Kemejuk's Korner

September 11, 2003

This morning, September 11, 2003, the Navy ship USS DOYLE experienced a military honor that may be the first ever of its kind in American Naval History. During scheduled joint NATO operations, a participant frigate from the German Navy, the FGS NIEDERSACHSEN, called to DOYLE and asked for permission to pass close to starboard. Permission was granted by VADM LaFleur (CNSP N00), and as she pulled along side DOYLE, the American crew was stunned speechless at what they saw. The entire crew of NIEDERSACHSEN stood on deck at rigid attention in full dress blues, covers over their hearts, in salute to DOYLE, the U.S. Navy, and America on this tragic anniversary.

But even more incredible than that, the German ship was actually flying the Stars and Stripes from her mainmast in an unheard of show of deference and respect. The ships steamed abreast slowly for several minutes, wirh most of DOYLE's crew struggling to fight back tears. This picture tells the story, and reminds us all of the pride we have for our Navy and our country.

FGS Niedersachsen

This is what it's all about. God bless America.

Jack Kemejuk