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BACCI, Michael J. - El Cajon, CA 71-74 mail

BACHICHA, A. - NM 68-70 mail
*** BT3 - Oil Shack and Foreward Fireroom
^^^ Married with 3 kids. Work for National Lab.

BACHMAN, Lawrence J. - Monroe, VA 74-76 mail
*** FTGC - Leading Chief of FG Div - Ret CWO4
^^^ Currently Deputy Sheriff in Lynchburg, VA and Firearms instructor at Central VA Criminal Justice Academy. Wife Chiyoko and I live in Blue Ridge Mts of Amherst Co. - All children grown & we have 2 grandsons.

BADDERS, C.D. - Brighton, TN 79 mail
*** CPO - MAA Force and Decom Crew - Ret 88 as MACS

BAILEY, James G - Carrollton, TX 69-72 mail
*** YNCM - Captain's Office under CWOs Nededog and Williams. ^^^ Xferred to Fleet Res in '76 and fully retired from civilian jobs in '97. Still miss the feeling of the ship under my feet on occasion

BAILEY, Roger - Rochester, NY 64-66 mail
*** CT3 - Com7Flt

BAILEY, Stephen C. - Huson, MT 71-73 {Deceased}
*** AG2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Died November 1, 2002. Worked for the National Weather Service in Missoula

BAJOWSKI, Frank - Hampton, NH 74-76 #1372 mail
*** LT(jg) - 2nd Division Officer & OI Division Officer; Sailing team with ENS Chris MacMurray & LT(jg) Steve Parfet
^^^ Attained rank of CAPTAIN (USNR); continued to crew for Chris MacMurray until his untimely death in January 2014; sailed as Master for Maersk Line Limited; civil servant for U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & U.S. Department of Treasury.

BAKER, John F. - Winfield, KS 64-66mail
*** President of the USS Oklahoma City Association

BALDWIN, John W - Waipahu, HI 76-79 mail
*** MMCM - Forward Engine Room / Main Control
^^^ Currently Command M.C. at NCTAMS PAC in Hawaii. Plan to retire here and preach the gospel. See you in church

BALFOUR, Arthur - Tokyo, JA 75-78 mail
*** ET1 - OE / CE Division
^^^ Great times, especially the ports-of-call. Now Service Mgr for Photonics Equip Co

BALL, Harold E - Columbus, OH 44-46 PLANKOWNER mail
*** SN - First Div lookout, best friends were Jesse W. Bulick and Leon Banks
^^^ Retired Conductor (1986) from Norfolk and Southern Rail Road

BANTUG, Alex N - 79-Decom #1141 mail
*** SK1 - Supply Dept

BARHAM, Perry - St. Charles, IL 68-71 mail
*** ET1 - Calibration Lab and AN/SPS-30 Radar
^^^ Now Electrical Engineer with BP Pipelines - Safety and integrity of facilities nationwide

BARNES, James Ralph - 73-76 mail
*** FR
^^^ Currently disabled due to a head injury

BARNEY, Brian - Phoenix, AZ 72-75 #1212 mail
*** EN2 - A Div
^^^ Now Vice President Information Technology

BARNHART, John - Sunbury, PA 75-77 mail
*** MM3

BARONE, David F - York, PA 68-70 #1347 mail
*** RM2 - CR Division. Served as asst. watch supervisor and traffic checker under RMCS Paul Dillon. Good friends with CYN3 Bill Johnstone and RM3 Tom Lamson.
^^^ Separated from active duty in July of 1970. Attended college on the GI Bill. Retired from a 33 year career with the US Forest Service in 2006. Retired as an RMC from the USNR in January of 1998. Met my wife Chris in college. Son Daniel and family live in Sterling, VA; daughter Vicky and family live in Raleigh, NC. One granddaughter and two grandsons. Enjoy visiting grandchildren; two three year olds and one newborn. Vacation with entire family every year on the Outer Banks of NC. Live adjacent to a county park rail trail and walk for exersice 5 miles in the morning and 5 miles in the afternoon, weather permitting. Enjoy reading and visiting historical sites with my wife.

BARRETT, John W. - Santa Monica, CA 63-65 mail
*** Marine Detachment - USMC

BARRY, Ronald W - Beverly, MA 66-68 mail
*** RM3 - Buddies were Paul Moffat and Barry Mahaffery
^^^ Work for town of Danvers, MA assisting senior citizens. Have 3 sons & 4 grandchildren. My wife & I have discovered cruising and will soon make our 3rd trip to the Caribbean

BARTHOLOMEW, O.W. "Bart" - Gerry, NY 61-62mail
*** RD1 - Pre-Comm Crew + Plankowner (CLG-5). Made CPO at Long Beach N.S. Sept 61

BASHAW, Charlie R. - Pocahontas, AR mail
*** PO3
^^^ Retired Navy, Law Enforcement and Constr Co Owner. Have 2 boys + 2 Grandchildren. Divorced and living on a small ranch

BAT, Randy - Simi Valley, CA 75-77mail
*** RM3 - Tech Control Facilities

BATCHELOR, Bob "Batch" - Bella Vista, AR 69-70 #1366 mail
*** CYN3 - Jul '69-Aug'70 - Went tad to NAVCOMSTA Yokosuka until Jan '71 then transferred to NSC Oakland to finish my 4 years. I was assigned to the CR Division and worked in the COMMCENTER. Best friends were RM2 Kerry Henderson and CYNSN Darrell Cluck but had many other friends on board. I would like to get in contact with any of therm. ^^^ I have been married to the same wonderful woman for almost 41 years, have two sons, two daughters in law and three grandchildren. I have been retired for about two years.

BAUGH, Geoffrey - Colton, CA 75-79mail
^^^ SN 1st Div and 4th Div

BAZAR, Kenneth E - Henderson, NV 60-61 mail
*** BMSN - Time on board was spent on the Capt's Gig (Capt Sarver). Best buddy was Bill Spencer, aide to Capt Sarver. Xferred to USS Vammen DE-644 as BM3
^^^ Now retired after 37 yrs in the oil industry with Baker Oil Tools. Married to Judy for 42 years. We met while on OK City and Bill Spencer was our best man. We have 2 children and 3 grandsons. I am involved with American Legion and Elks Club. Love to fish and camp

BEAM, John C. - Bothell, WA 63-68mail
*** EM1 - Electric Shop, but probably worked in every space on board

BEATTY, John R - Dayton, OH 73-75mail
*** FT3 - Talos Computer System (when a computer was as big as your family room and only had to do a few simple equations; Good times with Chopper, Whit, Sams, Gullette, Sanchez, Dubi
^^^ Currently VP of HR with three grown sons and a granddaughter. Still married to Mernieko (31 years)

BEATTY, Roger - Houston, TX 67-70mail
*** SN - B-Div, Fwd Fireroom

BEATY, Ray - Trinidad, CO 62-64mail
*** RD3

BECKER, Raymond J - 69-71 #1191 mail
*** CTO2

BECKWITH, Gary - Oxnard, CA 76-79mail
*** FTM1 - Missile house

BECKWITH, Steve - Bolton, MA 77-79mail
*** FTM2 FM-Division - W2 Missile Guidance Radar.

BEECHER, Dan - Col Island, GA 63-66 & 68-69 mail
*** SH1

BEECHER, Lowell E - Tulare, CA 72-75 #1092 mail
*** SMSN - Signalman - James Randall was my best buds
^^^ I'm a Harley Davidson tech at Custom Chrome Inc. Formerly worked for H-D for 17 years

BEHNE, Joel R. - Burlington, IA 71mail
*** SN - Assigned to 7th Flt Flag

BELL, John R. - Dacula, GA 71-74mail
*** YN3 - Com7Flt, Flag Ops/Plans

BELL, William - Poulsbo, WA 77-Decommail
*** PO1 - LPO 3rd Div

BENNETT, Gene - mail
*** USMC
^^^ Ready to retire from Consolidated Freightways

BENSON, Dr. James H. - Gainesville, GA 75-76 #1323 mail
*** CAPT - USMC. I was the CO of the MarDet and the coach of the ship fastpitch softball team for Capt Butcher
^^^ Today, I am the President of Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, GA. I retired as a Colonel from the Marines in 1995

BENTLEY, Bill - Las Vegas, NV 73-75mail
*** PO2 - 1st Div Deck Force - Ret 93

BENTON, Leroy - Memphis, TN 63-66mail
*** PN1 - Personnel Office

BENTON, Walter - Japan 77-79 mail
*** RM3 - Flag Staff - I had the job of delivering Top Secret messages to Adm. Foley and his staff. Best buddy was Bob Steinberg; we were both camera buffs and enjoyed the countryside of various ports we visited
^^^ Married a Japanese and bought a house here in Japan. Work for Memorex Telex as a security specialist

BENTZ, David L. - McMinnville, TN 76-77 mail
*** FT1 - Aft Missile House
^^^ Ret from Navy and ret from Army

BERLINSKI, Lawrence - Beachwood, NJ 68-70 mail
*** RM2 - attached to Com7Flt
^^^ Best buddies were John Cruso and Lamont

BERNARD, Angelus J - Elizabeth City, NC 60-63 mail
*** EMC - Now fully retired

BERNINGER, Harold "Bernie" - Milan, OH 67-71mail
*** FTM1 - Came aboard in 67, left for USS Long Beach in 71
^^^ Married with a son and daughter, both in college. Now manufacturing mgr for Lennox Int'l

BEX, Ellis "Bud" - Manilus, NY 44-46 PLANKOWNERmail
*** WT1 - B Division
^^^ Retired from Monarch Liquor in '85 after 44 years. Have held many positions in V.F.W. and still active member.

BIANCO, Bob - Clinton Township, MI 62-66 mail
*** YN3 Logroom Yeoman

BICKAL, Charles G. - Union Springs, NY, 1977-79, mail
*** BT3 B Div, Aft Fire Room
^^^ Now N.Y. State Corrections Officer (17 years)

BIDAURE, Francis "Joe" - Yokuska, JA 79-Decom mail
*** BTFN - Aft Fireroom, buddies were Ron Reyes, Efren Callanta, Ed Reyes and the BT's of the Atf Fireroom
^^^ Now BTCS (MMCS) aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)

BIDSTRUP, Fred - 61-63 #1152
*** SN - 2nd Div - BM1 John Goble was our LPO. I was a member of the honor guard at the dedication of the USS Arizona memorial.

BILLINGSLEY, Elmus, Jr. - San Marcos, CA 73-78 mail
*** GMG2 - Gun Captain - 6"/47 Turret.
^^^ Married, 2 kids, 21 & 22 - I'm a grandfather. Security Officer part-time in San Diego, full-time college. Ret GMG1

BIRGE, Richard - Pensacola, FL 73-75 #1268 mail
*** BM3 - I came aboard and made BM3 while there. In 1st Div, and my GQ station was first in the 6" shell deck and then as GQ Bo'sn mate of the watch. Some of the names I can remember were "Buddha belly Hood" BM2 and Dominic Cooler SN. I bought a car and a tape deck from my LPO but can't recall his name. I have a handful of pictures from those days including crossing the line. Perhaps I can scan them and post them some day.
^^^ I work as a Tug Boat Skipper for Crowley marine svcs in Valdez. We dock and undock the tankers here, and escort them to sea. See a bos'n mate who actually kept in his rate. One of the first jobs I had for Crowley as a deckhand was to go over to Bremerton Naval shipyard and rig the Canberra for towing down south. Right next to her was the OK City laid up and still had the Quarterdeck Awnings rigged. They were in terrible disarray, and it broke my heart looking at the old girl. This was in Aug of 1980. A final note, this summer we trucked our sailboat from Pensacola back up to Puget Sound and are now moored in Port Orchard, looking right at Bremerton NSY.

BLACK, Jerry - Lomita, CA 78-79 mail
*** RMSN - Crypto, Com7Flt Staff

BLACKBURN, Jim - Salt Lake City, UT 68-71 mail
*** RM3 - TTY Repair Shop
^^^ I have recently ret from D.O.D. at both Tooele Army Depot & at Fort Douglas. I now drive a school bus for a special needs pre-school here in Salt Lake City

BLANCHAT, Gary - Conroe, TX 65-67 mail
*** SFSN - R Division
^^^ Originally from Wichita, KS

BLIX, Dennis - Cathlamet, WA 70-72 mail
*** B Div, Fore Fire Room

BLUMENTHAL, Norm - W. Hempstead, NY 44-46 PLANKOWNER, mail
*** SM3 - C Division

BOBICH, Philip - Orland Park, IL 68-71 mail
*** RD2 - OI Division
^^^ Director of Adult ED and Literacy at a Community College. My wife is a Chicago school teacher. Got a son 16 & daughter 13 both in H.S. Go sox and bears!

BOLSTER, David F - Jefferson, MA 77-Decom mail
*** GMGSN - Worked in 6" turret. Best buddy was Randy Koontz
^^^ Now doing Computer Support, Website Design and Woodturning. Divorced twice, daughter in college, Harley rider. Visit my site for more information.

BONGIOVANNI, Frank 72-74 #1122 mail
*** YNSN - Fond memories of the Tonkin Gulf when the world was in turmoil

BOONE, Daniel - Rochester, NY 74-77 mail
*** BMSN - Worked for BM2 Campbell. I was one of the side boys wearing the period naval uniforms used to celebrate the bicentenial

BORDNER, Bill - Missoula, MT 64-68 mail
*** DC3 - R Division, Carpenter Shop. Best Buds were Warren Churchill and Roger Mavis
^^^ Retired cabinet maker, divorced with 3 wonderful children & 4 grandchildren who are the main focus of my life

BORLAND, Brice - Raytown, MO 66-67 #12036 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div Deck Seaman, Boat Coxwain OMB, Captains Gig, Utility boat. Favorite PO-B F McCullough
^^^ Own my own small business for 30 years; concrete work, foundation repair & waterproofing. Married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren

BOSHEARS, Robert R. - Bakersfield, CA 72-74 mail
*** JO3 - X Division, OKCity Times, Public Affairs Office (Ship and Flag.)Retired as Capt, US Army Res
^^^ Customer Relations Rep for U.S.P.S.

BOSSONE, Anthony "Tony" - Pasco, FL 62-65 #1219 mail
*** MM3 - M Div - after engine room, throttle 3. John Madison was 1st class in charge After engine room... had Sam moody, Winston Baliou, Tom Hardcastle,,brother ray, Bobby Cade... can't remember all the guys. I was also assigned to landing party boats with the on board Marines..search and rescue...road up dwn that river many nights. Signed up for 2nd tour
^^^ retired Fire Sprinkler fitter 37 yrsnow equipment operater Pasco County ,Fl

BOUCHER, John T. - Sunnyvale, CA 62-64 mail
*** FTM3 - AN/SPG-49 Talos Tracking Radar

BOYSEL, William - Zion, IL 72-74 #1365 mail
*** CS3 - Enjoyed my time in S-2 div started out mess cooking then became a cook and baker
^^^ Retired in 1992 as a MS1 worked as head baker at the cake box bakery, head baker at lamb's farm, then became head baker at naval hospital great lakes till they closed it. Now I work at the commissary Great Lakes in the produce dept. Married 38yrs 1 daughter 2 sons oldest one an E-7in the army.

BRACE, William "Bill" - Woodland Hills, CA 44-47 mail
*** SN - CL91

BRADFORD, Lee - Virginia Beach, VA 71 mail
*** YN3
^^^ Ret Cdr. SC USNR, now GS11 MILPERS Officer - FISC Norfolk

BRAMER, Ken - Cols, OH 64-67 mail
*** GMG2 - 3rd Division, then Gunnery and in charge of 6" 47 turret.

BRAMHALL, Tommy C - Ducanville, TX 64-66 mail
*** FM - B Division

BRAMMER, J.C. - Elon College, NC 45 mail
*** MM, Mike Division - looking for buddies W.H. Everhart and C.E. Blackmore.
^^^ Retired from Western Electric Co. E-mail address is to my son John

BRANSFORD, Tom - Concord, CA 60-63 mail
*** Lieutenant JG - CIC - Recomm Crew

BRAUGHLER, Laird - 45-46 mail
*** Ran ship's store

BRECKENRIDGE, Lance 60-62 #01075 mail
*** E Div - Im a Plankcrew member on CLG-5. I have many fond memories and would enjoy sharing them with you and my good friend Jerry Sherman. BREHIO, Stephen - Cumberland, RI 76-78 mail
*** DS2 Communications

BREWER, Doug - Greensboro. NC 76-77 #1368
BROADWAY, Blake - San Jose, CA 68-70 #00999
*** DPSN - X Div
^^^ CW4, ARNG Active, USNR Retired

BRODERICK, Robert E Jr - Corpus Christi, TX 86-87 mail
*** ETC(SS) - I was on the Pre-Commissioning crew of the USS OKLAHOMA CITY (SSN-723) at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Newport News, VA. Reported 8/86 as an ET1/SS. Made ETC/SS 9/87 and, as was the norm, transferred out, 12/87, to another boat, USS HAMMERHEAD (SSN-663), as a new CPO
^^^ Ret USN in 4/95. My wife Marilyn and I have retired to the Gulf Coast; Corpus Christi, TX.

BROMAN, Edward Michael - Christchurch, NZ 70-72 mail
*** SN
^^^ Living in N.Z. & working on sailboats for America's Cup

BRONOWICZ, Ed Jr - Pittsburgh, PA 75-77 mail
*** GMG3 - FG Division - Worked in the 5" Mount with Chas Knowlton, Zoe Carr, George Matula, Heavy Hardy, Dozo Adams, etc. Would like to hear from all shipmates from 1975 to 1977. Great times, great memories. Chas Knowlton is my hero!!
^^^ Married 23 years (Diane), two kids Brittany and Garan, she's a teacher/ he's in college. Retired from the USPS after 34 years of employment. Residing in Pittsburgh, PA (hometown).

BROOKS, Chuck - Rutherfordton, NC 61-63 #1195 mail
^^^ Today I am retired after 42 years in the carpenters union

BROOKS, William R. - Owensboro, KY 78-79 mail
*** BMSN
^^^ Now work for AK Steel as console operator and patrol dispatcher

BROWN, Alexander - Lemon Grove, CA 73-78 mail
*** BMCS 2nd Div Weapons/Deck. Ret BMCM Nov 86 with 33 yrs service
^^^ Settled in CA with my Japanese bride. Bought and operate my own bar - business is great

BROWN, David H. - Salem, OR 78-79 mail
*** HM3 - Sick Call and Flight Quarters
^^^ Retired in 1994. Now work for Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oregon. Wife died in 97 and I have a 20 y/o son.

BROWN, Jerome - 71-73 #1200 mail
*** QM3 - Command Center
^^^ I went from active duty, to working for the Army as a civilan. I have 36 years Gov't sevice now, looking to retire some time in 2008

BROWN, John - CO 67-68 #1313 mail
*** ETR2 - I was an ET (OE Division) aboard the Okie City from November 1967 to November 1968 until I transferred to the Providence CLG-6 Yokuska Japan for the "ride" back to the states. I was a radar tech and also worked opn the repeaters on the bridge, flag bridge and CIC. I learned not only how to read backwards but to write backwards as well. It was my first duty station out of "A" school. I often look back on my time aboard ship and in the Navy. I am now retired from federal service and have started a new career (same type of work - electronics - only newer!) with the state of Colorado. I guess once on the gravy train - always at the trough. I first came aboard her when she had just come out of the yards and was tied to the buoys in San Diego harbor as all ships going through REFTRA. Oh how exciting that was and how scared I was. When I landed at the airport and took the taxi to 32nd St. pier to catch the "quarter snatcher" to the ship I also felt so proud and honored. I remember seeing her for the first time in the bright sun and tied to the buoys. Wow what a site for a young 18 year old. I miss the night when I was assigned the "mail buoy" watch. I knew that such a thing didnít exist as I grew up as a Navy brat. But, I remember how clear the night sky was and the billions of stars. I've come close to seeing those stars in the bush in Alaska and on the mountain tops of Colorado, mostly I see them over and over again in my mind like it was yesterday.

BROWN, Ken - San Diego, CA 75-77 mail
*** ADJ2 - Helo Crew Blackbeard 01, ADCS in HSL 47 at NASNI
^^^ Will retire in Mar 01 - bunked in CR Div. Looking for OK City name tag emblem/logo for my shadow box if anyone has a spare.

BROWN, Willie Hugh - Rome, GA 1946 mail
*** SA

BROWN, Z.K. - Jonesville, VA 69-70 mail
*** CS3 - Ship's Cook

BROWNING, Randy - Columbia, SC 87-90 95-95 #1274 mail
*** YNC(SS)Junior Yeoman 1st tour and Leading Yeoman 2nd tour
^^^ Today I am an HR Consultant with Paychex, Inc. and work with various clients around the state of SC.

BRUNE, David - 71-72 #1145 mail
*** EN3 - A Div

BRUMFIELD, Tommy R. - Corpus Christi, TX 61-64 mail
*** SFM3 - R Division
^^^ Ret as MACS & work for DOD Police

BRYANT, Harry - Raleigh, NC 68-72 mail
*** RD2 - Radar Nav, surface & air sup. later electronic warfare
^^^ Married, 2 adult children (1 girl, 1 boy) - now a consultant in print, on line & web documentation

BUCHANAN, Julius "Buck" - Santa Monica, CA 72-74 mail
*** SN - Com7Flt boat pool "Barnett's Commode Commandos."
^^^ Work for the VA Medical Center at Los Angeles.

BUCK, Robert A. - Croton-On-Hudson, NY 73-75
*** OS3 - OI Division, looking for best buddy Randy Block
^^^ 21+_Years at AT&T, never married, no kids, no pets

BUCKLEY, Gene - Kings Park, NY 65-68 mail
*** RD3 - Radar Operator, OI Division

BUCKMAN, David - Benson, NC 75-77 mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt Intelligence Staff, retired as CTOC in '97
^^^ Work for large telecommunications company in Raleigh as senior network engineer

BULIK, Wesley S. - Troy, MI 70-74 mail
*** DK3 Disbursing Office S-4 Division

BULLARD, Joe - 69-71 #1150 mail

BULLARD, William A Jr - 68-72 #1148 mail

BUMBAUGH, Jeffrey L. - Larwill, IN 78-79 mail
*** RMSR - CR Division - Ret 6/97 as RM1

BUONAIUTO, Leonard A - Lake Grove, NY 70-71 mail
*** PCSN - Postal Clerk Striker, OL Div
^^^ Now in Communications Industry

BURGH, James F. - East Haven, CT 43-45 PLANKOWNER, mail
*** PO2 - S Division

BURNS, Jerry - 74-76 mail
*** PC3 - Worked in the Post Office and loved the location (near mess decks & bakery)

BURNS, Ray - Marblehead, MA 44-46 PLANKOWNER, mail
*** GM2 - Gun Capt, 3rd Div, Mount One.

BUSCH, Gerry - Clearwater, FL 72-73 mail
*** CTO3 - Com7Flt Staff - best bud was Gary Kunz
^^^ Happily married with 2 kids. Now a CPA, health care consultant

BUSKIRK, James Edward, Sr - 44-46 #1161 mail
*** Bug2C - Bugler second class
^^^ Retired from the railroad as a conductor

BUTLER, Frank A - Charleston, SC 60-64 mail
*** FTMC - Was the first person in charge of the AN/SPG-49, Dir 5 later on to the Chicago and Long Beach. Made Senior and Master Chief and then LDO Commussion
^^^ Retired after 21 as LtCdr. Went to college and Law School and practiced law for a while - got bored and went sailing with wife for 12 years on a 32' sailboat

BUTLER, Patrick - Graham, TX 67-68 No E-mail
*** RDSN - OI Div

BUTLER, William - East Lansing, MI 72-75 #1223 mail
*** YN2 - Com7Flt - N-1 office. I processed awards for the 7th Fleet. I remember the guys in the office. CDR Wayne Case was an outstanding officer to work for. Mark Brock was an office mate for a couple of years. I have good memories of Paul Weishaupt, who was roving about the WestPac, but was attached to our office.
^^^ I used to be an art museum curator. I work on projects of personal interest now. I'm married to my first wife, 25 years. She's a law professor. Our daughter is going to school in Chicago.

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