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DAHL, Read - Pottstown, PA 77-79 mail
*** SN - 2nd Division

D'AMATO, Joseph - Ft Lauderdale, FL 44-46 #1245 PLANKOWNER mail
*** S1C - Worked everyday, ate, read books and stood watches. Had a friend named Crowley
^^^ I am from Long Island, NY and I am 80 years old. I am retired from my own company in '82 called Colonial Press and now I play the stock market. I have 5 kids and 6 grandkids. Went through 4 wives while building my business and now I am happier married for 7 years to a 26 year old. I am just extremely happy to see that I still have shipmates out there that are still alive. Hope to talk to some of you soon.

D'ANGELO, Ken - Northwood, NH 70-74 mail
*** RM2 - worked in Tech Control - nickname was WOP
^^^ My wife is a veterinarian and we own + operate a Vet Hospital in NH. One son in college and doing great

DANIEL, William M. (Mike) - Lytle, TX 1975-77 mail
*** DS2 - CE Division

DAVIDSON, Billy A - Pensacola, FL 65-67 mail
*** CYN3 - Teletype Operator and Class E Messenger
^^^ Now a LtCdr and instructor at Naval Aviation Tech Training Center. Married to Lorraine for 35 years. Three grown children and six grandchildren. Love golf and showing off my 1930 Ford Roadster

DAVIDSON, Robert H - Memphis, TN 60-62 #1369mail
*** 1st SGT USMC - Marine Detachment
^^^ retired Realtor-Home Builder

DAVIS, Clyde - Granbury, TX 60-62 mail
*** SN - OL Division - Capt's & Officers duty driver
^^^ Best buddy was H.R.Kenney (would love to hear from him). Licensed Plummer for 30 years now retired. My wife and I have 6 children, last one graduating this year, and 8 grandchildren. Love to hunt and fish

DAVIS, George R. - Bangor, WA 76-78 #1286 mail

DAVIS, William - Orange, CA 60-64 mail
*** CS3 - Cook
^^^ Married with 3 grown children and 8 grandkids. Currently Director of Facilities for Sanmina Corp.

DAW, Duglis - Deltona, FL 64-66 mail
*** SH3 - Ship's Laundry - crossed to the Providence in 66
^^^ Retired as SHCS in 84. Now with USPS, married with one son who recently graduated from Law School and is going into the Marine Corps as a JAG officer

DAWID, Steven - San Diego, CA 71-74 mail
*** ET2 - Worked on AN/WRT-2's.

DAY, Bobby - Easley, SC 72-73 #1163 mail
*** RM3 - worked in Main Comm, CR div office, shared a house with Tym Myers and Dave Keller outside of Yokosuka
^^^ Married 31 years, 1 son 21 still in college. Worked for Fluor Corporation for 29 years, Dir of Office Services, still play with radio as a ham operator (Wa4HSJ)

DE CARLO, Vincent - Marlton, NJ 63-66 #01059 mail
*** SN - Deck Division - buddies were Larsen, Byron Moore, Sales, Cordle Slaughter, Schroeder, Foose, Oglive, & many others in all depts
^^^ Early retirement due to health. Worked in the restaurant & hotel industry all my life. I was married & had 2 boys & 1 girl. I have grandchildren now. Looking to find my old buddies

DECK, Warren D - 71-73 mail
*** FTG2 - Worked mostly on FC Director; battle station was plot 5

DEGUIRE, Bruce - Kenosha, WI 69-70 mail
*** AK3 - Aviation Storekeeper
^^^ Married to Sandra. Oldest son was born at Yokosuka Naval Hosp 1970

DEMPSEY, Rodney - Coupeville, WA 77-79 mail
*** QM3

DENNING, James E. - Dixon, MO 65-67 mail
*** FTM2 - Talos Computer Room.

DENNIS, L.M. - WA 73-76 mail
*** MS3 - S2/S5 Div

DELGADO, Eliseo "Bob" - Winchester, CA 75-77 #01034 mail
*** SGT - USMC Mardet
^^^ Retired USMC as 1st SGT. Proud to have served with some of the best Marines the corps had to offer. Semper Fi

DEPAOLA, Ross - Madison, WI, 71-73, mail
*** RM3 - CR Div, Com7Flt, multiple jobs in radio shack
^^^ Married with a 19 year old daughter. Own my own energy consulting business

DES FORGE, James - Waianae, HI 78-79 mail
*** MAAC - Chief Master-At-Arms
^^^ Single now and the kids are all grown

DEWOODY, Ralph C. - Virginia Beach, VA 67-68 mail
*** FM2 - GM Division

D'HUYVETTERS, John - Boynton Beach, FL 87-91 #1373 mail
*** STS2(ss) - Buds were J. Breen, S. Riggs, T. Bonnin, G. Posniak, R. Springer, S. Hinefeld, P. Halford, M. Friese, J. Bishop and so many more. We had a great crew.
^^^ Sr. SAP Basis Admin. Interests are Cycling, Running, Woodworking & Target Shooting.

DIBLASI, John - Lake Forest, CA 62-64 mail
*** GM - Missle Division

DICIAULA, John - Temecula, CA 72-75mail
*** RM3 - Radio Shack, Com7Flt Staff.
^^^ Owner of John's Motorcycles in Murrieta, CA.

DIEHL, Don - Deltona, FL 73-74mail
*** RM1 - Worked in Radio
^^^ Retired in '92 as RMCS. Now work for an electronics company

DIEZ, Roger - Dayton, NV 64-66 mail
*** RM2 - Control Operator and Teletype/Crypto repair tech
^^^ Now Sales Manager for a Human Resources Co and on weekends I'm an Auto Racing Announcer

DILLINGHAM, David - Hawthorne, NV 77-79 mail or work mail
*** SN - 2nd Div - Helm watch underway and 5" Magazine for GQ. Best friend was Ken Isabel from Oklahoma
*** I have accepted a safety job with NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center and have moved to Huntsville.

DILLON, Paul - Gales Ferry, CT 68-70mail
*** RMC
^^^ Secretary of the USS Oklahoma City Association

DIRKS, Darren - Ephrata, WA 79-80mail
*** MM3 - A-Div, Main Evaps until decom trip. Transferred to Fwd Engine Room

DITZLER, Thomas F. - North Ridgeville, OH 70-72mail
*** YN3 - Ships Personnel Office
^^^ Now a purchasing agent for Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Married 28 years with twin sons, both school teachers.

DIX, Wesley "Dixie" - 69-71 mail
*** RMSN - Worked in Control, attached to Com7Flt (most people would remember that I used to be clumsy and run into everything...including bulkheads)
^^^ married almost 30 years and have five children (one deceased). Just retired from yellow transportation as a 30 year teamster and am working part time for a local post office

DODD, Thomas D "Okie" - Las Vegas, NV 68-72 #1202 mail
^^^ I moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1974. I’ve been in Commercial Printing for the past 20 yrs

DODGE, Charles "Chas" C. - Orange Park, FL 74-78mail
*** OS2

DODGE, Mike - San Diego, CA 75-77 #1349 mail
*** AG2 - I was on the Okie Boat in the weather office, 7th Flt Staff. Arrived as AGAA Dodge, Oct 1975. Advanced to AG3 1977. Came back to the ship for the cruise up to Inchon, Korea and was advanced to AG2 during the cruise. The time spent on the USS Oklahoma City was the best for a young sailor. I was on the ship for a couple of weeks when we got underway. Left Yoko for Keelung, spent a couple of days there, then to Kaochsiung, 3 days, then to the P.I., 1 week inport, Singapore, Hong Kong, and back to Yokosuka for Christmas. I later made LDO and retired in 1994 as a LT. I was in the weather office with AGC Shemanski (retired CWO4), AG1 Salts (retired CDR LDO), AG1 Pat Hendricks (LDO selectee), AG2 Henley (retired AGCS), AG3 Farrelli (retired AGC), AG3 Conway (retired AG1), AGAN Rolfe (retired AGCS).
^^^ I now own Pacific Paradise Realty in Pacific Beach, CA with my wife Karen.

DODSON, Joseph A. - Santa Clara, CA 70-72mail
*** Lieutenant(jg) - FG Division & Gun Battery Officer
^^^ Worked for DOD for 12 years as civilian Contracting Officer. Now work for small Gov't contractor. Married 25 years with two grown daughters

DODSON, Robert Lee - Toledo, OH, 1944-45, PLANKOWNER, mail
*** Seaman First Class - leading seaman, 3rd Division.

DOMINICK, Douglas - Canton, OH 73-75mail
*** FTMSN - 2nd and F Divisions. Played guitar and sang with buddy Robert Johnson; we actually won All Navy Talent Contest at Atsugi in 1973.
^^^ Work at Aultman Hospital and also am a One Man Band that entertains aroun NE Ohio. Very happily married and always want to hear anyone who was on the Okie.

DOMMERT, James H. - Mountain View, AR 64-66mail
*** ICCS/EMCM - E division supervisor Gyro, Telephones and Intercoms. Retired USN
^^^ Married, children and stepchildren, all married

DONALDSON, Charles R. "Bob" III - Columbus, OH 76-78mail
*** MM3 - M Division, foreward engine room messenger, throttleman and watch stander.
^^^ Worked for GE for 6 yrs, follower by 3 as a Physical Ed major at Ohio State, then truck driver for 13 years and noe at DeVry Institute for a degree in Electrical Eng. Went to Philippines in '93 to marry a year-long pen pal - been happy ever since.

DONNELLY, Richard "Painless" - Coos Bay, OR 73-76mail
*** HM1 - Sick Bay

DORR, Houston - Biloxi, MS 77-79 #01064 mail
*** CPL - Marine Detatchment - Brig NCOIC and fuse setter for 5" guns
^^^ Now a Troop Commander with Mississippi Highway Patrol

DOUGLAS, Frank L - El Paso, TX 69-75 #1162 mail
*** RM2 - Messenger to supervisor, CR Division. Could have gone my whole career with the guys in MainComm
^^^ Retired from NCTAMS EASTPAC Wahiawa, HI. Returned to hometown of El Paso Texas. Married my girlfriend “Made in Japan”, have 3 grown boys. Now working for El Paso F.D. as a 911 Fire / Medical dispatcher

DOWTY, Frank - Monroe, WA 63-66send mail
*** FTM1 - AN/SPG 49 radars and Talos computer system.
^^^ Went aboard in '63 and was in Pacific Missile Range on an exercise when JFK was killed. When the ship returned to the States, I was the driver that stayed in Japan.

DRAPER, David - Vista, CA 73-76 mail
*** SN - 2nd Division / FG Division
^^^ Working for Gov't at Camp Pendleton. Have a 13 y/o son Jeremy, beautiful girlfriend Sue and her beautiful daughters Sheremy, 21 and Shana, 20

DRUECKE, Dennis L - Juneau, WI 68-73 mail
*** BT3 - B Division, Fwd Fireroom and oil lab. Buds were Jim Crowder and Jim Rice
^^^ Retired as BTCS in '88. Now QC and Parts manager for Chevy/Olds Dealer. Daughter Jackie is attending Law School

DUFFY, Ken - Montgomery, IL 65-68mail
*** RD3 - OI Division
^^^ Retired from Ameritech and now employed by Alarm Detection Systems. Married, 2 sons, 6 grandchildren & 2 dogs.

DUGGER, Randy - San Jose, CA 76-79 mail
*** DS2 - Comm Shack supporting MPDS system
^^^ Have a computer consulting company in San Jose. Married to Chris for 26 yrs. We have a 20 y/o son

DUGGIN, Jim - Brea, CA 61-63 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Division

DUNHAM, Harold - Alton, MO 64-68 #1187 Deceasedmail
*** BTSN - B Division
*** Died 06 NOV 2009 of Mesothelioma, survived by his bride Marilyn (reported by Ken Lewis, ETNSN 64-65)

DUNN, Gary - Florida 76-79 #01037 mail
*** MU3 - I was the ship's drummer
^^^ Now a Math teacher; my son is a Marine in Japan

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