Ladies Who Launch

The Independence Seaport Museum, in Philadelphia, PA, has some really interesting exhibits. Among them is a feature called "Ladies Who Launch" which depicts many of the ship christenings which took place at the Deleware Valley Shipyards.

Of course, that is where the Cramp Shipbuilding Company is located, and the USS Oklahoma City (CL-91) is featured in album two of the "On Line Exhibits."

To explore the rest of this wonderful site, go to Independence Seaport Museum.

Come to think of it, Philadelphia was the site of the second USS Oklahoma City Association reunion in 1994, and it will probably be on the short list of locations for future reunions.

Mrs. Anton H. Classen, sponsor, launches USS Oklahoma City, February 20, 1944.
Cramp Shipbuilding Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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