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CABRAL, Rick - 77-79 #1109 mail
*** SN - 2nd Div
^^^ Work a medical laser safety officer; married - 1 son who graduates frm high school 2005

CADENA, Jose - San Dimas, CA 77-Decom mail
*** BMSN - 3rd Division, also X.O.'s orderly
^^^ Retired as Chief in '99

CADWALADER, Jeffrey S. - Kingsland, GA 93-98 #1342 mail
*** FT2(SS) - FT Div with Tom Moore and Chris Miller whose brother came onboard as a striker. It was an awesome boat and the reason I got married due to a trip to Oklahoma City. CDR Sneed was an awesome CO and we had fun. Daryl Herrman was the LPO who came to the boat as a FT3 and left as a FTC going to ODU for an officer program. FTC Wade Ellis was my first chief followed by FTCS Henry Chavez then ending with FTCS Quattro.
^^^ Brought the last SSGN alive the USS GEORGIA ran the strike division for 3.5 years and now working at Subbase Kingsbay while I get ready to retire come March 2012.

CAHILL, Thomas - Alpine, CA 65-67mail
*** RM1 - Com7Flt Staff, teletype and crypto rapair
^^^ Retired from US Navy in 1973. Work for RCI Corp doing electronics installations on USN ships. Can't get away from the ships.

CALHEIM, M.D. (Cal) - Silverdale, WA 64-67mail
*** PN2 CO's 1ja talker.

CALHOUN, Jack R. - Chattanooga, TN 44-45mail
*** Lieutenant JG - E-Division Electrical Officer, one of the first 3 crewmen assigned to the CL-91
^^^ Retired - Senior VP, General Physics Corp

CAMMACK, Robert L - Hayward, WI 67-69mail
*** Cpl - USMC Originally a loader in 5" gun mount and assistant to Admirals Moore and Bringle
^^^ Today at 52 I am disabled with Parkinson's and Spinal Cervical Muscular Dystonia. I founded a national organization for disable in 1986 called "Fishing Has No Boundries" which places disabled persons on the water in many states

CAMP, William J. III - Naples, FL 64-66 mail
*** ET3 - Radar Gang

CAMPBELL, David - Mesa, AZ 73-79 mail
*** BMC - I retired in 1985 as BMC
^^^ Have been employed by City of Mesa Arizona P.D. as a Collision Investigator since 86. Been married to Kiku for 30yrs. Wish I could make all the reunions. My website is Navy Bos'n

CAMPBELL, John L. - Glendale,CA 75-78 mail
*** FTGC - in charge of MK-37 Gun Fire Control System and Assistant 3M Coordinator.

CAMPBELL, Lesley B. - Sparks, NV 76-78 mail
*** MCPO - Served as the Chief Master At Arms, CPO Mess President, and brief stint as "X" Division Officer.

CAMPITELLI, Richard - Jacksonville, FL 77-79 #1205 mail or mail
*** AD2 - HC-1 DET 6 - BLACKBEARD ONE. I was an aircraft mechanic and sometimes flew as an aux crewman when they were short
^^^ I spent 21 yrs til retirement in 92 aboard USS Arthue W Radford, after last Desert Storm cruise. Married the woman I met while on CG5. We have 2 daughters in the military, 1 in USAF, stationed in Yakota, JP + 1 in USMC,who just returned from her 2nd 10-mo tour in 2 yrs. I work at a Golf & Yacht Club as head mechanic for past 21 years.

CANFIELD, Al - Meadow Vista, CA 67-68 mail
*** WO1 Personnel Officer - Retired July '79 as CWO4

CANNON, Thomas E - Naples, FL 62-66 #01049 mail
*** BM3 - Deck Force 2nd Div. Worked on small boats & rigging. Best Buddies-- Dennis J. Daigle, Joe W. Crain, George S. Cavender, Dennis D. Morgan, Randy L. Price, Philip C. Sneed
^^^ Own my own Business in Site Development. Came back to Naples in 66, married to same woman since 68, have 3 Daughters & 4 Grandchildren. All live in Naples

CAPANZANO, Charles - NY, 77-79 #1259 mail
*** BM3 - Served for 2 1/2 years in first division. Had a great time in westpac. Some of the best years of my life. Met alot of good people. I would love to hear from anybody from first division or the ship that remembers me. I have hundreds of pictures of the first division and westpac to share. Hope every one is well.

CAREY, James E - 68-69 mail
*** CYN3 - CR Div, Com7Flt TTY Operator

CARINI, Ray - Maple Valley, WA 68-72 mail
*** ETN2 - OE Division, Maincomm, Radio 2 and Test Equipment Calibration Lab.
^^^ Now work for Boeing in Kent, WA. Married to an Aussie named Carol

CARLISLE, Wes - Huntsville, AL 68-70 mail
*** SHB3 - Barbered along with Brad Rollison (Deceased), Patton Cody and Arnold Rodriguez
^^^ Now own a 6 chair shop, am a 32 degree Mason of Cahaba Shrine. Divorced, with a 24 y/o daughter. Have a 1958 26' Chris Craft in mint cond and ride a 99 K1200 RS BMW motorcycle

CARPENTER, Don - Bremerton, WA 66-74 mail
*** MM1 - After engine room - did it all from bilge cleaning to POIC. I remember Mike Foster, PC Smith, Geno Scrivani, Rocky Shore, TJ faulkner, Tommy Sowell, Marty Martinez, Bret Workman & Brian Reeves
^^^ Now work for a large Insurance Co supervising Boiler Inspectors and loss control reps

CARPENTER, Richard B. - Santee, CA 75-79
*** PO3 - 3rd Division.

CARPENTIER, Kevin - Ypsilanti, MI 77-78 mail
*** SN - 3rd Division Helmsman - Bridge Watches

CARSON, Claude R. - Hampton, VA 44-46 PLANKOWNERmail
*** EM3 - E Division

CARR, Charles J., Jr. - Sasebo, JP 73-76 mail
*** GMG2 FG Division, 5&6" Mount Captain
^^^ Originally from Connecticut, retired 1993 as GMC in Sasebo. Safety inspector for Sasebo base Safety Office

CARTER, Duane - Virginia Beach, VA 78-Decom #01042 mail
*** RM3 - Crossed over from USS Midway. Retired from NCTAMSPAC Honolulu Hi in Nov 2003 as ITCS(SW)
^^^ Now job hunting in VA

CARTER, William "Bill" - Monroe, LA 72-73 mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt, worked in Awards Office.
^^^ Presently working with the Morehouse Parish Sales Tax Commission. Married with one daughter, one step-son and a 5 year old granddaughter. Enjoy camping, fishing and spending time with our grandchild. I try to play golf

CARUSO, Joseph L. - Delray Beach, FL 68-69 #00001 mail
*** ETN3 - OE Division, SatCom Specialist and UHF Gang
^^^ Now Business Manager for Auto Dealer. Wife Lewanna works at Farm Bureau and daughter Nicole is a Florida State Graduate

CASALE, Frank - Millstone Township, NJ, 68-69, mail
*** LI3 - Print Shop - Seventh Fleet Flag

CASHER, Norman "Tim" - Duncansville, PA 70-72 mail
*** RD3 - OI Division - Shaved, shined and shellbacked all in one day. Lived off base with Scott Frank and Carl Bauers.
^^^ 25 Years at VA Medical Center in Altoona, PA. Married with three daughters.

CASHIN, Joseph W. - Mabank, TX 62-64 mail
*** Lieutenant Commander (Ret) - E Division Officer

CASIAS, Rudolpho "Guy" - Porterville, CA 74-77 mail
*** CTO2 - OS Division, Naval Security Group Detatchment. Best friend was Mike Hannon. ^^^ Retired in '85 and attained AA in Fire Tech, BS in Fire Admin and Vocational Ed Certificate. I am now a Lt. and Arson Investigator with the local F.D. My wife Mae is an RN, oldest son is a LTjg (NUC)(SS), next son was a NUC but got out after six and daughter Felicia is married to an HM.

CASSARIO, Patrick - Capr May, NJ 44-46 mail
*** SC1 - 6th Division. Lots of good buddies. I still see Archie Kelly once in a while
^^^ Now mostly fishing with a couple of buddies

CASTELLI, John - Orange, CA 66-68 mail
*** FTMSN - Talos Missile Division, was also ship's DJ under the name "Lallapolluzza."
^^^ Single Dad with one son, Gabriel, 25. Now a teacher and coach (basketball & volleyball) at a Catholic School (22 years)

CASTILLO, Jose - 75-77 #1332 mail
*** I was in 2nd div desk then when to Print shop.
^^^ I retired from navy and work as a DoD police Officer.
br> CATLETT, Victor L - Broken Arrow, OK 73-77 #1203 mail
*** IC3 - Started as ETSN, OE Division calibration/repair. Was cross rated to IC, E Division, phone system/gyro compass. Shared an apartment in Japan with crew mates IC3 Eddie Hansel, EM3 Charles Pike and EM3 Michael Alexander.
^^^ 30 years telephony, currently Technical Architect for AT&T, 2nd marriage, four kids, six grand kids, one muscle car, a 1970 Buick GS 455.

CAVELL, George H - Cape Coral, FL 60-62 mail

CAYCE, Robert E - Salinas, CA 62-63 #01045 mail
*** LtCdr - Asst Ops / CIC Officer
^^^ Retired USN in '68. Owned & operated a marine electronics sales & repair business until wife died in '99. Remarried 2001. Today I do FCC inspections on party boats

CHAVEZ, Enrique F - Spring, TX 95-97 #1158 mail
*** FTCS(SS) - reported onboard just after the Oklahoma City bombing. I was in school in Groton, CT scheduled to come to the OKC. I was the Weapons Department Leading Chief. I guess Bubba Smith QMC was my buddy during the time on the OKC.
^^^ I work for Baker Hughes in the Houston Technology Center in Houston, Texas. I am the supervisor in charge of 19 assemblers and electronic technicians testing circuit boards. My hometown is El Paso, Texas

CICCARIELLO, John - Smithtown, NY 70-72 mail
*** BMSN - Third Div leading seaman
^^^ Owner of Delta Transmissions for over 25 years. I am happily married with 2 wonderful children

CHAPIN, Dwight - Porum, OK, 63-66, mail
*** SH3 - Ships Service - Worked in Laundry Division
^^^ Retired Police Officer from Modesto, CA. Living in OK past 10 years with wife & 3 sons. Now work at Gerber and live in the country on 10 acres. Helping my sons build their own homes. Also a grandpa.

CHARBENEAU, Denis R - Memphis, TN 69-73 mail
*** RM3 - CRT Operator, Maincom
^^^ To all the guys I served with: "we made it!"

CHEESMAN, David - Clearwater, FL 73-74 mail
*** CTR(OS)3 - Combat Information Center, later Operations Office
^^^ Now work for Treasury Department, as National Bank Examiner. I have been married for 10 years to a great gal, no kids. I was originally from Westfield, PA. Moved to Fla in 88 + lived in Ft Myers, Miami & Clearwater before moving to Wesley Chapel (just outside of Tampa) in 2003.

CHILDERS, Gary - Bonita, CA 60-64 mail
*** SMC - Leading PO then Chief of OS Division. Retired as a Lieutenant after 26 yrs.
^^^ Now fully retired, my wife and I travel a lot in our 40' motorhome.

CHOLERTON, Eric - Santa Paula, CA 68-72 #1249 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Div - The OK City, shortly after my transfer to it, left San Diego to become the flagship for the U.S. Seventh Fleet, with homeport in Yokosuka, Japan. Reason for my voluntary transfer was to serve the balance of my enlistment in the Far East. I reenlisted for 2 additional years (after signing up for 4 years). My rating was electronics technician, and I maintained the SPS-10 radar, the WLR-1 ecm gear, and miscellaneous other electronics equipment. I was the only ET to serve in the newly formed OW division (operations electronics warfare) during my service. A shipmate Radarman who was discharged two years earlier than me, was instrumental in helping me following my own discharge in Japan, where I lived before returning to the States to attend college under the GI Bill. Service aboard the OK City was appreciated due to its opportunity to visit more ports of call (than other fleet ships), in Japan and several other places in the Far East.
^^^ I am presently retired, but I provide emailed comments on current conditions facing the United States to a selected distribution, and would welcome adding others to my list, if they contact me.

CLABAUGH, Vic - Parnell, IA 66-67 mail
*** EM3

CLARK, Craig J - Woodstock, GA 75-78 #1089 mail
*** Lt(jg) - Engineering Dept as Electrical Officer, M Div and A Div officer. Shared house in Hayama with Marty Opitz and Mark Percich. Friends with Tom Collins.
^^^ Systems Analyst with FICast Data Corp

CLARK, James Jeffery (J.J. or Jeff) - Round Rock, TX 78-79 mail
*** MASN - Supply Division, crew's mess and then wardroom. Best bud was Rick "Hollywood" Thompson, MU3 - 7th Fleet Band
^^^ Presently working as a Residential Consultant for an Architectural Firm in Austin. Married and have 1 daughter that is 21 and a Junior at Texas A & M University. Retired from the Navy Reserves after 22 years as a MA1

CLARK, Michael L - Las Vegas, NV 74-76 #1112 mail
*** JO3 - Public Affairs Office - great pals!
^^^ Stayed in journalism for 25 yrs mostly here in Vegas. Sold a small community newspaper a few years ago and now own a used bookstore

CLARK, Raymond P Sr - Middletown, PA 64-66 mail
*** CTR2 - Com7Flt Staff, worked on the upper level in SUPRAD, later crossed the deck to the Providence. Retired in '88 as CTRC
^^^ Presently working as a supervisor in the computer support division for the Rite Aid Corporation and own a coin dealership on the side with my son called Clarks Coins

CLARK, Ray W. - Stafford, VA 71-72 mail
*** Lieutenant, JG - Comm Watch Officer

CLAYTON, Al - Newport News, VA 78-79 mail
*** SM3 - Crossed the deck to the Blue Ridge prior to Decom. Served along with my brother Dave, SM3, (77-79)
^^^ Still on active duty - now Navigation LCPO on USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

CLEETON, Larry T. - Sammamish, WA 66-70 #1371 mail
*** SF2 - R Div - aboard ship I did sheet metal work, damage control and plumbing.
^^^ For 17 years I was a sheet metal worker; went back to school, became an mechanical designer and designed mechanical systems for large buildings. I retired in May 2014.

CLUETT, Chris - 77-78 mail
*** FTM3

COLLINS, Blaine S. - Las Vegas, NV 76-Decom mail
*** FTG2 - Mark 25, Mod 3 Gunfire Control Radar
^^^ Married in 1979 and have a son and daughter. Still working on radar for EG&G Technical Services

COLLINS, Eugene - Virginia Beach, VA 71-74 mail
*** SK2 - S1 Division
^^^ Semi-retired now with my Japanese wife of 33 years

COLLIS, Charles W - Yokosuka, JA 73-75 #1120 mail
*** MM2 - A Gang Center Line Evaps. Duty Reefer, Port Evap Room - best bud was Tommy Shrader - Knutuson was my running mate...McQuirk was my watchmate...Tommy Cooper...Stan Tryba sometimes..Never forget the introduction to my wife in Seaside Club Area 1 Yokohama
^^^ Still in Yokosuka...VFW Post 1054 Canteen Manager...81-46-823-9004

COLVARD, John Michael - Tomball, TX 1995 #1113 mail or mail
^^^ Currently work as a supervisor for EV1 Servers, webhosting company. Unmarried

COMBS, Johnny - 76-79 #1334 mail
*** MS3

CONJURSKE, Ray A. - Albuquerque, NM 70-73 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division, Radio 2 - retired as RMC
^^^ Currently working for US Postal Service and have two children and two grand children

CONLEY, George - Scottsdale, AZ 92-94 mail
*** ET2(SS) - Best bud was Tim Grant
^^^ Now Dir of Business Development for a software co

CONSALVO, Armondo "Monte" - Martinsville, NJ, PLANKOWNER mail
*** SN - 3rd Division, horizontal gun trainer for forward, starboard dual 5" mount. Also whaleboat coxswain
^^^ Maried 54 years, 5 children, retired from Johns-Manville

CONWAY, John - Newport, RI 75-77 mail
*** SM3 NS-Division
^^^ Discharged in '80, worked as a radio broadcaster while attending Culinary School. Received my degree and am now working at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut

COOK, Dan - Fort Mill, SC 67-68 #1111 mail
*** CYN3 - 7th Flt Staff, crossed the deck to the Prov - then to Navsuppact Saigon where I served at Nha Be, Dong Tam, and ATSB Phouc Xuyen in support of the river boats. I operated a 60mm and 81mm mortar putting out H and I fire on the river. I pretty much ran with Ben Finley
^^^ I have been employed with the 3M company for 25 years. Married 35 yrs with 3 grown children who selected military careers. For my midlife crisis, I took flying lessons and earned my private pilots license last May

COOPER, Dave - Danville, IL 70-74 mail
*** RD - OI/OW Divisions(CIC) Import-switchboard/duty driver

CORBIN, Mark A - Lafayette, IN 78-Decom mail
*** PN3 - Back to USS Blue Ridge after Decom, then to Panama City, FL
^^^ Widowed, wife Janice passed away Nov 27, 2003. Four kids, 8 grandchildren, and one on the way. 3rd shift Area Manager of the Heat Treat Department of Fairfield Manufacturing here in Lafayette, IN.

CORNMAN, A. "Butch" - Pittsburg, PA 68-71 mail
*** EM2 - Worked in power gand doing motor rewind. I was on the Forward Switchboard when we ran aground
^^^Now a product manager and sales supervisor for an Allen-Bradley distributor. Married 30 years with 2 sons

CORNWELL, James - Walnut, CA 69-71 mail
*** CYN3 - CR Div - best friends were Terry and Paco
^^^ Now a conductor for Union Pacific RR, my run is from Los Angeles to Yuma. Married going on 29 yrs to the lady I was writing while aboard the okie. We have 3 boys

CORPUZ, Demetrio - San Diego, CA 75-77 mail
*** BT3 - Aft Fireroom.
^^^ Retired BTC in 94. Now Personnel Officer for Assessor Office, County of San Diego. 2 children. Also a member of the ComSeventhFleet-USS Oklahoma City CG-5 Family Association in San Diego, California.

CORT, Bobby E - Shasta Lake, CA 61-62 mail
*** OS1 - Senior radarman for 7th Flt staff. Used members of 7th Flt band to help with radar duties while at sea
^^^ Served my 20 and ret in Seattle from NRTC as OS Instructor. Worked as Corrections,Parking and Traffic control Officer in PD. Out board Mech. & parts mgr, Newspaper Circ mgr & the most fun of all Driving Charter Busses in the western US and Canada. Now retired again

COSTELLO, Ronald E - Cottonwood, CA 66-68 mail
*** YNSN - Legal Yeoman

COTTRELL, Barry L - Apopka, FL 76-79 mail
*** PO3 - X Division, Command Career Counselor
^^^ Retired USN in '85 as NCC(SW) CPO. Now a dispatcher for VecTour, a Charter Bus Company in Orlando

COURY, Gary - Kent, WA 1965 #1238 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Got out in '68 and spent time in So Cal hanging out with Bud Manter, Gary Thompson, Jack Walton and John McGann till I moved to Seattle in '76 and opened a Mexican restaurant in honor of Bone Ortiz and Boo Boo Luna. Sold the restaurant in '86 and did a Peace Corps stint in Ghana, West Africa, after which I went back to grad school and have spent the last ten years doing relief work in Bosnia, Kosovo, Nigeria, Montenegro, West Darfur, Liberia and am now living and working in the West Bank/Gaza Strip. Doing well, except that I have reached that stage of senility where the only thing that I am passionate about is the Pittsburgh STEELERS. The motley crew mentioned above and I get together every few years and would love to hear from some of the other guys that were so close for so long.

COX, Craig - Selma, CA 72-74 mail
*** CS3 - Commisrayman
^^^ Now truckdriver

COX, Jasper G. - 73-76 mail
*** MR3 - A Division, Machine Shop
^^^ Twin brother Merlin came aboard in '74

COX, Merlin D. - Indiana, 73-76 mail
*** HT2 - R Division
^^^ President of Plumbing HVAC Co. Married 20 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

COX, Robert L - Charleston, SC 76-79 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division, Teletype Repair
^^^ After Navy, got BA Degree at USC, then Masters in Accounting. After six years in accounting, had a profound religious experience and call to the ministry. Got Masters in Divinity at Duke and now serve a United Methodist Pastor

COY, Stephen D - Tucson, AZ 74-75 #01078 mail
*** OSSN
^^^ Currently working as a software support engineer for QuickBooks by Intuit

CRAIG, Donald - Santa Rosa, CA 60-62 mail
*** ETR3 - Buddies were Jerry Sandin and Bob Michalk
^^^ Retired from Pacific Bell in '96. 2 sons, 2 grandchildren and 1 wife

CRAWFORD, Raymond L. - Ridgecrest, CA 76-78 mail
*** U.S. Marine Corps

CREAGER, Jack - Glenrock, WY 44-46
*** SN - 3rd Division, 5" gun turrett
^^^ Retired - will be attending reunion in Mobile

CRESSWELL, Thomas - 66-68 mail
*** PN - Personnell Office, night editor of At Sea News and then to 3rd Division. Bet buddy was Coleman
^^^ Married 20 years with a boy (20) and a girl (19). Worked for Western UNion until the massive layoffs and now work for a Health Care IPA. My interest now is bicycling

CROWLEY, Paul - Port Arthur, TX 78-79 mail
*** GM (Talos Missle House)

CROWTHER, John E. - San Diego, CA 68-74 mail
*** RD/OS2 - OI Division

CRUNK, Kenneth - Seguin, TX 61-63 #01043 mail
*** SHL3 - S3 Div - Laundry, barber shop, ship's store - buddies were Vasquez, Irvin, Lazard
^^^ Ret Civil Service 37 years at Randolph AFB TX. Supervisor Supply Div. Now Master Barber shop in Seguin

CRUSE, Dale - Rocky Face, GA 68-70 mail
*** CYN3 - Com7Flt banker and radio

CRUSO, John - Saucier, MS 68-70 #01088 mail
*** CYN4 - Comm Shack - message handling & computer screen
^^^ Now with Northrup Grumman Shipyard in MS doing Quality Control - Enjoy bowling in spare time with girl friend and in leagues

CUMMINGS, Gordon _ Tonganoxie, KS 73-74 mail
*** SH3 - Worked in laundry and ship's small store.
^^^ Worked on and off for Government for 24 years. Married with a son and daughter. Son is now in the Navy Seabees.

CUNNINGHAN, Ron - Springdale, AR 69-72 mail
*** CS2 - S Division. Retired Oct 99 as CWO4, Supply Corps.
^^^ Married with 2 grown children, 2 grown stepchildren, 4 grandchildren and 1 stepgrandchild. My son is an AC3 stationed in Puerto Rico. I am a contract specialist / computer sales, for a local corporation.

CURRIER, Michael I. - Bay Harbor, FL 63-66 mail
*** GMG3 - Talos Missile System

CURTIS, George - Covina, CA 67-70 mail
*** FT3 - Technician on the MK-111 Mod 0 fire control computer

CUTLER, Glen - Menifee, CA 68-69 mail
*** ENSN - A Division
^^^ Married 26 years with three grown children. Been at the same company for 31 years & have a small welding business for the last 20. Enjoying the country life on 5 acres in S. Cal.

CUTRERA, Joe - 69-71 #01077 mail
*** Hi to everyone on the ship I knew between 69-71. Please reply - nice to speak with Bj Cobb, Teri Tucker, The Bull


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