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FABON, Antonio - San Diego, CA 73-76
*** PO2 - S-5 Division

FAIR, Robert S. - St. Charles, IL 71-74 mail
*** AG2 - Com7Flt Weather Office - N36 Division.
^^^ Now part owner of an electronics company responsible for purchasing and inventory control.

FAIRCHILD, Mel - Nineveh, IN 71-73 mail
*** PO3

FALK, Jeff "Mo" - Cheshire, CT 96-01 mail
*** MS2

FARIAS, Jose - San Antonio, TX 71-74 #1155 mail
*** RM3 - Fleet Flashnet operator also TAD to Com7flt in Crypto - "They were all my best buds!!" They know who they are!!
^^^ I live on a small farm, semi-retired, raising exotic birds after too many years in the landscape/nursery business as a Horticulturist. Married 30+ yrs: son 30 & daughter 15 -- one granddaughter just born in '05

FARLEY, Nicholas Warren - Smithtown, NY 43-46 #1287 mail
*** SN1C - Captain C.B. Hunt, sending up shells, John Armstrong and Quinn
^^^ Worked Kings Park State Hospital, Bohack grocery, retired 1985. Married and had 5 children, 21 grandchildren.

FARWELL, Jim - Auburn, WA 69-73 mail
*** QM2 - Com7Flt Flag Allowance on staff of three different Admirals
^^^ Now a programmer and analyst for Boeing. Married 28 years to Yoko, a Japanese nurse, whom I met while on the Okie. 3 kids Sage, Don and Laura. Hope to retire this year

FAUSS, Ken - Rapid City, SD 69-71 mail
*** CYN3 - Comseventhfleet.

FAY, Michael "Fernando" - Carlsbad, CA 71-75 mail
*** SH2 - Worked in all aspects of the Ship's Serviceman position. Also had a daily radio show with the call name of Fernando Fay.
^^^ Currently I.S. Mgr for a major insurance co. with a B.S. in mgt. Married, 2 children 11 & 14.

FELSHEIM, Wayne C. - Johson City, NY 68-69 mail
*** CYN - Com7thFleet

FELT, (Cap'n) Joe - Seattle, WA 74-75 mail
*** Captain - 7th Fleet Staff

FERELL, Ronald - Smithville, TN 69 mail
*** RM - Com7Flt
^^^ I have worked for the local telephone company for 31 years

FERNANDEZ, Freudian - Virginia Beach, VA 77-79
*** PO3 - S-3 Division

FERRARA, Allen - Yardley, PA 44-45 PLANKOWNER

FIELD, Johnny - Edmond, OK 71-72 mail
*** OS
^^^ Married, all kids out of the nest. Currently working within the U.S.P.S. Living just north of Oklahoma City

FISCHER, Dave - Laurel, MT 68-70 #1121 mail
*** BM2 - 3rd Div - weapons / deck

FISHER, James - Portland, OR 68-69 #1239 mail
*** HMSN - Started as mess cook for Terlaji in Chief's Mess x 4 mos, then went to Sick Bay as striker for Doc Tasto, Fry, Havlik, Fong, Jury etc. Did a nightly radio show on CLGM-5 for BB Moore. You guys changed my life, whether you know it or not, and I want to thank you for it. I owe you all a lot. Honorable Discharge 72 as HM2, 3 tours in C.G. Reserve in Portland, OR.
^^^ Graduated from college. Worked as a volunteer counselor at local Vet Center for eleven years. Have two boys, one girl plus two step sons and best of all, three wonderful grandchildren. Currently work at a tour company selling travel to Europe, planning to retire, travel and write in just a few years. Hobby is writing fiction.

FISHER, Richard "Rick" - Vienna, WV 72-74 mail1 or mail2
*** PN3 - Training & Education and Personnel Offices. Good buddies were Vic Cortez, Dick Hoffman, Jim Miller, Mike Bacci and Sakai Ross
^^^ Own and Allstate agency whick I am selling to become an Insurance Adjuster and Inspector. Married 18 years, with daughter 16 & son 13

FITCH, Jimmy D. - Europe, 68-70 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Senior Systems Analyst with a DOD contractor in Europe.

FITZGERALD, Tim - Roy, WA 68-71 mail
*** RD3 - Stood watches in CIC

FITZSIMMONS, Robert - St John, MO 68-70 mail
*** MM3 - A Division - Steam Heat, Evaps.
^^^ Now a supervisor at Pohlman, Inc making auto A/C and Air Bag parts. Married with 2 grown children

FITZSIMMONS, Roy - 60-64 mail
*** BT3 - Fwd fireroom
^^^ Lots of memories

FLAHERTY, William "Bill" - Bremerton, WA 70-73 mail
*** MM1 - Aft Engine Room with Ignacio, "Pappy" Booth, T.J. Faulkner and all the rest
^^^ Retired as CWO3 in 1993.

FLEMING, Michael S. - Kawasaki, Japan 78-80 mail
*** OS3 OI-Division, cross decked to Blue Ridge (LCC-19)
^^^ Married, 2 boys and a girl ages 13, 15 & 16. Work for Avago Technologies Japan as Dir Sales Operations

FLORA, Arno - Corpus Christi, TX 66-69 #1272 mail
*** EM3 - Was working in electric shop when ran aground in 1969, received a PANIC call from forward generator watch ( Butch). Ended up at aft generators and the MM and I hand jacked the governors up to get control of cycles on the "2" generators still running, had about 1.5 % of rated load on each generator. After that we shed load to get them down to the rated load.
^^^ After getting out worked at a power plant for 10 years and then 29+ years in a petro chemical plant as an operator. Now looking foward to retirement in 2-4 years. Have been happily married to the same gal for 39 years , have a son (38) who just got married in November and a daughter that is married and is the mother of my only grand daughter, who just turned 10 in January.

FLORES, Johnny - 65-67 #1062 mail
*** ETN3

FLORES, Sam - Oakland, CA 72-75 mail
*** MU2 - Com7Flt Band
^^^ Retired USN in 1990 - now owner of Jon's Music & Repair in Oakland

FLUKE, Richard - Grants, NM 68-72 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division, Maintained radar and ECM equipment.

FOLEY, Joseph - Covina, CA 59-61 mail
*** SN - OL Division, Lookouts
^^^ Now an Ironworker, single and travel a lot

FOLMER, Richard - Laguna Beach, CA 68-70 mail
*** Lieutenant JG - Seventh Fleet Staff, Communications Watch Officer

FORTIER, Robert - Lady Lake, FL 61-63 mail
*** RD3 - C.I.C.
^^^ Now retired in Central FL

FOSTER, Craig P - Tripoli, IA 65-71 mail
*** SK2 - Was aboard when SK1 Frost made chief. Lcdr Bouchard was the Supply Officer. Best buddy was Andy "Graz" Grosdnoff

FOSTER, R - 69-71 #01067 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div later FN E Div

FOWLER, Joey E - Trinity, TX 61-64 mail
*** GMM3 - Worked in Missile House; best bud was Joe Robinson
^^^ Now waste water operator for Trinity River Authority and self employed for past 20 yrs as mold / die engraver

FOWLER, William Gregory - Raleigh, NC 68-70 #01041 mail
*** BMSN - 1st + 3rd Div. Was duty driver, side boy, bridge watches, powder loader and section leader. Best friend Max Stange, R Romano, R Matareese, BM1 Lee, LTJG B W Shreue
^^^ Married 27 years. retired from IBM as Financial Analyst.

FOY, Michael T. - Dickinson, TX 68-74 mail

FRAISER, Michael - South Bend, IN 94-95 #1265 mail
*** MM2(SS) - Nuclear Operator (M-Division) Buddies are Andre Gerrard, Jim Hazen
^^^ Now an Industrial Engineer, married with 2 daughters. Home town was Grand Blanc, Michigan. Enjoy hunting and fishing.

FREEMAN, Jim - 76-78 #1146 mail
*** Worked on the Mk 25 Gun Radar for 2.5 years...Looking for former FG Div. shipmates

FRIESE, Mark - Lisbon, CT 85-88 #1375 mail
*** STS1/SS Plankowner
^^^ Great crew. We used to have some wicked basketball games over at Huntington Hall. Jason Breen, Patrick Milan, Lee B. Thompson were my running mates in addition to all of the sonar gang. Went on to make Chief in 1988, end up as an ACINT Rider. Retired in 2002. Became a math teacher and am currently the principal of Stonington High School in CT. Loving life.

FROMM, James - Waipahu, HI 64-66 mail
*** RM1 - OC Division, TTY Repair Shop
^^^ Retired as LT, USCG, 1986. Now run my own computer business. Married 33 years, no kids

FRY, Bob - Antelope, CA 74-77 mail
*** CWO2 - Com7Flt - Director of 7th Fleet Band ^^^ Now a computer engineer, divorced with 2 children and 1 grandchild

FRY, Havard Robert - Texas 65-70 mail
*** HM1 - Had a wonderful time - did the radio show Country At CLGM-5.
^^^ Getting ready to retire and travel; very happy with my new bride of 7 years

FRY, William P. - Angleton, TX 64-67 mail

FULMER, John R. - Ashburn, VA 70-73 mail
*** RM2 - 7 Flt Staff

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