Kemejuk's Korner

POW Recognition Day

Today, April 9 2003, has been declared POW Recognition Day by President Bush. Since March 19th, we have become increasingly aware of the dangers faced by our brave men and women who find themselves far from home and family, and in harm’s way. Everyone knows by now of the heroic efforts of the forces that rescued the incredibly brave young POW, 19-year-old PFC Jessica Lynch, from the hands of the ill-willed Iraqi regime. As a Viet Nam veteran and a father of another 19-year-old of the same name, I have been personally and particularly drawn to this story from the war in Iraq.

I am pleased and honored that our great country is represented yet again by a whole new generation of America’s finest, but I certainly am not surprised. Whenever the need has been greatest, our military forces have gone well beyond the requirements of duty to prove to the world not only that we’re the best and the bravest, but that right will always win over wrong. While some countries are not willing to support us and choose to cower in the background, once again it is our American red, white, and blue that will take the lead to justice and victory.

As always, I’m proud to be an American, and I’m thankful once again that our courageous troops are willing to do whatever it may take to bring freedom to the oppressed of the world. If we’re called upon to be the world’s police force, so be it. If not America, who? If not now, when?

God bless the troops on land and in the air, all the forces at sea, the POWs, and the President, and God bless America. We support our troops and pray for their safe return.

Jack Kemejuk