2006 - San Antonio, Tx

OK City Association Officers
Association Officers Left to Right: Secretary: Paul Dillon,
Vice President: Bob Presswood, President: John Baker, Treasurer: Frank Zaccaro

OK City CR Division Muster
Annual CR Division Muster - (standing left to right)…Richard Harvey,
Paul Dillon, T.C. Lamson, Jose Farias, Jesse Ybanez, Jim Hall & Jim Blackburn
(kneeling left to right)…Steve Slobodian, John Cruso, Bill McKenzie
& A.J. Sparacino. AWOL from muster is Terry Jelinek…
(it is rumored he was in the hotel bar watching college football…GO IRISH !!!)

Alamo Tour
A visit to the Alamo, one of many tours this year

Plaque dedication
The Association dedicated a plaque honoring our CL91 shipmates
at the Nimitz World War II Museum in Fredericksburg, TX.
Nine CL-91 Shipmates were in attendance. (left to right)…Jack Gallagher,
Robert Green, Fred Kapinos, Dick Styring, Ralph Alfaro, Frank Zaccaro,
Conrad Korzendorfer, Bill Crouch & Jim Bromwell (not pictured is
Orville Trott)