AASKOV, Charles "Charlie" - Lyman, ME 61-64 #1266 mail
*** HM2 - Leading PO in H Div. Made 1st West Pac cruise as CLG-5. On way to Japan hit worse typhoon in years. Ship was top heavy Ship could take 37 degree roll and we took 35 degree roll.
^^^ Had a variety of careers. Clinical laboratory manager at hospitals, retired from Prudential Insurance, opened own insurance/financial services agency and started own construction business. Retired at age 60. Still married to same gal 52 years. Two children, five grandchildren.

ABUAN, Manuel A - Wilmington, CA 75-78 mail
*** BT3 - B Division, forward fireroom and oil lab. ^^^ Retired as BTCS NJROTC instructor at Banning HS. I'm an avid tennis and chess player

ACTON, Geoff - Parker, CO 72-75 mail
*** DS1

ADAMS, Jean - Lakewood, CA 66-67 mail
*** DK3 - Started on Deck Force -promoted to DK
^^^ Work for Boeing as financial analyst & for myself as a personal financial planner

AGUILAR, Edward - CA 73-75 #1247 mail
*** RM3 - Com7Flt - Looking For my Buddies Mark Lampe, John Diciaula,Bill williams,Tom S.Jones

AHERN, Patrick H. - Las Vegas, NV 59-64 mail
*** SKC - Logistics - Com7Fleet Allowance

AHLBERG, Jon A - San Marcos, TX 76-77 mail
*** CTO3
^^^ Best skedding buds were Jack Hunnicutt, Strama, Jeff Smith, Shonta, et al. Currently Assoc Dir of the Int'l Office at Southwest Texas State Univ and happily married to a beautiful Taiwanese, Kuei-Chin, with our beautiful daughter, Lanna

ALLEN, Samuel A - Yokosuka, JA 71-74 @1354 mail or mail
*** LTjg - Supply Department Asst Department Head. During my tour I was also the division head for all five divisions at one time. My best friends aboard were LTJG Felton Jay Miller and P.K. Woolridge. Retired 1996, CAPT, SC, USNR
^^^ Currently: Global Operations Manager for C4 Planning Solutions, LLC. Managing the Far East Operations based at Yokosuka Naval Base. I expect to attend the event the event on April 17th in Yokosuka. I was also at the Decommissioning ceremony in California in the 70ís.

AITON, Don - Tombstone, AZ 64-67 and 78-Decom mail1 or mail2
*** FTCS - GM Div Talos Missile House, later FM Div Weapons System Chief
^^^ Now a senior UAV Systems Analyst for Joint Interoperability Test Command at Ft. Hauchuca, AZ. Also serce on the City Council in Tombstone, the "Town too tough to die."

ALBORNOZ, Carlos J - Barstow, CA 71-72 #01061 mail
*** YN2 - Came aboard as deck seaman / mess cook, then to Capt's Office with YNCS Bailey, CWO Nededog, YN2 Squires, YNSN Joe Dunne, YNSN J. P. Janes and later WO1 Williams & YN1 Price
^^^ Retired as YNCS(SW) 30 Sep 93. Sec'y at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX then moved to CA working with the INS as examiner until 2000. Now in Environmental Div sect at USMC Logistics Base, Barstow, CA

ALDEN, Melvin - Torrence, CA 60-64 mail
*** BMSN - 1st Division

ALGER, Charles - San Diego, CA 75-78 mail
*** ET2 - Trying to locate James N Pattee. Best times were in Taiwan

ALLBAUGH, Jim - Hemet, CA 71-74 mail
*** Gunner's Mate - 6" Guns

ALLBRITTON, Steve - Nashua, NH 77-78 mail
*** RM1 - Seventh Fleet Staff

ALLEN, Duke - Norfolk, VA 78-79 #1242 mail
*** LT(LDO) -3-M Coordinator - Shared stateroom with LT Dick Landick
^^^ Retired as LCDR in 1983. Worked as a contractor for over 20 years and am now retired, living in Norfolk, VA. Wife, Carolee, passed away in November 2005.

ALLEN, John J. - San Diego, CA 70-77 mail
*** GMM1 - Talos Missile House - Best Bud was Jim Rainford
^^^ Married, one boy 23 y/o. Now on-line assistance agent for several different companies

ALLEN, Timothy L - Newport, OR 67-71 #01027 mail
*** EN3

ALMAZAN, Ernesto - 68-70 #1228 mail
*** GMSN - 5" Mount

ALTOMONDO, Robert - Las Vegas, NV 64-65 #01068 mail
*** Entertaining the troops and being the Admiral's personal band took us to many ports but the best one was Hong Kong where band members played at the caberet's. It was too bad the war had us roaming the Gulf of Tonkin 22 days out of the month. I guess that's why it was so great when we did finally pull into port
^^^ Ret IT Director, re-located from California to Las Vegas and enjoying the sights and sounds of the Vegas environment. I have kept in touch with some of the band members throughout the years

ALVAREZ, Luis - Owings Mills, MD 78-79 mail
*** FT2 - AN/SPG-49B Talos Fire Control Radar

ANDERSON, Gerard F. - Kings Park, NY 60-63 mail
*** MM3 - A-Division, N2 Plant - Pre-Comm Crew


ANDERSON, Terry L - Mt. Pleasant, IA 76-79 mail
*** FTM2 - FM Division - AN/SPG 49A radars and also MAA force
^^^ Retired from USN in Aug '96. Now working in electrical repair and Bio-Med department of local hospital

ANDRESEN, John - Marysville, WA 78-79 mail
*** ET1 - Com7Flt Staff - LPO CE Div
^^^ Ret as CWO3
### My personal website

ANGERMANN, Henry M - Lynnbrook, NY 63-66 #1254 mail
*** EM3 - I was an electrician in the E-DIV and enjoyed the experience. My best buddy was and still is Artie Collins. We still keep in touch.
^^^ I retired in NOV-06 after 36 years as an electrician in LOCAL UNION # 3 in NYC. Being an electrician, I had the opportuniy to work for 16 years on Navy Ships in the old Brooklyn Navy Yard.
The next 20 years involved working on printing presses, and in the construction industry.
On 9-11-01 I happened to be working at the World Trade Center Tower Two, on the 53 floor, when Tower One was hit. I was able to reach the 30 floor when Tower Two was hit. I am one of thousands who were able to get out of the building and survie the attack. I am truly blessed and fortunate.
My wife Dorthy and I went to our first reuion in Buffalo NY 2007 and had a great time. We are looking foward to this years reuion cruise. We are enjoying our retirement.

ANTLEY, Loye H. Jr. - Benton, LA 75-78 mail
*** QM2 - 1st Division, then QM Gang
^^^ Retired as QMC in 1998. Still going to sea as US Merchant Marine Officer.

ANTOINE, Eric - 03-06 #1210mail
*** MMCM - Chief of the Boat from June 2003 to June 2006

APKARIAN, Martin - Southgate, MI 66-70 mail
*** RD3 - OL and later OI Division
^^^ Now with Northwest Airlines in Control Tower. Not married, like to travel

APKARIAN, Terry - Southgate, MI 69-72 mail
*** FTM2 - AN/SPG-49 Radar Director 6.
^^^ Now Radar Manager for FAA

AQUINO, David - Bakersfield, CA 71-73 mail
*** RM3 - CR Division
^^^ Now VP Human Relations for Sun World produce. Married, 4 children, 3 grandchildren and 2 on the way!

ARMSTRONG, John D - Wasilla, AK 61-62 mail
*** CTR1 - Com7Flt Suprad, Naval Security Grp
^^^ Xferred to Flt Reserve at Elmendorf AFB near Anchorage after 21 yrs. We liked Alaska and stayed here. Did some commercial Halibut fishing but found fishing guide to be safer and more lucrative. Retired for the 3rd time but still have my 100 ton masters license

ARNDT, Allen L - Plymouth, WI 71-73 mail
*** SN in OL Div as lookout on 04 level. Frieds were Larry "Reb" Montgomery, Steve Joers, Steve Amble & Greg Erickson

ARNETT, Alex - Phoenix, AZ 73-77 mail
*** MA1 - Master At Arms Force
^^^ Married with 2 grown children. I work as a security officer for a nationally known company awarded contracts with the federal government.

ASHBY, Ronald E - 64-67 mail
*** MM3

ASHWORTH, Charles "Charlie" W - Baytown, TX 72-75 #1170 mail
*** MS3 - S2 Div - Was a cook for the crew and chiefs mess - buddies were Robert J. Taylor and John P. Neff
^^^ Medically disabled-waiting on a double lung transplant with help from wife and family doing pretty good. Have two daughters, one grandson, and one son-in-law, with youngest daughter who graduated from Texas A&M University.

ASSELIN, Ed - Eau Claire, WI 70-72 mail
*** IC2, E Division

ATOR, Dale - Denver, CO 72-74 mail
*** PN3 X-Division Personnel Office

AULTMAN, Blaine F - Lansing, MI 60-61 #1116 mail
*** ET2 - Maintained the SPS-8B radar. Striker was Jerry Sandin. Location: radar 6, aft, above missile control
^^^ Retired after 38 yrs at Burroughs/Unisys corp. as field engineer on mainframe computer system hardware and software

AYALA, Richard H. - Weslaco, TX 66-68 mail
*** YN2 - X Division, worked in ship's office with Capt David Bagley
^^^ After Navy, spent 5 years as Texas State Trooper and 25 with US Border Patrol, retired '99. My wife Helen is an RN and we have a son and daughter. I now own a PI business in Texas

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