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EALY, Steve - Columbus, OH 76-78 mail
*** FTM-3 - FM Div; worked on guidance radar for Talos Missile System. Best friend was GMM3 Bill Archibald
^^^ Live about 20 miles outside of Columbus with my wife of seven years, Ruth, and two dogs and a lizard

EASTWOOD, Robert "Chumly" - Bartlesville, OK 78-79 mail
*** BMSN - First Division, took care of mtce and appearance of forward part of ship. GQ station was 6" turret. Buddies were Dave Rettinger, Steve Kyle and Larry Haggard
^^^ Member of the Decomm crew

EHRENSBERGER, Wayne C - Mount Airy, MD 77-79 #1232 mail
*** RMSN - CR Div Com7Flt. Got out in 1982 as an RM2
^^^ Working for what is now Verizon Communications ever since. Married my girl and we have a son and daughter.

EICHINGER, Steve "Ike" - Wooddale, IL 75-77 mail
*** RMSN - Started in messdecks and then to Comm Center. Crossed the Equator 5 times!
^^^ Work for AT&T for 21 years. Never married 'cause I quit drinking

EIDSON, Thomas - Crosby, TX 71-74 #1233 Daughter Jenny's Mail
*** USMC
^^^ Now a Diesel Mechanic for Central Frieght Lines

ELAM, David - Merced, CA 78-79
*** YN3 - Engineering Log Rm and Capt's Office

ELBAOR, Raymond K - Griffith, IN 77-78mail
*** BTFN - Foreward Boiler Rm, 1st Division
^^^ After running boilers in the Navy, I got a Stationary Engineer's License and went to work at AMOCO's Whiting Refinery. Been here 23 yrs. Married with 2 kids.

ELLING, Kevin - Napoleon, OH 75-77 mail
*** FN - A Division

ELLIOTT, Gary K - Taylor Ridge, IL 69-71 #1108
*** SN - 3rd Div - later changed to airman and got to return to the Okie carrying stores and mail by helicopter
^^^ I have a lovely wife of 34 yrs, 2 daughters, 1 son. Also 8 grandsons and 1 granddaugter. I am a member of the VFW and past Commander of post 1303 in Rock Island, IL

ELLIS, Lee - Plano, TX 60-63 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Got my Aerospace Engineering degree at UT Austin in '70 and have been working as a consulting engineer since then. Now doing forensic engineering for Rimkus

ELMORE, Harold - Sweet Home, OR 67-68 #1308 mail
*** MM3 - Went aboard while ship was in dry dock -Hunters Point, Calif. - Went to San Diego, Calif. - Was a great Ship to be on, was with a great bunch of guys in M Div. - Replaced floor on Mess Deck while in Dry Dock - Worked in FWD Engine Rm after that.
^^^ Moved from Iowa to Oregon in 1987

ELSBERRY, Marvin F - Republican City, NE 1965 #01063 mail
*** CYN3 - Com7Flt - handles fleet traffic for Adm Hyland. Crossed the deck to the Prov and then to the Canberra in '67
^^^ Wife Linda & I retired to the lake for gardening, hunting & fishing. Spent 31 yrs in Aerospace with Gen Dynamics & Martin Marietta

ENCARNACION, Florentino "George" - Windsor Locks, CT 76-78 mail
*** BT2 - Fwd Fireroom - finished my hitch aboard USS Davidson, FF-1045
^^^ Currently a B&M Field Engineer w/ Factory Mutual. Married w/ 2 kids

ENG, Richard A - Glendale, AZ 75-78mail
*** ICSN - Electrician assigned to the Switchboard and Movies
^^^ Discharge after four as IC2. Completed 20 years a Detective in Phoenix, AZ. Also served in politics and retired on a disability. Married with two adult children.

ENGELTER, Hal - Cleveland, OH 67-70 mail
*** SM3 - OC Division - JX Talker on bridge during GQ

ENSTAD, Paul A - Santa Maria, CA 68-71 mail
*** FTM2 - Ejoyed my time on the OK City very much.
^^^ Have a gas station, two wonderful kids and a crochety old wife that I love very much. Send me some mail!

EPPERSON, Earle A - Sasebo, JA 74-79 mail
*** EMC - E-Div - trained under EMCM Troutmann, pitched for the fast-pitch softball team in Yokosuka
^^^ Now with NSRF Sasebo as ship Supt for USS Safeguard(ARS-50); no more softball, just golf & bowling

ERICKSON, Tom - Van Nuys, CA 71-72 mail
*** PO3 - S2 Division

ETRINGER, Ken - Green Bay, WI 77-79 mail
*** Marine Detatchment - One of the last 6 marines aboard during DECOM at San Diego 15 Dec 79.
^^^ Retired USMC as 1st Sgt after 23 years

ESTES, William B - Los Angeles, CA 64-66 #1307 mail
*** LCDR - I reported aboard as Fire Control Officerand completed my tour as Assistant Weapons Officer.
^^^ I retired in 1969 and worked in aerospace (Litton and then Hughes Aircraft) until 1997 when I retired again. If you are not yet retired, come on in, the water is fine!

EURICH, John P - Santa Clara, CA 68-71 #1040 mail
*** DS1 - Maintained MPDS computer, CR Div, 1st & 7th Flt Staff. One of my most demanding and rewarding jobs, and, because of my shipmates, sometimes enjoyable
^^^ Now Pres & CEO, Engineering DataXpress, Inc. Married 39 yrs, 25 yr old daughter

EVANS, Al - Andover, MA 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail

EVANS, Edward T Sr - Port Charlotte, FL 46-47 #01060 mail
*** SN - Deck Div then to O Div to a 5" 38 mount - best buddy was Tom Walsh. After Navy joined Air Force for 18 yrs
^^^ Been ret 12 good and bad yrs. I stay in an elect wheel chair all day. I can't walk too well, sometimes not at all, but that's life. I have the best wife in the world; she helps me all the time. I have 3 girls, 2 boys & 9 grandkids

EVANS, Ken - Bend, OR 73-75 mail
*** SN - OL Division and Sail Locker
^^^ Currently Sr. Programmer Analyst at Orcom Solutions (www.orcom.com). Married with 2 boys ages 8 & 10. We relocated from So Cal in '94.

EZELL, Tim - 78-79 #1312 mail
*** RM3

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