GUTIERREZ, Alberto - San Bernardino, CA 70-71 #1311 mail
*** BMSN - I was in the 2nd Deck Division and later was in the Print Shop
^^^ Today I still work part time in a small print shop and as a Custodian at San Bernardino where I am 2nd Vice President for CSEA.

GUY, Greg - Escondido, CA 77-79 mail
*** QM3 - Quartermaster of the watch, NX Div. Buddied were Norman ("Wild Man")Wildenman, Mike Ling and Hugh Darlington
^^^ I'm a single father of an 8 y/o working with a construction engineering firm

GWIN, Alvin E - Norfolk, VA 71-73 #1096 mail

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