Just One More Cruise

As webmaster and editor of this web page, the one thing I have heard over and over again from almost every shipmate is; "I wish I could take just one more cruise aboard the Oklahoma City." Well this old sailor got to do just that aboard the USS Oklahoma City (SSN-723), a Los Angeles Class Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine.

This was an opportunity to see and ride a submarine to depths of more than seven hundred feet, while the crew demonstrated their boat with a great deal of pride. The crew of our namesake ship are also members (or potential members) of the USS Oklahoma City Association, and starting this year, we'll be seeing some of them at our reunions.

The similarities are plentiful: they are all Navy, sharing the same heritage and traditions, just as we did in our day. And yet, they are different, sharing a bond that can only come from spending a great deal of time together in confined spaces and learning each others jobs. As a former ET, I spent my day either in the ET shop, the auxilliary UHF transmitter room (all the way forward, sharing a bulkhead with the sail locker) or in radio central standing watch. I rerely saw other memberS of the crew or if I did, I was busy on watch and didn't get to interact. If I could do my time on the CLG-5 over again, I would make it a point to spend my free time visiting other spaces and meeting the rest of the crew.

But, of course, you can't meet or remember everyone and that's what makes our association so special. You do get a second chance to meet the rest of the crew, and you realize that regardless of which ship they were on, you will always find a common thread - the experience of being part of the greatest Navy on earth. I want to thank Captain Williams for taking me on a great ride and Chief-of-the-Boat Antoinne for setting it up.

souvenir photo of visit to SSN-723
Souvenir photo of my cruise on the USS Oklahoma City (SSN-723).
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