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Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2005

Memorial Day 2005 Memorial Day is a time for remembrance and reflection, and lately I have been thinking of the overwhelming numbers of brave young men who went to war and never returned.

The greatest sacrifice of all in our history, The American Civil War, cost an astonishing 560,000 American lives, more than both World Wars combined. It was following the Civil War that young Confederate widows began the custom of decorating graves with flowers in May, perhaps symbolizing eternal life with the re-birth of flowers every Spring. Today the custom is officially observed on the last Monday in May, Memorial Day.

The numbers continue to add up, 140 years later. Here in California at Camp Pendleton, the 420th casualty from among Marines stationed at the base was recently returned home from the war in Iraq for burial. Of those 420, more than half were under the age of 22, and every single one of them volunteered to help defend our rights and our freedom on the world stage. Please take a moment this weekend to remember all who have died in defense of our country.

Jack Kemejuk 68-74