flagstaff at Newport, OR American Legion Postflagstaff base showing the flagstaff was from the USS Oklahoma City

Another member of the Providence crew, ETR2 Ray Rudy, writes:

I was on the OK city a few times, never assigned, but crossing over. The first time was in 1966 when the Providence tied to your starboard side in Yokosuka to transfer the flag. I was also on the Providence in 1968 when you tied up to our starboard side at dock 10 to give you the flag back.

I was an ETR2 on the Prov. I now live in Newport, Oregon and recently came across something that I thought would be interesting for your website.

Attached are two photos of the flagpole at our local American Legion. From the second one you can tell where it was originally. I remember saluting that flag on the stern every time I departed or came back aboard. Maybe some of your other shipmates might remember it also.

Thanks for sharing, Ray!